The Wonders of Modern Science Composition for JSC 2022

Introduction : We live in an age of science. We cannot think of our modern life without the blessing of science. Science has given us many things. The inventions of science have made our life easy and comfortable. It has brought the world smaller. Science has invented various things. Telephone, telegraph, wireless, mobile etc. are the recent inventions of science. With the help of these, we can communicate with others within a moment. We see the blessings of science in the field of medical, recreation, education, agriculture, transport, construction and industry etc.

Science in everyday life : In city life, we enjoy mostly the gifts of science. We use computer that can do almost everything. We cannot do a single day without using mobile, computer, internet, telephone etc. The blessing of science lights up streets and houses. Cinema shows, radio, televisions, electronic fans all are gifts of science. Scientific machines and medicines purify water. Mills and factories are run with the help of science. 

Medical Science : Medical science has lessened human sufferings and it has increased the joys of life. Penicillin,   x-ray, biopsy, ultra sonogram, E.C.G. etc. are the wonders of modern science. Complicated medical treatment is also provided by the doctors who use scientific measures in every step of their work.

Education : In the field of education, science has widened our horizon of knowledge. We can read printed books with the help of science. Students and teachers can easily get their necessary informations searching in internet. 

Agriculture : In the field of agriculture, science has invented tractors, power tillers, power pumps etc. Besides, the use of scientific measures has increased the quantity of crops. All these inventions have benefitted our farmers.

Communications : Science has added a new dimension in the case of communication system. Science has invented aeroplanes, buses, trains, steamers, rockets, launches etc. All these inventions have removed the distance of place. Thus, science has saved our valuable time. We can now travel hundreds of miles within a short time.

Negative sides : However, science is not mere blessing. Sometimes it becomes a curse. It becomes curse during war. Some destructive weapons of science are used in killing people. People also use the inventions of science in different kinds of evil purposes.

Conclusion : The inventions of science are no doubt blessing for us. It has done a lot for the development of human civilization. We are mostly dependent on the inventions of modern science in our day to day life.

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