English Second Paper: SSC 2nd Model Question Paper with Answer For Short syllabus of 2022

SSC Model Question: 2

1. Fill in the blanks with prepositions & articles. Put a cross (x) where no article is needed.0.5 x 10 = 5

Modem civilization is the gift (a) — science. Science has worked like a magician (b) — the world. We can’t do even (c) — single day (d) — the help of science. Many quick means of communication like telephone, telex, fax, telegram, satellite etc. are (e) — greatest wonders of science. Nowadays a message can be sent (f) — one corner of the world to another in the twinkle (g) — an eye. Science has brought a revolutionary change in all (h) — fields. In the field of medical science blind has got eyes, lame has got legs, deaf has got hearing (i) — power. The diseases which were incurable (j) — the past are now easily cured.

2. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.       0.5 x 10 – 5

Now, our country (a) — a lot of problems and hurdles. Eve teasing is a burning issue of our society. Indeed, it (b) — the moral degradation of our country. It occurs frequently all over the country. Recently, it has (c) — at an alarming rate. Some incidents all over the country have (d) — the conscience of our common people. It (e) — or (I) — the position of our women folk of our country. Very often they are (g) — and (h) — mercilessly by the heartless persons. Some miscreants offer them love and when the proposal is rejected, they try to take revenge on them. Then the hideous incident (i) —. So, a drastic step must be Q) — to stop this heinous task.

3. Change the following sentences according to directions.                                                   1×5 = 5

(a) Internet is one of the greatest inventions of modem science. (Comparative)
(b)It has brought about a historical change in the field of communication. (Passive)
(c)Other networks and computers are connected across the world by this computer based network. (Active)
(d)Every computer requires a modem, a special kind of software for internet connection. (Negative)
(e)In this modem world the Internet is more wonderful than any other invention. (Positive)

4. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.                                                                                                                            0.5 x 10 = 5

The city of Dhaka-is (a) -— (crowded) because there is a continuous (b) — (migrate) of people from villages. To control this trend, different (c) — (install) should be (d) — (centralized). The people will not move towards the city for (e) — (employ). We should remember that the problems of Dhaka will not be changed (I) — (night) or (g) — (automatic). Both govt, and people should work (h) — (earnest) to solve these problems. Govt, may introduce (i) — (attract) working opportunities in rural areas which will check village people’s (j) — (incline) to come to the capital for their living.

5.       Make tag questions of the following statements.                                                         1×5 = 5

(a) I hardly think of deceiving you, —?
(b)Never believe what others say, —?
(c) I’ll ever risk my life if you fall in any problem, —?
(d) I hope you must not prove yourself foolish, —?
(e) You need not hesitate anymore, —?

6.   Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.  0.5 x 10 = 5

why are you going to barishal said father i want to buy some important books said saad do you need money yes father dont go alone as time is not going well.

7. Suppose, you have seen a vacancy advertisement for the position of an Assistant Teacher of English in ’Simal Model School, Pabna’. Now, write a CV  with a  cover  letter for the  post.  Your CV should not exceed one age.                                                                                    10

8. Suppose, the law and order situation of your locality has deteriorated. Now, write an application to the UNO requesting him to take steps to restore the law and order situation of your locality.                                                                                                                        10

SSC 2nd Model Question Paper Answer

1. Gap filling activities without clues

(a)of; (b) in; (c) a; (d) without; (e) the; (f) from;(g)of; (h) x; (i) x; (j) in.

2. Gap filling with right forms of verbs

is confronting; (b) demonstrates; (c) augmented; (d) stirred; (e) degrades; (f) humiliates; (g) tortured; (h) oppressed;   (i) occurs; (j) implemented.

3. Changing sentences

(a) Internet is greater than most other inventions of modem science.  
(b) A historical change has been   brought about by it in the field of communication.  
(c)This computer based network connects other networks and computers across the world. 
(d) There is no computer but requires a modem, a special kind of – software for internet connection. require a modem, a special kind of software for internet connection.
(e) In this modem world, no other invention is so/as wonderful as the Internet.

4. Use of Suffix and Prefix

(a) overcrowded; (b) migration; (c) installations;(d) decentralized; (e) employment; (f)  overnight;(g) automatically; (h) earnestly; (i) attractive; (j) inclination.

5. Tag Questions

(a) do I; (b) will you; (c) won’t I; (d) must you; (e) need you.

6. Punctuation

‘Why are you going to Barishal?” said father. “I want to buy some important books,” said Saad. “Do you need money?” ‘Yes, father.” “Don’t go alone as time is not going well.”

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