Agrani Bank Senior Officer (Cancelled) 2013 Question and Solution

অগ্রণী ব্যাংক সিনিয়র অফিসার (বাতিল) ২০১৩

১। “সত্য কথা বলিনি তাই বিপদে পড়েছি”- কোন শ্রেণীর বাক্য?
(ক) সরল
(খ) জটিল
(গ) মিশ্র
(ঘ) যৌগিক
(ঙ) সাধু
উত্ত ঘ। যৌগিক

২। কোন শব্দটি শুদ্ধ?
(ক) মনমুগ্ধকর
(খ) মনোমুগ্ধকর
(গ) মনঃমুগ্ধকর
(ঘ) মনোঃমুগ্ধকর
(ঙ) মনোমুগ্ধঃকর
উত্ত খ। মনোমুগ্ধকর

৩। কোন বাক্যটি শুদ্ধ?
(ক) সকল সভ্যগণ এখানে উপস্থিত ছিলেন
(খ) সকল সভ্য এখানে উপস্থিত ছিলেন
(গ) সকল সভ্যরা এখানে উপস্থিত ছিলেন
(ঘ) সকল সভ্যগন এখানে উপস্থিত ছিলেন
(ঙ) সভ্যগণ এখানে উপস্থিত ছিলেন
উত্ত খ। সকল সভ্য এখানে উপস্থিত ছিলেন

৪। “দশে মিলে করি কাজ” বাক্যটিতে ‘দশে’ কোন কারকে কোন বিভক্তি?
(ক) কর্তৃকারকে দ্বিতীয়া
(খ) সম্প্রদান কারকে সপ্তমী
(গ) কর্তৃকারকে চতুর্থী
(ঘ) কর্তৃকারকে সপ্তমী
(ঙ) কর্মকারকে সপ্তমী
উত্ত ঘ। কর্তৃকারকে সপ্তমী

৫। ‘দিন ও রাতের সন্ধিক্ষণ’- এর এক কথায় প্রকাশ
(ক) পূর্বাহ্ণ
(খ) গোধূলি
(গ) সন্ধ্যা
(ঘ) সায়াহ্ন
(ঙ) অপরাহ্ণ
উত্ত খ। গোধূলি

৬। ‘তামার বিষ’ বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি?
(ক) গভীর আঘাত
(খ) ধাতব পদার্থের আঘাত
(গ) পুরানা ক্ষত
(ঘ) অর্থের কুপ্রভাব
(ঙ) কারও সুনামে জ্বলা
উত্ত ঘ। অর্থের কুপ্রভাব

৭। ‘শিরে সংক্রান্তি’-র সঠিক অর্থ কোনটি?
(ক) মহাবিপদ
(খ) আসন্ন বিপদ
(গ) মাথা যন্ত্রণা
(ঘ) মাথায় বোঝা
(ঙ) শুভ সংবাদ
উত্ত খ। আসন্ন বিপদ

৮। বাক্যের ক্ষুদ্রতম অংশ কোনটি?
(ক) বর্ণ
(খ) ধ্বনি
(গ) শব্দ
(ঘ) চিহ্ন
(ঙ) অনুসর্গ
উত্ত গ। শব্দ

৯। ‘সংশয়’ শব্দটির বিপরীত শব্দ কোনটি?
(ক) প্রত্যয়
(খ) বিস্ময়
(গ) নিঃসয়
(ঘ) নির্ভয়
(ঙ) দ্বিধা
উত্ত ক। প্রত্যয়

১০। ‘অনিল’ শব্দের অর্থ কি?
(ক) রাত্রি
(খ) বাতাস
(গ) শুদ্ধ
(ঘ) আধাঁর
(ঙ) অরণ্য
উত্ত খ। বাতাস

১১। Read the paragraphs below and answer questions 11 through 15 that follow:
Airbus says it has turned the corner after a crisis connected to production problems and turmoil in the boardroom at its A380 super-jumbo project that has gone on for the past year. Speaking at the Paris air show, Louis Gallois, CEO of the European planemaker, said, ‘Airbus is back.’ Airbus, which announced a raft of orders on the first day of the show, is competing with Boeing, its American rival, for the title of the largest planemaker in the world. Boeing is expected to reveal the numbers of orders for its 787 Dreamliner soon. Airbus orders unveiled on Monday included Qatar Airways confirming a $ 16bn order for 80 A350 Airbus planes and ordering three A380 super-jumbos for about $750m. Boeing and Airbus are also competing for orders from aircraft leasing firms. Orders from these companies – who rank highly among the biggest global buyers of aircraft – are often regarded as an indication of how successful a model will be in the long term. Airbus also secured orders from US Airways that are worth $10bn for 22 of its A350 jets, 60 A320s and ten of its A330-200 wide-body planes. A few months ago, Airbus unveiled a major cost-cutting program aiming to reduce the workforce in Europe of 10,000, as well as announcing a group restructuring. ‘I can tell you with full confidence that Airbus is back and fully back, as you have started noting yesterday as demonstrated by our first day announcements,’ said Mr Gallois on the second day of the air show. However, Boeing also announced a deal with General Electric (GE) on the show’s first day. GE’s commercial aviation services placed an order for six 777 Boeing freighters valued at around $1.4bn, to be delivered in the last quarter of 2008. A Wall Street Journal website report, quoting the Delta operating chief yesterday said that Delta Air Lines were on the verge of ordering as many as 125 Boeing 787 jetliners by the end of this year. However, a spokesman for Delta later said that it had been having conversations with several aircraft makers’ and that ‘no final decision’ had been made on future fleet purchases.
The problems at Airbus

(ক) turned into crisis
(খ) are well on their way to being sorted out
(গ) are back again
(ঘ) Are far from resolved
(ঙ) Have been resolved completely
উত্তরঃ ঙ। Have been resolved completely

১২। On the first day of the show , Airbus announced
(ক) a significant fall in orders
(খ) a significant increase in orders
(গ) a worrying disruption in orders
(ঘ) order for $ 750 m
(ঙ) Order for $ 16 bn
উত্তরঃ খ। a significant increase in orders

১৩। On Monday , Qatar Airways ordered
(ক) 350 Airbus planes
(খ) 380 Super -Jumbos
(গ) 350 Airbus and 380 Super Jumbos
(ঘ) 80 planes
(ঙ) planes about $ 750
উত্তরঃ ঙ। planes about $ 750

১৪। US Airways
(ক) Placed an order for the new super Jumbo
(খ) did not place an order for the new super -jumbo
(গ) may have placed an order for the new super -Jumbo
(ঘ) ordered 60 wide body planes
(ঙ) ordered placed orders worth more than $ 10 bn
উত্তরঃ খ। did not place an order for the new super -jumbo

১৫। Boeing
(ক) announced sales of the Dreamliner
(খ) will sell some Dreamliners to General Electric
(গ) will sell some Dreamliners to Delta Air lines
(ঘ) will sell Dreamliners to Wall Street
(ঙ) Does not have any final decision on sale of Dreamliners
উত্তরঃ ঙ। Does not have any final decision on sale of Dreamliners

১৬। Select the best word/set of words to fill in the blank (16-25):
The movie was __ the book
(ক) as
(খ) as good
(গ) good
(ঘ) as good as
(ঙ) good in
উত্তরঃ ঘ। as good as

১৭। The concert will begin __ fifteen minutes.
(ক) in
(খ) on
(গ) with
(ঘ) about
(ঙ) by
উত্তরঃ ক। in

১৮। Ms. Selina __ rather not invest that money in the stock market.
(ক) has to
(খ) could
(গ) would
(ঘ) must
(ঙ) ought
উত্তরঃ গ। would

১৯। The critics had to admit that the ballet __ was superb.
(ক) performance
(খ) pathology
(গ) trading
(ঘ) procrastinate
(ঙ) service
উত্তরঃ ক। performance

২০। We were __ friends in that strange but magical country.
(ক) among
(খ) upon
(গ) toward
(ঘ) have
(ঙ) looking
উত্তরঃ ক। among

২১। His friends mourned _ the death _ his mother.
(ক) on, over
(খ) for, of
(গ) over, of
(ঘ) of, of
(ঙ) on, of
উত্তরঃ খ। for, of

২২। Everyone should respect the teachers, shouldn’t __?
(ক) I
(খ) me
(গ) they
(ঘ) he
(ঙ) you
উত্তরঃ গ। they

২৩। Can you put me __ for the weekend?
(ক) in
(খ) up
(গ) away
(ঘ) down
(ঙ) only
উত্তরঃ খ। up

২৪। It is so noisy that I cannot concentrate __ my homework .
(ক) in
(খ) to
(গ) for
(ঘ) into
(ঙ) on
উত্তরঃ খ। to

২৫। My friend __ to pick you up if you do not phone her.
(ক) forget
(খ) will forget
(গ) may forget
(ঘ) can forget
(ঙ) shall forget
উত্তরঃ খ। will forget

২৬। Identify the incorrect word in the given sentence (26-27):
Mithila intends to starting her own software business in a few years.
(ক) intends
(খ) starting
(গ) software
(ঘ) a
(ঙ) few
উত্তরঃ খ। starting

২৭। Do you know the student who books were stolen?
(ক) Do
(খ) know
(গ) who
(ঘ) were
(ঙ) stolen
উত্তরঃ গ। who

২৮। Find the word that does not match in meaning of ‘grateful’.
(ক) appreciate
(খ) thankless
(গ) gratitude
(ঘ) indebted
(ঙ) owe
উত্তরঃ খ। thankless

২৯। Select a word that may be considered synonym of ‘inadvertent’
(ক) unintentional
(খ) inadequate
(গ) permanent
(ঘ) temporary
(ঙ) illogical
উত্তরঃ ক। unintentional

৩০। Select a word that may be considered antonym of ‘coherent’.
(ক) external
(খ) trapped
(গ) permanent
(ঘ) temporary
(ঙ) illogical
উত্তরঃ ঙ। illogical

৩১। If x:y = 5:3 then (8x-5y):(8x+5y) = ?
(ক) 3:12
(খ) 8:13
(গ) 3:11
(ঘ) 5:11
(ঙ) 5:13
উত্তরঃ ঘ। 5:11

৩২। A toy was bought for Tk 75 and sold at a gain of 8%. What was its selling price in Tk?
(ক) 78
(খ) 81
(গ) 80
(ঘ) 84
(ঙ) 85
উত্তরঃ খ। 81

৩৩। If a man’s salary is 20% more than that of his son, how many percent is the son’s salary if compared to the salary of his father?
(ক) 75
(খ) 80
(গ) 83
(ঘ) 85
(ঙ) 87
উত্তরঃ গ। 83

৩৪। A woman is 30 times older than her son. 18 years later she will be thrice as old as her son. What is the woman’s present age in years?
(ক) 30
(খ) 35
(গ) 36
(ঘ) 40
(ঙ) 48
উত্তরঃ ঘ। 40

৩৫। If x men can do a work in 8 days and x+4 men can do it in 6 days, what is the value of x?
(ক) 4
(খ) 6
(গ) 8
(ঘ) 12
(ঙ) 16
উত্তরঃ ঘ। 12

৩৬। If product of two sequential positive odd numbers is 255, what are those numbers?
(ক) 11,13
(খ) 13,15
(গ) 13, 17
(ঘ) 15, 17
(ঙ) 15, 19
উত্ত ঘ। 15, 17

৩৭। In a garden, there are 10 rows and 12 columns of mango trees. The distance between two trees is 2 meters and a distance of one meter is left from all sides of the boundary of the garden. What is the length of the garden?
(ক) 20 m
(খ) 22 m
(গ) 24 m
(ঘ) 26 m
(ঙ) -18 m
উত্তরঃ গ। 24 m

৩৮। The rent of a guest house was Tk 50 per day for first three days Tk 100 per day for next 5 days and Tk 300 per day for other days. The registration fee in the beginning is Tk 50. If one has to pay Tk 1300, for how many days he availed of this facility?
(ক) 10
(খ) 12
(গ) 15
(ঘ) 8
(ঙ) 9
উত্তরঃ ক। 10

৩৯। A motorist travels to a place 150 m away at an average speed for 50 km and returns at 30 km per hour. What is his average speed for the whole journey in km per hour?
(ক) 35
(খ) 37
(গ) 37.5
(ঘ) 40
(ঙ) 42.5
উত্তরঃ গ। 37.5

৪০। The average of Selim’s marks in 7 subjects is 75. His average in six subjects excluding Science is 72. How many marks did he get in Science?
(ক) 72
(খ) 90
(গ) 93
(ঘ) 98
(ঙ) 86
উত্ত গ। 93

৪১। What is the value of x if 4/x +3/5 = 10/x ?
(ক) 50
(খ) 12
(গ) 40
(ঘ) 10
(ঙ) 60
উত্তরঃ ঘ। 10

৪২। If 3a+4b = 10 and 5a+3b=30, what is the average (arithmetic mean) of a and b ?
(ক) 4
(খ) 2.5
(গ) 3.5
(ঘ) 4.5
(ঙ) 3
উত্তরঃ খ। 2.5

৪৩। The number of marbles in Amin’s collection is 80% of the number in Rahim’s collection. If Rahim has 80 more marbles than Amin, how many marbles do they have altogether?
(ক) 720
(খ) 120
(গ) 135
(ঘ) 400
(ঙ) 320
উত্তরঃ ক। 720

৪৪। The average of Selim’s marks in 7 subjects is 75. His average in six subjects excluding Science is 72. How many marks did he get in Science?
(ক) 72
(খ) 90
(গ) 93
(ঘ) 98
(ঙ) 86
উত্তরঃ গ। 93

৪৫। A water reservoir is 1/5 th full and requires 20 liters more to make it 3/5 th full. What is the capacity of the reservoir (in liters)?
(ক) 40
(খ) 30
(গ) 60
(ঘ) 50
(ঙ) 45
উত্তরঃ ঘ। 50

৪৬। A third of Karim’s marks in Mathematics exceeds a half of his marks in Social Studies by 30, if Karim got 240 marks in the two subjects together, how many marks did he get in Social Studies?
(ক) 88
(খ) 98
(গ) 132
(ঘ) 122
(ঙ) 60
উত্তরঃ ঙ। 60

৪৭। In dividing a sum of money, the eldest of three brothers got 2/5 th of it and the youngest got Tk 120. What was the total sum in Tk if the amount received by the other brother was 1/3rd of the total ?
(ক) 98
(খ) 100
(গ) 108
(ঘ) 110
(ঙ) 451
উত্তরঃ ঙ। 451

৪৮। A common form of inter-bank short-term borrowing is
(ক) LTR
(খ) Hypo
(গ) L/C
(ঘ) CC
(ঙ) Call Money
উত্তরঃ ঙ। Call Money

৪৯। CAMEL rating is a system that
(ক) ranks camels according to their quality
(খ) ranks camels according to their price
(গ) allows banks to operate in a country
(ঘ) ensures compliance to Basel II
(ঙ) assigns a numerical rating to a bank
উত্তরঃ ঙ। assigns a numerical rating to a bank

৫০। Which of the following is an open source operating system?
(ক) Vista
(গ) DOS
(ঘ) Windows XP
(ঙ) JAVA
উত্তরঃ খ। UBUNTU

৫১। What does LED stand for?
(ক) large and extended display
(খ) light emitting diode
(গ) light enabled dot
(ঘ) large electronic display
(ঙ) large electric display
উত্তরঃ খ। light emitting diode

৫২। The three colors of the pixel of color monitors are
(ক) red, green and yellow
(খ) red, green and blue
(গ) red, green and black
(ঘ) yellow, green and blue
(ঙ) black, blue and brown
উত্তরঃ খ। red, green and blue

৫৩। Which one of the following is the fastest data transmission media?
(ক) twisted pair cable
(খ) coaxial cable
(গ) cat-5
(ঘ) fiber optic cable
(ঙ) cat-6
উত্তরঃ ঘ। fiber optic cable

৫৪। Which of the following extensions is used for picture files stored in computer?
(ক) exe
(খ) jpg
(গ) doc
(ঘ) xls
(ঙ) ppz
উত্তরঃ খ। jpg

৫৫। Which of the following represents examples of an IT input device, output device and storage device respectively?
(ক) bar code reader, CD drive, projector
(খ) keyboard, monitor, hard disc
(গ) printer, DVD drive, joystick
(ঘ) printer, mouse, monitor
(ঙ) RAM, webcam, speakers
উত্তরঃ খ। keyboard, monitor, hard disc

৫৬। What function does F1 stand for in most computers?
(ক) help
(খ) save
(গ) save as
(ঘ) cut-paste
(ঙ) copy-paste
উত্তরঃ ক। help

৫৭। Unsolicited commercial e-mail is commonly known as
(ক) junk
(খ) hoaxes
(গ) spam
(ঘ) hypertext
(ঙ) a and c
উত্তরঃ ঙ। a and c

৫৮। Chips are made up of millions of tiny parts/switches known as
(ক) etches
(খ) transistors
(গ) charges
(ঘ) electrons
(ঙ) protons
উত্তরঃ খ। transistors

৫৯। What is the unit of measurement for drive access time?
(ক) nanoseconds
(খ) seconds
(গ) microseconds
(ঘ) picoseconds
(ঙ) milliseconds
উত্তরঃ ঙ। milliseconds

৬০। The goal of pure market economy is to best meet the desires of
(ক) citizens
(খ) government
(গ) business
(ঘ) customers
(ঙ) workers
উত্তরঃ ঘ। customers

৬১। The Chittagong Stock Exchange was established in
(ক) 1990
(খ) 1993
(গ) 1995
(ঘ) 1998
(ঙ) 1999
উত্তরঃ গ। 1995

৬২। Which of the following is the apex body of the private sector business community in Bangladesh?
(ক) DCCI
(গ) DSE
(ঙ) Apex International
উত্তরঃ খ। FBCCI

৬৩। What is the meaning of CC used in a mail?
(ক) close copy
(খ) copy circulated
(গ) confidential copy
(ঘ) carbon copy
(ঙ) copy carried
উত্তরঃ ঘ। carbon copy

৬৪। Which of the following are government issued currencies?
(ক) One and Two Taka notes and coins
(খ) One, Two and Five Taka notes and coins
(গ) Ten, Twenty and Fifty Taka notes and coins
(ঘ) 100 and 500 Taka notes
(ঙ) 1000 Taka notes
উত্তরঃ খ। One, Two and Five Taka notes and coins

৬৫। The act adopted for prevention of use and transfer of money illegally is called
(ক) Illegal Money Transfer Act
(খ) Money Laundering Prevention Act
(গ) Improper Money Use and Transfer Act
(ঘ) Money Laundering Act
(ঙ) Money Use and Transfer Act
উত্তরঃ ঘ। Money Laundering Act

৬৬। The Geneva Convention deals with
(ক) women’s right
(খ) peace and conflict
(গ) international trade
(ঘ) arms trafficking
(ঙ) conduct of war
উত্তরঃ ঙ। conduct of war

৬৭। What does BIA stand for ?
(ক) Bangladesh Insurance Association
(খ) Bank for international Assistance
(গ) Bangladesh Insuranace Authority
(ঘ) Board of Investment Act
(ঙ) Bangladesh Insurance Academy
উত্তরঃ ঙ। Bangladesh Insurance Academy

৬৮। Which of the following locations has been proposed for establishment of IT Village of Bangladesh?
(ক) Rajshahi
(খ) Jessore
(গ) Comilla
(ঘ) Chittagong
(ঙ) Barisal
উত্তরঃ খ। Jessore

৬৯। Which of the following is the largest trading bloc in the world?
(গ) EU
(ঘ) WTO
উত্তরঃ ঘ। WTO

৭০। Devaluation of Taka is likely to increase
(ক) tariff
(খ) tax
(গ) import
(ঘ) export
(ঙ) trade
উত্তরঃ ঘ। export

৭১। The difference between a bank’s rate of interest on lending to its prime customers and the rate of interest that it pays to others on borrowings (demand, time or savings deposits) is called
(ক) profit rate
(খ) margin rate
(গ) income rate
(ঘ) interest spread
(ঙ) balance
উত্তরঃ ঘ। interest spread

৭২। Who is the current Director General of WTO?
(ক) Pascal Lamy
(খ) Micheline Rey
(গ) Jim Young Kim
(ঘ) Robert Zoellic
(ঙ) Paul Wolfowitz
উত্তরঃ ক। Pascal Lamy

৭৩। Who is the founder of Wikileaks?
(ক) Julian Wikileaks
(খ) Bill Gates
(গ) Michael Assange
(ঘ) Julian Assange
(ঙ) Steve Jobs
উত্তরঃ ঘ। Julian Assange

৭৪। Which of the following is not the function of the central bank?
(ক) Management of foreign exchange rate
(খ) implementation of government monetary policy
(গ) implementation of national budget
(ঘ) management of public debt
(ঙ) issue of currencies
উত্ত গ। implementation of national budget

৭৫। In opening an L/C , a bank requires that a certain percent of the value of goods to be imported under the L/C is paid to the bank in advance . This part / proportion of payment is known as _
(ক) L/C Commission
(খ) L /C signing money
(গ) L /C guarantee
(ঘ) L /C protection money
(ঙ) L /C margin
উত্তরঃ ক। L/C Commission

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