100% Common Dialogue Writing for Class Three

1.   You want to go to a book fair with your friend.


Myself    :  Hi, Alif! Good afternoon! Where’re you going now?

Alif         :  Ekushe Boi Mela. Would you please go with me?

Myself    :  I’d like to go.

Alif         :  Let’s move.

2.   You want to know from your uncle about the tourist places in Bangladesh.


Myself       : Uncle, could you please tell me about the tourist places in Bangladesh?

My uncle   :  Yes, of course. We’ve many tourist spots like Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin Island, khagrachori, Banderbans etc.

Myself       :  Thank you, uncle.

My uncle   :  Welcome.

3.   You want to borrow a book from your friend Masud


Myself       :  Masud, could you please give me your grammar book?

Masud        :  Sorry, I can’t. I’ve an exam tomorrow.

Myself       :  How can I manage?

Masud        :  You can go to our friend Farhad.

Myself       :  Oh, yes. Bye.

Masud        :  Bye, bye.

4.   You want to know the way to the bus station from a passerby.


Myself       :  Excuse me, could you please tell me the way to the nearest bus station?

Passerby    : Yes. Walk straight along this road.

Myself       :  Then?

Passerby    :  Then turn left and you’ll get the bus station.

Myself       :  Thank you.

Passerby    :  Welcome.

5.   You want to buy a book from a bookshop.


Shopkeeper   :  How could I help you?

Myself          :  Please show me the book ‘S@ifur’s Student’s Vocabulary’.

Shopkeeper   :  Here you are.

Myself          :  How much?

Shopkeeper   :  Tk. 80 only.

Myself          :  Here you are.

Shopkeeper   :  Here is the change.

Myself          :  Thank you very much.

Shopkeeper   :  welcome.

6.  You want to buy some stationery from a shop.


Salesperson   :  Can I help you?

Tania            :  Yes, Please. I’d like two pens, a pencil and a piece of paper.

Salesperson   :  Anything else?

Tania            :  Yes, a pencil case, please.

Salesperson   :  OK. That’s 150 taka.

Tania            :  Here you are.

Salesperson   :  You gave me 200 taka. That’s 50 taka change.

Tania            :  Thank you. Bye.

Salesperson   :  Thank you. Bye. Come again.

7.   You are hungry. You want to have something from your mother.


Mita     :  Mum, do we have any juice?

Mum    :  Sorry, dear. We don’t have any juice. You can have some milk.

Mita     :  No, thanks. I don’t want any milk. How about ice-cream? Do we have any ice-cream?

Mum    :  Well, we have some ice-cream, but i’m cooking dinner now. You can have some ice-cream after dinner.

Mita     :  Ok. What’s for dinner?

Mum    :  Chicken and rice.

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