Agrani Bank Officer 2011 Question and Solution

অগ্রণী ব্যাংক অফিসার ২০১১

১। “অংশু” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) সূত্র
(খ) প্রভা
(গ) লোহিত
(ঘ) লজ্জা
(ঙ) চন্দ্র
উত্ত খ। প্রভা

২। “অগ্নি-সহ” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) জ্বলন্ত কয়লা
(খ) যা আগুনের পোড়ে না
(গ) যাতে আগুন লাগে
(ঘ) দেয়াশলাই
(ঙ) ধূমপানের উপকরণ
উত্ত খ। যা আগুনের পোড়ে না

৩। “অধমর্ণ” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) নিরীহ
(খ) ঋণী
(গ) বিনয়ী
(ঘ) আধমরা
(ঙ) মরা
উত্ত খ। ঋণী

৪। “পুন্ড্র” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) প্রাচীন
(খ) ইক্ষু
(গ) বৃদ্ধ
(ঘ) জরা
(ঙ) তামাটে
উত্ত খ। ইক্ষু

৫। “জাফরি” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) সমলা বিশেষ
(খ) সৌখিন
(গ) চৌকা ছিদ্রের বেড়া
(ঘ) গোলাকার ছিদ্রের বেড়া
(ঙ) বাহারী দেয়াল
উত্ত গ। চৌকা ছিদ্রের বেড়া

৬। “হাত জুড়ানো” বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি?
(ক) স্বস্তি লাভ করা
(খ) মারা যাওয়া
(গ) বিশ্রাম নেয়া
(ঘ) আরোগ্য লাভ করা
(ঙ) পথে বসা
উত্ত ক। স্বস্তি লাভ করা

৭। “হাত ভারি” বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি?
(ক) অলস
(খ) শক্ত মানুষ
(গ) কৃপণ
(ঘ) টাকাওয়ালা লোক
(ঙ) দানশীল
উত্ত গ। কৃপণ

৮। অংশাংশি শব্দটি কোন পদের?
(ক) বিশেষ্য
(খ) বিশেষণ
(গ) অব্যয়
(ঘ) A এবং C
(ঙ) A এবং B
উত্ত ক। বিশেষ্য

৯। অনীক শব্দটির সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?
(ক) কাল্পনিক
(খ) সৈন্যদল
(গ) নিরাবয়ব
(ঘ) রূপকল্প
(ঙ) স্থির
উত্ত খ। সৈন্যদল

১০। শুদ্ধ বানান কোনটি?
(ক) আকৃষ্ঠ
(খ) অকৃষ্ট
(গ) আকৃস্ট
(ঘ) অকৃস্ট
(ঙ) অকৃষ্ঠ
উত্ত খ। অকৃষ্ট

১১। Many more people who smoke develop lung cancer than do those who do not smoke. In the face of this evidence, how could a cigarette company representative argue against the conclusion that cigarette smoking cause lung cancer? To answer to the question, the representative could most likely say that
(ক) Many things might cause cancer.
(খ) A single cause may be responsible for both smoking and cancer.
(গ) People have the right to endanger themselves if they choose to do so.
(ঘ) People may breathe die, but no one accuses breathing of causing death.
(ঙ) People will smoke anyhow, regardless of the evidence.
উত্ত ক। Many things might cause cancer.

১২। It is immoral to blame people for what they do because they behave as they are conditioned to behave and have no choice in the matter. Blaming them will never change their behavior. In the statement above, the author undercuts his own argument by
(ক) adopting dubious psychological theory
(খ) undermining morality
(গ) attacking human freedom
(ঘ) arguing emotionally
(ঙ) doing what he argues against
উত্ত ক। adopting dubious psychological theory

১৩। “Odds and ends” means
(ক) excuse
(খ) difficulty
(গ) dispute
(ঘ) small things
(ঙ) sad ending
উত্ত ঘ। small things

১৪। “dead and buried” means
(ক) dull
(খ) complete stop
(গ) exhausted
(ঘ) closed
(ঙ) long forgotten
উত্ত খ। complete stop

১৫। Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. (15-16)
I absolve you __ blame.
(ক) of
(খ) in
(গ) for
(ঘ) with
(ঙ) from
উত্ত ঙ। from

১৬। He is bent __ going.
(ক) for
(খ) at
(গ) to
(ঘ) on
(ঙ) after
উত্ত ঘ। on

১৭। Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. (17-18)
I was very offended by his __ attitude.
(ক) flat
(খ) smoot
(গ) hot and clod
(ঘ) cut and dried
(ঙ) fore and sword
উত্ত ঘ। cut and dried

১৮। His dealings are clear and __ .
(ক) above board
(খ) in course
(গ) on course
(ঘ) at large
(ঙ) at wit’s end
উত্ত ক। above board

১৯। Identify the correct sentence-
(ক) It is top time that you should settle the matter
(খ) It is high time that you have settle the matter
(গ) It is top time that you should settle the matter
(ঘ) It is high time that you should settle the matter
(ঙ) It is top time for to settle the matter
উত্ত ঘ। It is high time that you should settle the matter

২০। Identify the correct sentence-
(ক) Be stone unturned to gain success in life.
(খ) Be root and branch to gain success in life.
(গ) Be up and doing to gain success in life.
(ঘ) Be tooth and nail to gain success in life.
(ঙ) Be weal and woe to gain success in life.
উত্ত গ। Be up and doing to gain success in life.

২১। The average daily earnings of a man who makes Tk 25 each of the first 9 days, Tk 30 each of the next 10 days and Tk 40 each of the last 11 days is Tk
(ক) 31.67
(খ) 32.17
(গ) 32.67
(ঘ) 31.17
(ঙ) 32
উত্ত খ। 32.17

২২। A ship leaves port and sails 6 miles west. It then sails 6 miles south ;and then 6 miles west again. Approximately how many miles is the ship from port?
(ক) 9
(খ) 11
(গ) 13
(ঘ) 15
(ঙ) 17
উত্ত গ। 13

২৩। How many squares will there be, if a rectangle of area 60 is cut into squares of side 1/2?
(ক) 30
(খ) 60
(গ) 120
(ঘ) 180
(ঙ) 240
উত্ত ঙ। 240

২৪। If each side of a square is doubled, the perimeter of the square is
(ক) doubled
(খ) multiplied by 3
(গ) multiplied by 4
(ঘ) halved
(ঙ) unchanged
উত্ত ক। doubled

২৫। A worker can do a job in 4 hours and another worker can do it in 2 hours. How many such works can they do together in 4 hours?
(ক) 1
(খ) 3
(গ) 5
(ঘ) 6
(ঙ) 6
উত্ত খ। 3

২৬। If two sides of a triangle are 5 and 6, then the third side can not be
(ক) 2
(খ) 3
(গ) 7
(ঘ) 10
(ঙ) 12
উত্ত ঙ। 12

২৭। The ratio of the number of boys to that of girls in a class is 5 : 7. When 24 more boys enter, the ratio is reversed. How many girls are in the class?
(ক) 25
(খ) 35
(গ) 32
(ঘ) 26
(ঙ) 42
উত্ত খ। 35

২৮। The sum of 3 consecutive multiple of 3 is 90. What is the largest of these numbers?
(ক) 24
(খ) 27
(গ) 36
(ঘ) 39
(ঙ) 33
উত্ত ঙ। 33

২৯। Two-thirds of the members of a committee are women, one-fourth of the male members of the committee are married. If there are 9 bachelors in the committee, how many members are there altogether?
(ক) 28
(খ) 32
(গ) 30
(ঘ) 36
(ঙ) 39
উত্ত ঘ। 36

৩০। What percent of 200 is 0.001% of 22 × 53 ?
(ক) 0.0025
(খ) 0.025
(গ) 0.0145
(ঘ) 0.0005
(ঙ) 0.2500
উত্ত ক। 0.0025

৩১। Which of the following is an off-line device?
(ক) keyboard
(খ) printer
(গ) monitor
(ঘ) modem
(ঙ) motherboard
উত্ত খ। printer

৩২। Computer terminals usually have
(ক) screen only
(খ) keyboard only
(গ) screen and keyboard
(ঘ) screen, keyboard and connectivity to the computer in use
(ঙ) screen, keyboard, connectivity to the computer in use and data processors
উত্ত গ। screen and keyboard

৩৩। How many bits comprise a unit of a Unicode?
(ক) 1
(খ) 4
(গ) 6
(ঘ) 10
(ঙ) 16
উত্ত ঙ। 16

৩৪। Disc storage is a special type of
(ক) processor
(খ) I/O device
(গ) memory
(ঘ) micro-computer
(ঙ) PC
উত্ত গ। memory

৩৫। Small circuit board on which the main memory DRAM is physically packaged is called
(ক) SIMD
(খ) DIMM
(গ) DIMR
(ঘ) SIMR
(ঙ) SCBM
উত্ত খ। DIMM

৩৬। A destination for data going outside the system is called
(ক) reserve
(খ) sink
(গ) bank
(ঘ) ERD
(ঙ) URS
উত্ত খ। sink

৩৭। Which of the following is not a horizontal application program?
(ক) spread sheet
(খ) database
(গ) MS power point
(ঘ) e-commerce
(ঙ) e-mail
উত্ত ঙ। e-mail

৩৮। The program that translates programs written in high level language into machine language is called
(ক) translator
(খ) interpreter
(গ) assembler
(ঘ) compiler
(ঙ) converter
উত্ত ঘ। compiler

৩৯। The task of a debug program is to look into all programs to
(ক) correct an error
(খ) locate and correct errors
(গ) identify, locate and correct error
(ঘ) protect from viruses
(ঙ) prevent hacking
উত্ত খ। locate and correct errors

৪০। How many parts are there in a computer system?
(ক) 2
(খ) 4
(গ) 6
(ঘ) 8
(ঙ) 11
উত্ত খ। 4

৪১। Qantas, an airline operating in Bangladesh is the flag career of
(ক) Indonesia
(খ) The Philippines
(গ) Bahrain
(ঘ) New Zealand
(ঙ) Australia
উত্ত ঙ। Australia

৪২। Which of the following is the first paper mill established in Bangladesh?
(ক) Asia Paper and Board Mills
(খ) Chandraghona Paper Mills
(গ) Karnajphuli Paper Mills
(ঘ) Dunhill Corporation
(ঙ) Bangladesh Paper Mills
উত্ত গ। Karnajphuli Paper Mills

৪৩। How many national teams participate in the Copa America (latest) Final Tournament?
(ক) 10
(খ) 12
(গ) 15
(ঘ) 16
(ঙ) 18
উত্ত খ। 12

৪৪। Who is the new IMF Chief after Straus Kahn’s exit?
(ক) Julie Onasis
(খ) Penelope Swiss
(গ) Henry Foyl
(ঘ) Christine Lagarde
(ঙ) Hellen Daurie
উত্ত ঘ। Christine Lagarde

৪৫। When was the construction of the main structure, the artificial lake and other facilities of the Jatiyou Smriti Soudha in Savar completed?
(ক) 1975
(খ) 1979
(গ) 1982
(ঘ) 1985
(ঙ) 1991
উত্ত গ। 1982

৪৬। Wimbledon champion (women) 2011 Petra Kevitiova is a citizen of
(ক) Bulogaria
(খ) Serbia
(গ) Russia
(ঘ) Check Republic
(ঙ) Montenegro
উত্ত ঘ। Check Republic

৪৭। The last spaceship launched at the closing of NASA’s 30 year space mission is
(ক) Atlantico
(খ) Atlantica
(গ) Atlantics
(ঘ) Atlantis
(ঙ) Atlantic
উত্ত ঘ। Atlantis

৪৮। The world heritage Machu Picchu is located in
(ক) Botswana
(খ) Mongolia
(গ) Kampuchea
(ঘ) Peru
(ঙ) Chili
উত্ত ঘ। Peru

৪৯। “Joga Bonito” means
(ক) beautiful girl
(খ) beautiful game
(গ) magic performance
(ঘ) attractive football
(ঙ) Miss Universe
উত্ত খ। beautiful game

৫০। The first railway tunnel in the world to operate with solar power is in
(ক) Japan
(খ) France
(গ) Belgium
(ঘ) Netherlands
(ঙ) Germany
উত্ত গ। Belgium

৫১। Which country will host the next SAARC Summit (2011)?
(ক) Sri Lanka
(খ) Nepal
(গ) Afghanistan
(ঘ) Pakistan
(ঙ) Maldives
উত্ত ঙ। Maldives

৫২। Which of the following countries is not a member of the OPEC?
(ক) yemen
(খ) Angola
(গ) Algeria
(ঘ) Ecuador
(ঙ) UAE
উত্ত ক। yemen

৫৩। How old is the Dighapatia Palace now known as the Uttara Ganabhaban?
(ক) 150 years
(খ) 175 years
(গ) 225 years
(ঘ) 250 years
(ঙ) 300 years
উত্ত ঙ। 300 years

৫৪। Who among the following was awarded the ‘Nazrul Padak’ 2010?
(ক) Dr. Rafiqul Islam
(খ) Mustafa Nurul Islam
(গ) Nilima Das
(ঘ) Firoza Begum
(ঙ) Nurul Huda
উত্ত ক। Dr. Rafiqul Islam

৫৫। The recently closed “News of the World” tabloid had been published in
(ক) USA
(খ) France
(গ) Canada
(ঘ) UK
(ঙ) Australia
উত্ত ঘ। UK

৫৬। What does the computer process int information?
(ক) numbers
(খ) procerssor
(গ) input
(ঘ) data
(ঙ) image
উত্ত ঘ। data

৫৭। Which one is the most common type of storage devices?
(ক) magnetic
(খ) optical
(গ) flash
(ঘ) persistent
(ঙ) opera
উত্ত ক। magnetic

৫৮। Which of the following protects a computer system from hacking?
(ক) snort
(খ) backup
(গ) anti-virus
(ঘ) firewall
(ঙ) applet
উত্ত ঘ। firewall

৫৯। What is the name of the structure where data move through a network?
(ক) packets
(খ) payload
(গ) datagrams
(ঘ) token
(ঙ) size
উত্ত ক। packets

৬০। Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. (60-63)
We condoled __ him on his loss.
(ক) with
(খ) to
(গ) for
(ঘ) at
(ঙ) by
উত্ত ক। with

৬১। I cannot be false __ my friend.
(ক) before
(খ) by
(গ) with
(ঘ) to
(ঙ) after
উত্ত ঘ। to

৬২। I have no hatred __ him.
(ক) before
(খ) by
(গ) of
(ঘ) in
(ঙ) on
উত্ত গ। of

৬৩। Do not impute motives __ him.
(ক) on
(খ) upon
(গ) at
(ঘ) to
(ঙ) against
উত্ত ঘ। to

৬৪। Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
He looks very though, but he is a nice man __.
(ক) at length
(খ) in length
(গ) of length
(ঘ) at last
(ঙ) at botton
উত্ত ঙ। at botton

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