Agrani Bank Senior Officer 2011 Question and Solution

অগ্রণী ব্যাংক সিনিয়র অফিসার ২০১১

১। “অংস” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) কাঁধ
(খ) কাঁসা
(গ) তরবারি
(ঘ) ভাগ
(ঙ) কাঠ
উত্ত ক। কাঁধ

২। “অছি” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) মশা
(খ) নিরাপত্তা
(গ) অভিভাক
(ঘ) মনোনয়ন
(ঙ) ঘৃণা
উত্ত গ। অভিভাক

৩। “কিরীট” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) সাপ
(খ) বৃক্ষ
(গ) পতঙ্গ
(ঘ) তরবারি
(ঙ) মুকুট
উত্ত ঙ। মুকুট

৪। “অত্যহিত” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) অতি উপকার
(খ) অতি অনিষ্ট
(গ) ঘনিষ্ট
(ঘ) সন্নিকট
(ঙ) পার্শ্ববর্তী
উত্ত খ। অতি অনিষ্ট

৫। “কালাকাল” শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কি?
(ক) যে কোনো সময়
(খ) অনির্দিষ্ট অতীত
(গ) সুসময় ও দুঃসময়
(ঘ) কলিযুগ
(ঙ) সুদীর্ঘ সময়
উত্ত গ। সুসময় ও দুঃসময়

৬। “হাত কামড়ানো” বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি?
(ক) আফসোস করা
(খ) চিন্তা করা
(গ) আঘাতের হুমকি দেয়া
(ঘ) বদলা নেয়া
(ঙ) কিপটেমোর ভান করা
উত্ত ক। আফসোস করা

৭। “হাত জোড়া থাকা” বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি?
(ক) কর্মব্যস্ত থাকা
(খ) অলস থাকা
(গ) নিষ্ক্রিয় হয়ে যাওয়া
(ঘ) চিন্তায় পড়া
(ঙ) অনুরোধ করা
উত্ত ক। কর্মব্যস্ত থাকা

৮। হনহন শব্দটি কোন পদের?
(ক) বিশেষ্য
(খ) বিশেষণ
(গ) সর্বনাম
(ঘ) অব্যয়
(ঙ) ক্রিয়া
উত্ত ঘ। অব্যয়

৯। শুদ্ধ বানান কোনটি?
(ক) অনুশাশন
(খ) অনুসাশন
(গ) অনুশাষণ
(ঘ) অনুশাসন
(ঙ) অনুশাষন
উত্ত ঘ। অনুশাসন

১০। শুদ্ধ বানান কোনটি?
(ক) গূণগ্রাহী
(খ) গুণগ্রাহি
(গ) গূনগ্রাহী
(ঘ) গুণগ্রাহী
(ঙ) গূনগ্রাহি
উত্ত ঘ। গুণগ্রাহী

১১। Read the following passage and answer the questions.
Man is not destined to vanish. He can be killed but cannot be destroyed. His soul is deathless and his spirit is irrepressible. Therefore, though the situation seems dark in the context of the confrontation between the superpowers, the silver lining is provided by an amazing phenomenon: the very nations which have spent incalculable resources and energy in production of deadly weapons are desperately trying to find out how they might never be used. They threaten each other, intimidate each other and go the the brink, but therefore the total hour arrives, they withdraw from the brink.
The main point from the author’s view is that
(ক) Man’s soul and spirit can not be destroyed by the superpowers
(খ) Man’s destiny is not fully clear and visible .
(গ) Mankind is immortal
(ঘ) Human society will survive despite the serious threat of total annihilation
(ঙ) Man’s soul is deathless
উত্ত ঘ। Human society will survive despite the serious threat of total annihilation

১২। The phrase “go to the brink” in the passage means
(ক) Retreating from extreme danger .
(খ) Declare war on each other .
(গ) Advancing to the stage of war but not engaging in it.
(ঘ) Negotiate for peace
(ঙ) Threaten and intimidate each other
উত্ত গ। Advancing to the stage of war but not engaging in it.

১৩। In the author’s opinion,
(ক) Stockpiles of destructive weapons save mankind from catastrophe.
(খ) Mankind is heading towards extreme danger.
(গ) Superpowers now realize the need for abandoning lethal weapons.
(ঘ) Nations possessing stockpiles of lethal weapons now want to avoid actual conflict
(ঙ) It is not good for nations to threaten or intimidate each other
উত্ত ঘ। Nations possessing stockpiles of lethal weapons now want to avoid actual conflict

১৪। The word “intimidate” used in the passage means .
(ক) contradict
(খ) bargain with
(গ) quarrel with
(ঘ) deceive
(ঙ) frighten
উত্ত ঙ। frighten

১৫। A suitable title to the above passage is
(ক) Destruction of Mankind is Inevitable
(খ) Man’s Desire to survive Inhibits use of Deadly Weapon
(গ) Mounting Cost of Modem Weapons.
(ঘ) Threats and Intimidation between superpowers .
(ঙ) Soul is deathless, Spirit is irrepressible
উত্ত খ। Man’s Desire to survive Inhibits use of Deadly Weapon

১৬। Fill in the blank with appropriate words. (21-22)
The property is the __ among the brothers.
(ক) apple of discord
(খ) orange of discord
(গ) apple and orange
(ঘ) discord of apple
(ঙ) discord of orange
উত্ত ক। apple of discord

১৭। The person is nothing more than a square meal __ .
(ক) rank and file
(খ) rank profile
(গ) square meal
(ঘ) white elephant
(ঙ) mare’s nest
উত্ত ক। rank and file

১৮। Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. (23-24)
I can not accede __ your proposal.
(ক) with
(খ) at
(গ) by
(ঘ) to
(ঙ) in
উত্ত ঘ। to

১৯। The whole case hinges __ this point.
(ক) to
(খ) at
(গ) upon
(ঘ) for
(ঙ) against
উত্ত গ। upon

২০। Choose a lettered word, which is opposite in meaning to the capitalized one. (15-16) ABATE
(ক) praise
(খ) grant
(গ) soothe
(ঘ) increase
(ঙ) irritate
উত্ত ঘ। increase

(ক) appreciate
(খ) criticize
(গ) regret
(ঘ) accept
(ঙ) reject
উত্ত ক। appreciate

২২। Choose a lettered word similar in meaning to the capitalized ones. (17-18)
Head and Ears
(ক) effective
(খ) close
(গ) complete
(ঘ) attention
(ঙ) sink
উত্ত গ। complete

২৩। Eat into vitals
(ক) life
(খ) escape
(গ) interrupt
(ঘ) unveil
(ঙ) swallow
উত্ত গ। interrupt

২৪। Identify the correct sentence-
(ক) The law is still in the force
(খ) The law is still in a body
(গ) The law is still in force
(ঘ) The law is still in full swing
(ঙ) The law is still in very valid
উত্ত গ। The law is still in force

২৫। Identify the correct sentence-
(ক) Your exercise of pouring hot water is not welcome.
(খ) Your exercise of powering cold water is not welcome.
(গ) Your exercise of pulling strings is not welcomed.
(ঘ) Your exercise of pulling the wool is not welcome.
(ঙ) Your exercise of saddling a pad is not welcome.
উত্ত গ। Your exercise of pulling strings is not welcomed.

২৬। A man buys a television set that lists for Tk 36000 at 10% discount. He gets an additional 2% discount for paying cash. How much does he actually pay in Tk?
(ক) 32400
(খ) 30680
(গ) 31880
(ঘ) 32128
(ঙ) 31752
উত্ত ঙ। 31752

২৭। There are ‘e’ students in a school studying English and ‘a’ students studying Arabic. How many students study English and Arabic or both, if ‘b’ students study both?
(ক) e + a
(খ) ea + b
(গ) e + a – b
(ঘ) e (a – b)
(ঙ) e + a -2b
উত্ত গ। e + a – b

২৮। In still water a boy rows 5 miles an hour. With the aid of current he can make a 21 miles trip in 3 hours. How fast is the current?
(ক) 2 miles
(খ) 4 miles
(গ) 6 miles
(ঘ) 3 miles
(ঙ) 5 miles
উত্ত ক। 2 miles

২৯। If x + 1 > 1 – 2x then
(ক) x > 0
(খ) x < 0 (গ) x > 3
(ঘ) x <-3 (ঙ) x=-2 উত্ত ক। x > 0

৩০। The perimeter of a square is 56, the length of each side is
(ক) 10
(খ) 12
(গ) 14
(ঘ) 8
(ঙ) Not determinable
উত্ত গ। 14

৩১। The average of 2, 7, 6 and x is 5 and that of 18, 1, 6 x and y is 10. The value of y is
(ক) 30
(খ) 20
(গ) 10
(ঘ) 5
(ঙ) 15
উত্ত খ। 20

৩২। How many numbers between 1 and 100 are there of the form 7x + 5 where x is a positive integer?
(ক) 147
(খ) 11
(গ) 17
(ঘ) 9
(ঙ) 13
উত্ত ঙ। 13

৩৩। a : b = 2 : 3 and a + b = 4. What is the value of )a + b) : (b – a)?
(ক) 3 : 2
(খ) 4 : 7
(গ) 5 : 1
(ঘ) 2 : 5
(ঙ) 7 : 9
উত্ত গ। 5 : 1

৩৪। If the lengths of the three sides of a triangle are consecutive integers, then the smallest possible value of the sum of the lengths of the three sides is
(ক) 9
(খ) 7
(গ) 6
(ঘ) 12
(ঙ) 15
উত্ত ঙ। 15

৩৫। What is 4 1/6 % as a fraction?
(ক) 1/6
(খ) 1/48
(গ) 1/18
(ঘ) 2/3
(ঙ) 1/24
উত্ত ঙ। 1/24

৩৬। Data processing cycle comprises
(ক) input, storage and output
(খ) store, retrieve and output
(গ) input, output and retrieve
(ঘ) input, processing and output
(ঙ) store, input and output
উত্ত ঘ। input, processing and output

৩৭। The place value in a string of decimal digits are expressed by
(ক) fractions of 10
(খ) multiples of 10
(গ) powers of 10
(ঘ) squares of 10
(ঙ) cubes of 10
উত্ত গ। powers of 10

৩৮। The decimal equivalent of 101.1102 is
(ক) 3.55
(খ) 4.65
(গ) 5.75
(ঘ) 6.85
(ঙ) 7.95
উত্ত গ। 5.75

৩৯। The logic gate NOT has
(ক) output 1 if any input is 1
(খ) output 1 if all inputs are 1
(গ) output 0 if any input is 1
(ঘ) one input and one output
(ঙ) No input and no output
উত্ত ঘ। one input and one output

৪০। What does LCD stand for?
(ক) Level and clean disc
(খ) Liquid crystalled document
(গ) liquid clustered disc
(ঘ) liquid crystal display
(ঙ) level crystal disc
উত্ত ঘ। liquid crystal display

৪১। The topology that connects all computers in a network by a single cable with a terminal at each end is called :
(ক) terminal
(খ) ring
(গ) star
(ঘ) bus
(ঙ) LAN
উত্ত খ। ring

৪২। Color monitors produce multicolor images by combining the colors
(ক) red, green and blue
(খ) yellow, red and blue
(গ) black, blue and green
(ঘ) red, blue and white
উত্ত ক। red, green and blue

৪৩। PROM chips
(ক) have nothing recorded on them
(খ) permanently stores information without program
(গ) are erasable y special program
(ঘ) are erasable electrically
(ঙ) records data very fast without instruction
উত্ত খ। permanently stores information without program

৪৪। BIOS is stored in a computer in its
(ক) monitor
(খ) hard disc
(গ) RAM
(ঘ) ROM
(ঙ) desktop memory
উত্ত ঘ। ROM

৪৫। What do the personal computers form when they are connected together?
(ক) server
(খ) supercomputer
(গ) network
(ঘ) enterprise
(ঙ) multiple computer
উত্ত গ। network

৪৬। Which connection is used to access the internet in a very remote location?
(ক) Dial-up
(খ) satellite
(গ) cable
(ঘ) DSL
(ঙ) modem
উত্ত ঙ। modem

৪৭। The first part of a complete URL is the __ needed to access the web resource. The missing word in the sentence is :
(ক) address
(খ) name
(গ) location
(ঘ) protocol
(ঙ) search engine
উত্ত ঘ। protocol

৪৮। The wheel of mouse can make it easier to do what?
(ক) scroll through documents
(খ) select object
(গ) open document
(ঘ) change volume
(ঙ) right clicking
উত্ত ক। scroll through documents

৪৯। Which of the following measures the speed of a dot matrix printer?
(ক) ppm
(খ) dpi
(গ) cps
(ঘ) ipm
(ঙ) resolution
উত্ত গ। cps

৫০। What is the meaning of the word “Dulahazara” known as a famous place in the CHT?
(ক) safari park
(খ) beautiful bride
(গ) flying monkeys
(ঘ) thusand baskets
(ঙ) thousand palanquins
উত্ত ঘ। thusand baskets

৫১। The new Wimbledon Champion Novac Dzokovic was born in
(ক) 1982
(খ) 1985
(গ) 1987
(ঘ) 1990
(ঙ) 1984
উত্ত গ। 1987

৫২। Which one is the correct spelling for a famous whistle-blowing organization?
(ক) Weakiliks
(খ) Weekileaksn
(গ) Wikileaks
(ঘ) WiukiLeaks
(ঙ) WikiLiks
উত্ত ঘ। WiukiLeaks

৫৩। Mime meastro Partha Pratim Majumder was born in the district of
(ক) Faridpur
(খ) Comilla
(গ) Bogra
(ঘ) Netrokona
(ঙ) pabna
উত্ত ঙ। pabna

৫৪। Bagakine Lake (Baga lake) of Bangladesh is located in
(ক) Kaptai
(খ) Khagrachari
(গ) Ruma
(ঘ) Bhatiari
(ঙ) Rangamati
উত্ত গ। Ruma

৫৫। What is the height of the highest point of the Jatiyo Smriti Soudha in Savar?
(ক) 127 ft
(খ) 150 ft
(গ) 161 ft
(ঘ) 1133 ft
(ঙ) 175 ft
উত্ত খ। 150 ft

৫৬। The new independent nation emerged last July 2011 is
(ক) South Sudan
(খ) Misrata
(গ) Gaza
(ঘ) Irritria
(ঙ) Zululand
উত্ত ক। South Sudan

৫৭। Agrani Bank started functioning as a NCB in 1972 taking over assets and liabilities of
(ক) United Bank and Habib Bank
(খ) Habib Bank and Bank of Pakistan
(গ) United Bank and National Bank
(ঘ) Habib Bank and Commerce Bank
(ঙ) National Bank and United Bank
উত্ত ঙ। National Bank and United Bank

৫৮। What was the number of the UN member states in June 2011?
(ক) 202
(খ) 293
(গ) 187
(ঘ) 198
(ঙ) 192
উত্ত ঙ। 192

৫৯। What is the estimated width (in meters) of the proposed Padma Bridge?
(ক) 15
(খ) 5
(গ) 18
(ঘ) 20
(ঙ) 25
উত্ত গ। 18

৬০। Casablanca is a famous city for trade and tourism in
(ক) Yemen
(খ) Morocco
(গ) Tunisia
(ঘ) Libya
(ঙ) Albania
উত্ত খ। Morocco

৬১। Samutang gas fields of Bangladesh is located in
(ক) sylhet
(খ) Khagrachari
(গ) Rangamati
(ঘ) Bandarban
(ঙ) Chittagong
উত্ত খ। Khagrachari

৬২। The sixth Women’s World Cup Football Finals were held in
(ক) Australia
(খ) Germany
(গ) England
(ঘ) France
(ঙ) USA
উত্ত খ। Germany

৬৩। Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
(ক) petrol
(খ) coal
(গ) natural gas
(ঘ) biogas
(ঙ) hydrocarbon
উত্ত ঙ। hydrocarbon

৬৪। Who is the first Arab woman to conquer the Everest?
(ক) Bilkis Habibi
(খ) Suzane Al Habib
(গ) Junkeya Tabei
(ঘ) Salma Hayek
(ঙ) Umme Kawnine
উত্ত খ। Suzane Al Habib

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