Importance of Newspaper Composition for JSC 2022

Introduction : The present age is the age of newspapers. We cannot think of modern life without them. We can enrich our knowledge by reading newspapers.

Its history : The first newspaper was published in Venice. ‘The Indian Gazette’ was brought out first in our sub-continent. The ‘Somachar Darpan’ was the first Bangla newspaper.

Various kinds/types of newspapers : There are many kinds of newspapers, such as the daily, the weekly, the biweekly and the fortnightly. The daily newspapers are full of news. But the other newspapers are full of views and comments on the different news items. Some newspapers come out twice and thrice a day. Because the habit of reading the fresh news is getting more and more with the people.

Management : The newspaper has got a big staff like the editor, the new reporters and the news agents. The newspapers are printed in the printing press. The newspapers get news from the big news agencies like the Reuter, the Samachar, the Tass, the A.P etc.

Usefulness/Merits : Newspapers give news to us. We know the news of the world through the newspapers. They criticize the mistakes of the Government. They give lead to the people. People can know the new inventions and discoveries through them. Newspapers help the people know their rights and duties and their responsibilities.

Demerits : Newspapers do harm when they are edited by the bad editors. The bad editors mislead the people. They praise the bad men and blame the good men. They see all things through their own glasses on interest which helps to pollute the peaceful environment of a country. It should be stopped as early as possible.

Conclusion : Newspaper have made the world smaller. They are the mirrors of the world. We should read newspapers daily to update our knowledge.

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