Class Three English For Today Model Question 1

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 : (Competency based)

On a hot summer day a crow felt very thirsty. It was flying to and fro looking for water. But it did not find water anywhere. At last it found a pitcher of water at some distance. The pitcher had some water but it was beyond the reach of the crow. It tried its best to drink water but its bill could not reach into it. It became very sad and hopeless.

Suddenly the crow saw some small pieces of stones near the jar. A good idea came into its head.

It then picked up the stones and dropped them into the jar one by one. As a result, the water came up to the brim. Then the crow drank water from it to its heart’s content and flew away with a joyful mind.

In fact where there is a will there is a way. So we should not be hopeless. Rather we should try every possible way to meet our utmost need.        

5.   Write only the answers on the answer paper:

i)      How was the condition of the weather? d

        A    stormy                  B     cold

        C    rainy                    D    hot

ii)     The crow became —- not to get reach of the water.                                                               b

        A    happy                   B     hopeless         

        C    weak                    D    sick

iii)    The crow found —– pieces of stones.        b

        A    big                        B     small

        C    large                     D    bold

iv)    How was the mind of the crow after drinking water?                                                           d

        A    sad                       B     unhappy

        C    sorrow                  D    joyful

v)     ‘Where there is a will there is a way’- it is a —-                                                                    c

        A    phrase & idiom     B     phrase            

        C    proverb                D    idiom

vi)    In times of great crisis, we should not lose our——.                                                                 b

        A    mind                    B     heart              

        C    body                    D    power

vii)   We should try our level best to ——- our utmost need.                                                             a

        A    meet                     B     meeting          

        C    met                       D    meeted

viii)  Why did not the crow find water any where?                                                                       a

        A    As it was a hot summer day.

        B    As it was a winter morning.

        C    As it was mid-night.

        D    As it was a rainy season.

ix)    Why did the crow drink water?            a

        A    The crow was thirsty.

        B    The crow was sick.

        C    The crow was hungry

        D    The crow was weak

x)     What is the moral of the story?             c                                                                              

        A    Truthfulness never be defeated.

        B    Never tell a lie.     

        C    Where there is a will there is a way

        D    Always speak the truth.

6.     Write one of the word that completes each sentence. There are three extra words which you do not need to use.

sada pitcherto and frohungry
upsetthirstyhere and therereach

a)     The crow was very —–.

b)     The crow was flying ¾ in search of water.

c)     A ¾ was found at last.

d)     It could not ¾ into the water.

e)     The crow became very ¾ and hopeless.

Ans. a) thirsty; b) to and fro; c) a pitcher;  d) reach; e) sad.

7.   Answer the following questions in sentence(s).

a)     When did the crow feel thirsty?             

        Ans. The crow felt very thirsty on a hot summer day.

b)     Why did the crow become very sad and hopeless?

        Ans. The crow became very sad and hopeless because it tried its best to drink water but its bill could not reach into it.

c)     What did the crow find at last?

        Ans. The crow found a pitcher of water at last.

d)     How did the crow drop the stones into the jar?

        Ans. The crow dropped the stones into the jar one by one.

e)     Why should we not be hopeless?

        Ans. We should not be hopeless because where there is a will, there is a way.

8.   Write 5 sentences about a thirsty crow.

Or, Write 5 sentences about a thirsty crow answering the following points. (Competancy based)

·    When was the crow looking for water?

·    What did it find at last?

·    How did it manage to drink water?

Ans.           “A Thirsty Crow”

On a hot summer day a crow was looking for water. The crow found a pitcher of water at last. But the water of the pitcher was beyond the reach of it. The crow managed some small stones and dropped them into the jar one by one. As a result, the water came up and the crow drank it.

9.   Suppose, you are Sumon. Your home address is 25, Green Road, Dhaka. Now write a letter to your friend, Rakib about “Where there is a will, there is a way”. (Competancy based)

     12, Malibag
     41, College Road


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