My Favorite Hobby: Composition For SSC 2022

My Favorite Hobby

Hobbies are the activities  that we do for pleasure at our leisure. More or less everybody has some hobbies like swimming, gardening, fishing, stamp collecting, travelling, reading books, etc. I am a student of class eight. I like to spend my leisure time by reading novels, collecting stamps, gardening etc. Among them my favourite hobby is gardening.

As a student I have to work hard for study. So, I need rest and diver­sion. Gardening provides all these. It makes my leisure time fruitful and enjoyable. I have a garden in front of my reading room. Every afternoon, I work in my garden. I make the soil loose with the spade. I weed out the grass and plant flower plants. I have made a fence around my garden. Every morn­ing when I go to my garden, my joys know no bounds. A good number of flowers bloom. They charm me much. I like all the flowers but I love the rose most.

The importance of hobby is not less. It refreshes my mind. It makes me forget the troubles and worries of my life. The great persons of the world had their favourite hobbies too. Whenever they became tired for hard work, they returned to their respective hobbies. For example, Einstein played on his violin and Byron took pleasure in fishing. Napoleon loved to play with children and read the dramas of Shakespeare.

Gardening is an exercise. Working in the garden makes me fit and healthy. The garden provides me with fresh air and smell. It refreshes my mind. My garden is not only a source of joy but also a source of income. Sometimes, I sell flowers from my garden and earn my pocket money. I think every student must have a hobby like this.

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