Most Common Model Question For Class 5 : English-Model Question 2

Model Question 2

Time : 2 hours 30 minutes                                                  Full Marks: 100

Read the passage and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4. ()

Saikat Islam lives with his parents in a flat in Bogra. His father Mr. Rashidul Islam is a banker. But in his free time Mr. Islam writes stories and listens to music. Saikat’s mother is Mrs. Monwara Islam. She is a housewife. In her free time she enjoys sewing. She makes dresses. She often gets orders from her friends and neighbours.

Saikat is in Class 5. He is a good student. He wants to improve his English, so he watches cartoons on TV everyday. He also reads English books. He likes books about animals, especially tigers and lions.

[Unit3; Lessons 1-2]1. Write only the answer on the answer paper : 1´10 = 10

(a)  Mr. Rashidul Islam is Saikat’s —.

        (i) father                       (ii) teacher                         (iii) uncle                        (iv) neighbour

(b)  What does Mr. Rashidul Islam do?

        (i) singer                       (ii) doctor                           (iii) clerk                         (iv) banker

(c)  Saikat Islam lives in a — in Bogra.

        (i) slum                         (ii) flat                               (iii) big house                 (iv) small house

(d)  What does Saikat’s father do in his free time?                                

(i) writes poems                   (ii) writes songs                (iii) writes stories           (iv) watches TV

(e)  What is the name of Saikat’s mother?

        (i) Monwara Haq          (ii) Monwara Islam           (iii) Monwara Rahman (iv) Monwara Chowdhury

(f)  Saikat’s mother is a —.

        (i) nurse                        (ii) seamstress                  (iii) teacher                     (iv) housewife

(g)  In her free time Saikat’s mother enjoyes —.

        (i) TV serial                  (ii) cooking                        (iii) sewing                     (iv) music

(h)  Saikat wants to improve his —.

        (i) English                    (ii) Bangla                         (iii) Mathematics            (iv) Geography

(i)   Besides English, Saikat reads books about —.

        (i) plants                       (ii) animals                        (iii) adventure                (iv) travelling

(j)   The word ‘especially’ means —.‘especially’ —

        (i) very different           (ii) very special                 (iii) particularly              (iv) very particular

      Extra Questions :

(k)  Saikat lives in —.

        (i) Dhaka                      (ii) Barisal                         (iii) Bogra                       (iv) Sylhet

(l)   Who does Saikat live with?

        (i) cousins                     (ii) parents                        (iii) friends                     (iv) uncle

(m) What is Saikat’s mother?

        (i) housewife                 (ii) teacher                         (iii) singer                      (iv) nurse

(n)  In his free time, Mr. Rashidul Islam writes —-

        (i) poems                       (ii) plays                            (iii) stories                      (iv) songs

(o)  Saikat’s father is a —-.

        (i) doctor                       (ii) teacher                         (iii) farmer                      (iv) banker

(p)  What does Saikat’s mother enjoy?

        (i) cooking                     (ii) sewing                         (iii) gardening                (iv) reading

(q)  Saikat’s mother makes –.

        (i) toys                          (ii) bakeries                       (iii) dresses                    (iv) cartoons

(r)  What class does Saikat read in?

        (i) Four                         (ii) Five                              (iii) Six                           (iv) Seven

(s)  What is the synonym of the word ‘good’?‘good’

        (i) excellent                   (ii) bad                               (iii) costly                       (iv) pretty

(t)  Saikat likes books about —.

        (i) flowers                     (ii) birds                            (iii) animals                    (iv) trees

2.   (i) Match the words of column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B (there are two extra meanings in column B)ABB                             1 ´ 5 = 5

Column AColumn B
(a) Parents(i) a woman who looks after a family.
(b) Banker(ii) a woman who works in a house
(c) Music(iii) people living next to us
(d) Housewife(iv) one who works in a bank
(e) Neighbour(v) either father or mother
 (vi) both father and mother
 (vii) sounds that are arranged in a way that sounds pleasant to listen to.

(ii)  Extra Question :

Column AColumn B
(a) Flat(i) to become better than before
(b) Improve(ii) a set of rooms for living in
(c) Like(iii) used or happening regularly
(d) Live(iv) disease that may attack other people
(e) Everyday(v) the power that gives someone to do work
 (vi) to love or enjoy something very much
 (vii) to have home in a particular place

Or,  (i) Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the text. ()

(a)   Saikat Islam is a — of class five.—

(b)   His — Monwara Islam is a housewife.—

(c)    Saikat watches — on TV everyday.—

(d)   Saikat’s mother enjoys — in her freetime.—

(e)   Saikat is fond of — books about tiger and lions.—

(ii)  Extra Question :

(a)   Saikat lives in a –– in Bogra. —

(b)   His father is a –– and mother is a housewife. —

(c)    Saikat’s father –– listening to music. —

(d)   His mother gets –– from her friends and neighbours. (— )

(e)   Saikat wants to –– his English. (— )

3.   Answer the following questions. ()                2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   Where does Saikat Islam live?

(b)   Who are his parents?

(c)    What is Saikat’s father? How does he spend his free time?

(d)   What class is Saikat in? What type of student is he?

(e)   Why does he want to improve his English?

      Extra Questions :

(f)    What does Saikat’s father do?

(g)   What does Saikat’s mother do in her free time?

(h)   What does Saikat do to improve his English?

(i)    What kind of books does Saikat like?

4.   Write a short composition on ‘Your Family’ in at least 5 sentences answering the following questions. Your Family                         10

(a)   Where do your family live?

(b)   What does your father do?

(c)    What does your mother do?

(d)   What do you do?

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7 and 8. ()

Hazrat Abdul Quader was a famous religious figure in Islam. He was born in Jilan in Iraq. His father died even before his birth. His mother was very pious and taught him many important and religious things. She decided to send him to Baghdad with a view to educating him there. At the time of sending, his mother sewed forty gold coins in his shirt and advised him never to tell a lie. That time the roads were unsafe; often gangs of robbers fell upon the travellers and plundered their belongings and money. The boy left for Baghdad with a caravan of merchants, but on their way a gang of robbers fell upon them and looted their money. One of the robbers said that the small boy might have something with him. The gang leader said that perhaps the boy had nothing with him. Boy Abdul Quader spoke out, ‘No, no, I have forty gold coins sewed in my shirt.” The leader felt surprised and said, “You might not have disclosed the fact.” The boy said, “Mother has advised me never to tell a lie even in danger.” The robbers felt ashamed of their deeds and gave up robbery.

5.   Write only the answer on the answer paper : 1´10=10(a)            Hazrat Abdul Quader was a — religious figure in Islam. (—)

        (i) famous                     (ii) infamous                     (iii) unknown                 (iv) dishonourable

(b)  He was born in —. (— )

        (i) Basra                       (ii) Karbala                       (iii) Kirkut                      (iv) Jilan

(c)  When did his father die? ()

        (i) before his birth        (ii) after his birth              (iii) before his mother    (iv) after his death

(d)  His mother sent him to Baghdad — educating him there. (—)

        (i) to look for                 (ii) to try                            (iii) with a view to          (iv) for

(e)  She taught him many — things. (—)

        (i) important                 (ii) unimportant                (iii) religious                   (iv) both (i) and (iii)

(f)  His mother sewed forty — in his shirt. (—)

        (i) silver coins               (ii) gold coins                     (iii) bronze coins            (iv) steel coins

(g)  Hazrat Abdul Quader left for Baghdad with —. (—)

        (i) a group of travellers                                                                                 (ii) gang of robbers

        (iii) a caravan of merchants                                   (iv) a group of religious people

(h)  On the way, a gang of — attacked them. (—)

        (i) robbers                     (ii) dacoits                         (iii) pirates                     (iv) thieves

(i)   Mother advised him never to tell a lie even —. (— )

        (i) in poverty                 (ii) in pressure                  (iii) in happiness            (iv) in danger

(j)   The robbers felt — of their deeds. (—)

        (i) ashamed                  (ii) surprised                     (iii) frightened                (iv) none

Extra Questions :

(k)  The town of Jilan is in —.

        (i) Egypt                       (ii) Syria                            (iii) Iran                         (iv) Iraq

(l)   That time people found the roads —.

        (i) safe                          (ii) spacious                       (iii) insecure                   (iv) clean

(m) Who often fell upon the travellers?

        (i) police                        (ii) robbers                        (iii) wolves                      (iv) army

(n)  Hazrat Abdul Quader was on the way of —.

        (i) Mecca                       (ii) Jerusalem                    (iii) Baghdad                  (iv) Delhi

(o)  Hazrat Abdul Quader was a —.

        (i) king                          (ii) saint                            (iii) poet                          (iv) musician

6.   Write one of the words that completes each sentence. There are three extra words which you do not need to use. 1 ´ 5 = 5


(a)   His mother — to send him to Baghdad. —

(b)   At that time the roads were —. —

(c)    The robbers — their belongings and money. —

(d)   Abdul Quader might not have — the fact. —

(e)   The robbers gave up —. —

      Extra Question :


(a)   Hazrat Abdul Quader was — as a religious figure. —

(b)   His father died — his birth. —

(c)    His mother decided to send him to Baghdad for —. —

(d)   There were robbers on the —. —

(e)   He had forty — coins with him. —

7.   Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences. ()     2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   Who was Hazrat Abdul Quader?

(b)   Why was Hazrat Abdul Quader sent to Baghdad?

(c)    What happened on their way?

(d)   What did his mother advise him?

(e)   What was the condition of the roads at that time?

Extra Questions :

(f)    How was Abdul Quader’s mother?

(g)   What did his mother give him?

(h)   Where were the gold coins?

(i)    What did the gang leader say?

(j)    Why was the gang leader surprised?

8.            Suppose you are Manik and your friend is Shan. Shan often tells a lie without any reason. Recently you have read about Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani (Rh.) and his truthfulness.
Now write a letter to your friend about the good result of truthfulness. Use the following cues in your letter.  10

      (Cues : Hazrat Abdul Quader – gold coins – way to Baghdad – attacked by the robbers – his truthfulness – repentance of the robbers – giving up robbery)

9.   Make five Wh questions with the underlined word(s) from the given statements.Wh 2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   Shusong Durgapur is located under Netrokona district.

(b)   It is about 170 kms north from Dhaka.

(c)    The main attraction of Birishiri is the ceramic hill of Durgapur.

(d)   One can go to Birishiri from Mohakhali by bus.

(e)   It usually takes 5 to 6 hours to go to Birishiri from Mohakhali by bus.

10. Read the instructions about writing a letter, then answer the following questions : 1+2+3 = 6

How to write a letter
1.     Write the date and the place you’re in.
2.     Address the person you’re writing to in a proper way.
3.     Write what you want to tell him/her.
4.     Sign at the below.
5.     Write the recipient’s name and address on the right side of the envelope, attach a stamp and post it. Otherwise the letter will not be delivered.

Questions :

(a)   How should you address the person you’re writing to? Knowledge(b)       Why should you write the addresses on the envelope? Understanding(c)             How’ll you write a letter? Application

11. Write 5 sentences about your English class activities on how to use a calendar considering the following points : 5

        [Write the time in numbers and name of the days in ordinal numbers.]

        – What time did your class start?

        –What date was the first Saturday of the month?

        – Which day was the 31st of January?
Or,  Fill in the gaps by writing the time so that the story make sense.

      Mr. Islam is a banker. Everyday, he does many things besides his job. He reads newspaper or magazine from 6:00 pm to (a) — in the evening. He takes his dinner at (b) —. He listens to music and writes stories at (c) —. Then he sits for watching TV at (d) —. He goes to bed at (e) —.

Or,  There will be held a five days long seminar on Rabindranath Tagore’s works. Here is the schedule of discussions on different topics. Friday is the day of beginning. Write five sentences using these five days.

Schedule of the seminar

Days of the weekTopics of Discussion
1st dayPoetry
2nd dayNovel and short story
3rd dayDrama
4th dayMusic
5th dayPainting

12. Rearrange words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. ()1 ´ 5 = 5

(a)   holiday/ my/ on/ I/ father/ am/ with.

(b)   are/ going/ you/ where?

(c)    Chittagong/ not/ I/ going/ am/ to.

(d)   a/ journey/ have/ nice.

(e)   nice/ the/ Chittagong/ how/ of/ scenery/ is!

13. Suppose, you want to send some money by Bangladesh Post Office. Now fill up the form in English. 4

Bangladesh Post Office
Money Order Service

Issue Form

        Information about Beneficiary

1.     Name of Beneficiary     : ………………………..

2.     Address of Beneficiary : ………………………..

3.     Mobile Number of Beneficiary : ………………………..

        Information about Sender

1.     Sender’s name : ………………………..

2.     Sender’s Address : ………………………..

3.     Sender’s Mobile Number : ………………………..

4.     Amount of Money  : ………………………..

_______________Sender’s Signature

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