Uses & Abuses of Satellite TV: Composition For SSC 2022

Uses & Abuses of Satellite TV

Television channel broadcast by using satellite is called satellite channel. Now-a-days satellite channel is a very familiar name to us. It has added a new dimension in television telecasting. In fact, it has brought about a great change in the world of entertainment, education, and information. There are thousands of satellite channels around the world. A wide range of programmes of varied interests are telecast on these channels. These programmes are not only entertaining but also highly informative and educative. There are some channels which help us to gather knowledge from every hook and corner of the world. These channels help us to broaden our outlook and break down prejudices. But there is no unmixed blessing on earth. So, satellite channels have some demerits too. Some channels telecast obscene, vulgar, and indecent programmes which develop domestic discord and adultery and accelerate social and moral degradation. These indecent programmes leave a bad influence on the soft minds of our young generation. Watching these violent and indecent programmes, our young generation is drifting away  from our own culture, tradition, music, entertainment and modes of life. Their taste and modes of life are being influenced greatly by some satellite channels and they are becoming uncontrolled gradually. Some channels are causing cultural decay and moral degeneration. So, we should be more cautious to allow children to watch such programmes that may hamper their career. We should allow telecasting only the selected programmes which highlight our traditional and social values. For this purpose a government policy should be enforced to permit the programmes which are decent and beneficial. The channels which are causing cultural decay should be strictly prohibited. We should remember the proverb that from the same flower bees gather honey and spiders gather poison.

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