10 Most Common Formal E-mail for Class Seven-English 2nd Paper 2022

 Formal E-mail 

1.   Suppose, you need a citizenship certificate to apply for a new post. Now, write an e-mail to the U.P. Chairman asking for the citizenship certificate.

To       : upchairman@khulna.govt     
From   : ornob@hotmail.com     
Date    : 15th April 2016; 18:30 pm     
Subject : Asking for a citizenship certificate     
Dear sir,     
I am writing to inform you with honour that I am an Assistant Director of Govt. office in Khulna. Recently, I have been transferred from Khulna to Dhaka. The authority of my present office has sought a citizenship certificate. So I need a citizenship certificate from you. Since you personally know me, I cordially request you to issue me a citizenship certificate on your letterpad.      Finally, I would be thankful if you help me in this regard.     
Thanking you,     
Ornob Ahmed     
Bashupara, Khulna     
Mobile No. 0192496####

2.   Suppose, you want to buy a computer. Now, write an e-mail to a computer agency in response to an advertisement in the newspaper asking more information.

To            :   sales@citech.com     
From       :   farhana@gmail.com     
Date        :   20 May 2016; 11.00     
Subject   :   Request of informing about a computer.     
Dear Sir,     
It would be convenient for me if you send a reply to my e-mail informing me the details  about the computer you advertised in the newspaper. To be more specific I am intend to know about ‘Lenovo Macbook Pro’. I want to know more information about the price, hard disk, processor, memory, RAM and so on.      
I hope that your renowned company would assist me by sending an e-mail informing me about the mentioned product.     
Farhana Sikdar     
Mobile Number: 01XXXXXXXXX     
E-mail : farhana@gmail.com

3.   Write an e-mail to the railway booking clerk asking him to reserve a seat for you.

To        :  <railway.govt.bd>     
From   :  aman@agni.com>     
Date    :  Saturday, 9 November, 2016; 2.00 pm     
Subject  :       For reservation of a seat.     
Dear Sir,     
I would like to inform you that I will go to Rajshahi on 12 November, 2016. So I earnestly request you to reserve one first class seat for the 8.30 am Tista Express from Dhaka to Rajshahi on the dated above. A demand draft covering the fare is already sent by the post.     
I hope that you would be kind enough to help me regarding the reservation of a seat.      Thanking you.     
Yours truly,     

4.   Write an e-mail to the Postmaster General complaining against non-receipt of a money order.

To        :  <pmgpostoffice@proshika.com>     
From   :  “Raina” <raina@yahoo.com>     
Date    :  Tuesday, I October 2016; 10.30 am     
Subject  :       Complaining against non-receipt of a money order.     
Dear Sir,     
This is to inform you that I sent a money order for 5,000/= only from
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Post Office to Ashiqul Islam, C/O Abul Hossain, P.O. Gouranadi, Barisal on 8 September, 2016 under receipt No. MPR 1812. It’s a matter of sorrow that the mentioned money order has not yet reached to the payee even after a month.     
It is hoped that you would be kind enough to enquire  about the matter and take necessary steps so that the money order is delivered to the proper payee  without further delay.      Thanking you,     
Mobile Number: 01XXXXXXXXX

5.   Suppose, you want to go on a foreign tour on holidays. Now, write an e-mail to the Manager of a travel agency asking for the details about holiday packages.

To        :  <dhakatravels@holidays.com>     
From   :  “Ariq” <ariq_faiaz@yahoo.com>     
Date    :  Thursday, 4 July, 2016; 9.30 am     
Subject  :       Seeking information about a foreign tour.     
Dear Sir,     
I would like to inform you that I am interested to go on a tour during the coming Eid vacation with your renowned ÔBorak Travel & Tours Ltd’. I will go to Thailand and stay there for a week. I would like to start my journey on 15 July 2016 and return before 25 July 2016. I also like to visit most of the tourist spots there. So I want to know about the tour programme including the important spots there.     
It is hoped that your renowned company would forward me all the necessary information in this regard by sending an e-mail as soon as possible.     
Thanking you     
Ariq Faiaz     
Cell Phone: 019 – – – – – – – – – –

6.  Suppose, you are an inhabitant at Senpara Parbata, Mirpur, Dhaka. You feel the necessity of a children’s park here. Now, write an e-mail to the Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation (North).

     To       : office@mayordhakacitycorporation.bd    
From   : topon@gmail.com    
Date    : Thursday 11 September 2016, 11.00 am    
Subject : Request for setting up a children’s park.    
Dear Sir,    
I would like to draw your attention to the matter that there is no children’s park at our locality. It is a place where the children can freely and spontaneously take part in games, sports and recreational activities. It is also essential for healthy development of their body and mind. So the necessity of a children’s park cannot be overstated.    
It is hoped that you would be considerate enough to take proper steps to set up a children’s park at this locality to meet a civic demand of the children.    
Thanking you,    
Abul Bashar Topon    
Senpara Parbata, Mirpur, Dhaka.    
Mobile no. 01722 ……..

7.  Suppose, the common room facilities in your school are not adequate. Now, write an e-mail requesting your headteacher to increase the facilities in common room.

To         :  headteachermgili@yahoo.com    
From    :  piya@hotmail.com    
Date     :  20 April 2016; 11.30    
Subject   :        Request for increasing common room facilities.
Dear Sir,
I would like to draw your kind attention to the matter that the common room facilities in our school are not adequate. The students pass their off period idly gossiping here and there. It would be a great importance for us provided we get more newspapers and magazines and more facilities for indoor games in the common room.    
I hope that you would be considerate enough to take steps to ensure the above mentioned facilities.
Yours obediently
Class-VII, Roll No. 01
On behalf of the students of    
Mirpur Girls’ Ideal Laboratory Institute     

8.  Suppose, you are an inhabitant of the village Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria. Cholera has broken out in your area in an epidemic form. Now, write an e-mail to the UNO of Nabinagar seeking immediate arrangement for vaccination in your locality. 

To      : <uno@gov.com>
From : <enamul@yahoo.com>
Date  : April 12, 2016, 4:30 pm.    
Sub : Request for immediate arrangement for vaccination.
Dear Sir,
With due respect, I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that our village is under the grip of cholera again. Cholera visits our village quite often. This time it has broken the record of the past. It has already taken a heavy toll of lives. Immediate (`ªƒZ) steps must be taken to eradicate the problem. Authority should take necessary measures to vaccinate the people of the affected areas as early as possible.
I earnestly request you to take effective measure to improve the present condition.
Sincerely yours,
Mob: 0171 …………….

9.  Suppose, your locality has been seriously damaged by a recent flood. Now, write an e-mail to the DC of your district for relief for the flood-affected people.

To             :   deputycommissionerpabna@govt.com    
From        :   sopan@yahoo.com    
Date         :   20 August 2016; 10.30 a.m.    
Subject    :   Request for granting relief for the flood-affected people.    
Dear Sir,    
I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that our locality has been seriously affected by the recent flood. A number of houses and properties and domestic animals have been washed away   
by the flood. People are suffering from various water-borne diseases. They are greatly in need of some relief materials.       
I hope that you would be considerate enough to grant some relief for the affected people of this locality as soon as possible.    
Sopan Ahmed     
Sadar Upazila, Pabna    
Mobile Number: 01XXXXXXXXX

10.    Suppose, you booked a ticket from a travel agency. But you have to cancel your fixed journey because of some problems. Now, write an e-mail to the manager of the travel agency to cancel the ticket booked for you.  

     To        : <haniftravels@yahoo.com>    
From    : <khanmizan@gmail.com>    
Date     : Tuesday 5 July, 2016, 11.40 am    
Sub : Request for canceling a booked ticket.    
Dear Sir,    
I booked an air-ticket of United Airways to visit India through your agency two days ago. My flight is on July 7, 2016. But at this moment I have decided not to travel because of some personal problems. Please help me in this regard by canceling the ticket. The ticket is of the Air United no. 25 and the seat number is G-1.    
I hope that your agency would assist me by canceling the ticket.    
Sincerely yours,    
Khan Mizan    
Mob : 0171#######

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