Most Common Model Question For Class 5 : English-Model Question 4

Model Question 4

Time : 2 hours 30 minutes                                                  Full Marks: 100

Read the passage and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4. ()

What food is good food?

Sometimes the food we like to eat isn’t the healthiest food for us. The Food Pyramid helps us to understand the different food groups, and it tells us how much of each food group we should eat.

Look at the picture of the Food Pyramid. We eat more of the foods at the bottom of the pyramid. What foods do you see at the bottom? These are things made from grain, for example, rice, ruti and bread. Potatoes are not grains, but they are similar. Grains give us energy.

Fruit and vegetables are in the next level of the pyramid. These are also very important for us. They have vitamins. They help our eyes and our health.

On the next level, there are fish, meat, dairy products, beans and lentils. Meat, fish and chicken have protein. Beans and lentils do, too!

Dairy products are things like milk and eggs. They help our teeth and bones. Protein and dairy make us strong.

Fat and oil are at the top of the Food Pyramid. These make food delicious, but our body does not need very much of them.

Sometimes we can’t get food from all the different food groups. But when we have choices about food, we need to make good choices.        [Unit6; Lessons 4-5]

1.   Write only the answer on the answer paper : 1´10 = 10

(a)  Food is one of the basic ¾ in human life. —-

        (i) hobbies                     (ii) luxuries                       (iii) needs                       (iv) wonders

(b)  What does our body need?

        (i) Rich foods                (ii) Little foods                   (iii) Healthy foods          (iv) Enough foods

(c)  What does good food make us?

        (i) Healthy                    (ii) Unhealthy                   (iii) Lazy                         (iv) Ill

(d)  Good food means —. —–

        (i) rich foods                 (ii) costly foods                  (iii) a good mix of foods (iv) cheap foods

(e)  Food Pyramid means —. —-

        (i) a pile of foods           (ii) a pile of carbohydrate (iii) a chart of foods        (iv) a heap of foods

(f)  There are ¾ groups of foods in the Food Pyramid. —-

        (i) four                          (ii) five                               (iii) six                            (iv) two

(g)  What do you see at the bottom of the Pyramid?

        (i) Rice                          (ii) Ruti                              (iii) Potatoes                   (iv) All of them

(h)  Which one of the followings contains vitamin?

        (i) Milk                          (ii) Cheese                         (iii) Vegetables               (iv) Cereals

(i)   We should eat ¾ moderately. ——

        (i) carbohydrate            (ii) fruits                            (iii) dairy products         (iv) vegetables

(j)   The word “delicious” is synonymous to ¾. ‘delicious’ —-

        (i) bitter                        (ii) costly                           (iii) tasty                        (iv) beautiful

Extra Questions :

(k)  What is the synonym of the word ‘different’?‘different’

        (i) same                         (ii) similar                         (iii) several                     (iv) uniform

(l)   The Food Pyramid helps us to understand —.

        (i) taste of foods            (ii) food groups                  (iii) vitamins                  (iv) foods of different nations

(m) Which of the following is grain?

        (i) beans                       (ii) fruits                            (iii) fish                          (iv) bread

(n)  Grains give us —-.—-

        (i) vitamins                   (ii) protein                         (iii) energy                     (iv) fat

(o)  Which is a dairy product?

        (i) rice                           (ii) cheese                          (iii) meat                         (iv) oil

(p)  Lentils have —–.

        (i) protein                      (ii) fat                                (iii) energy                     (iv) vitamins

(q)  Which food group helps our eyes and health?

        (i) protein                      (ii) fat                                (iii) energy                     (iv) vitamins

(r) Fruits and vegetables have —–.

        (i) energy                      (ii) vitamins                      (iii) protein                     (iv) fat

(s)  Meat, fish and chicken have —-

        (i) energy                      (ii) vitamins                      (iii) protein                     (iv) fat

(t)  Which food group makes us strong?

        (i) vitamins                   (ii) cereal                           (iii) fat                            (iv) protein

2.   (i) Match the words of column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B (there are two extra meanings in column B)ABB                             1 ´ 5 = 5

Column AColumn B
(a) Understand(i) a painting or drawing, etc. that shows a scene, a person or thing
(b) Picture(ii) a large building on a square or triangular base
(c) Important(iii) asking for things many times in a way that is annoying
(d) Pyramid(iv) to know or realize the meaning of words, a language etc.
(e) Grain(v) a large pile of wood on which a dead body is placed
 (vi) having a great effect on people or things
 (vii) the small hard seeds of food plants

(ii)  Extra Question :

Column AColumn B
(a)   Different(i)    having a resemblance 
(b)   Bottom(ii)   involving a less amount
(c)    Similar(iii)  the highest point of something 
(d)   Top(iv)  the lowest part of something
(e)   Delicious(v)   a fashionable attire
 (vi)  not the same
 (vii) having a very pleasant taste

Or,  (i) Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the text. ()

(a)   — give us energy.—

(b)   Potatoes are not —.—

(c)    They help our — and our health.—

(d)   Protein and — make us strong.—

(e)   Fruit and vegetables have —.—

(ii)  Extra Question :

(a)   We will not be fit — we eat healthy foods. —

(b)   There are four — of foods in the food pyramid. —

(c)    Fruits and vegetables are on the — level. —

(d)   We should eat very — of fatty food items. —

(e)   Fat and oil make food —

3.   Answer the following questions. ()                2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   How does a Food Pyramid help us?

(b)   What are the foods at the bottom of the Pyramid?

(c)    Give some examples of foods made from grain.

(d)   Which foods have vitamins?

(e)   Which foods are at the top of the food pyramid? 

Extra Questions :

(f)    What does the food pyramid tell us?

(g)   How many levels are there in the food pyramid?

(h)   What foods are there at the bottom of the food pyramid?

(i)    Which foods contain vitamin?

(j)    What things make food delicious?

4.    Write a short composition on ‘Food Habit’ in at least 5 sentences answering the following questions : ‘Food Habit’      10

(a)   What is good health?

(b)   Why should we eat a good mix of food?

(c)    What are the food items we should eat to be healthy?

(d)   Why should not we eat much of fatty food?

(e)   What is the importance of taking a balanced diet?

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7 and 8. ()

One day some boys were playing cricket in a school ground. All on a sudden they heard a hue and cry nearby. The boys stopped playing then and they went to the spot. They found a house set on fire. Instantly they decided to do something for blowing out the unleashing fire.

They shouted all together, “Fire! Fire! Help!”. The boys tried to gather people to extinguish the fire. They rushed to the neighbouring houses to collect pitcher, buckets and some other pots to fetch water. They rushed to the nearby pond and river. They poured water continuously to put out the devastating fire. Within a moment two houses were fully burnt and damaged. Three others were damaged to some extent. The young boys with other adult people did their best to extinguish the fire and rescue the dwellers of the house.

All the people present there greeted the young boys for their responsible activities.

5.   Write only the answer on the answer paper : 1´10=10

(a)            What were the boys playing?

        (i) football                     (ii) cricket                          (iii) hockey                     (iv) judo

(b)  Where were they playing?

        (i) in a field                   (ii) in a stadium                (iii) in a school ground   (iv) in a yard

(c)  What did they hear?

        (i) a scream                   (ii)  a song                         (iii) a whistle                  (iv) a hue and cry

(d)  They found a — set on fire.

        (i) house                       (ii) school                           (iii) car                            (iv) factory

(e)  They decided to —.

        (i) flee                           (ii) cry                                (iii) enjoy                        (iv) do something to blow out the fire 

(f)  They tried to gather—.

        (i) fire-brigades            (ii) fire-fighters                 (iii) people                      (iv) wood

(g)  They collected pots from —.

        (i) friends                      (ii) neighbours                  (iii) relatives                   (iv) colleagues

(h) They collected pots to —.

        (i) cook                          (ii) drink                            (iii) fetch water              (iv) use as utensils

(i)   How many houses were burnt?

        (i) two                           (ii) three                            (iii) four                          (iv) five

(j)   How many others were damaged?

        (i) two                           (ii) three                            (iii) four                          (iv) five 

Extra Questions :

(k)  Hearing the hue and cry, the boys went to —.

        (i) their house               (ii) school                           (iii) the police station     (iv) the spot

(l)   The house was —.

        (i) safe                          (ii) locked                           (iii) burning                   (iv) decorated

(m) The boys took the help of —.

        (i) fire service               (ii) adult persons              (iii) teachers                   (iv) police

(n)  They were — by the people for their activities.

        (i) rewarded                  (ii) criticized                      (iii) admired                   (iv) laughed

(o)  They fetched water from —.

        (i) tubewell                   (ii) pond                             (iii) river                         (iv) both ii & iii

6.   Write one of the words that completes each sentence. There are three extra words which you do not need to use.                                           1 × 5 = 5


(a)   Some boys were playing in a — ground. ( — )

(b)   They heard a — and cry. (—)

(c)    They had to do something for blowing out the — fire. (—)

(d)   They rushed to the — houses for help. (—)

(e)   Two houses were — burnt and damaged. (—)

      Extra Question :

rainaltogetherdocontinuouslypond and riverfound

(a)   The boys shouted —. —

(b)   They — a house set on fire. —

(c)    They poured water —. —

(d)   They decided to — something. —

(e)   They rushed to the nearby—. —

7.   Answer the following questions. ()                2×5=10

(a)   What and where were some boys playing?

(b)   What did they hear nearby?

(c)    Where did they go?

(d)   What did they find?

(e)   What did they shout?

Extra Questions :

(f)    Who were playing cricket?

(g)   Why did the boys stop playing?

(h)   How many houses were fully burnt?

(i)  What did the boys do at first?

(j)    Where did the boys rush?

(k)   What did the boys collect to stop fire?
(l)  Make a list of three sentences that help to stop fire.

8.    Suppose, you have witnessed one of your neigbhouring houses set on fire. Now, write a letter to your father what you did to put out the fire. 109.    Make five Wh questions with the underlined word(s) from the given statements.Wh                2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   Bulbul collects rubbish from Sankar area in Dhaka.

(b)   He wakes up at 5 o’clock.

(c)    Bulbul walks from door to door to collect rubbish.

(d)   People of Sankar put their rubbish in plastic bins and leave them in front of their houses.

(e)   Bulbul works hard everyday to keep this area clean.

10. Read the instructions about keeping fit, then answer the following questions :   1 + 2 + 3 = 6

How to keep fit
1.     Eat a balanced diet.
2.     Drink a lot of pure water.
3.     Always remain neat and clean.
4.     Get up early in the morning and sleep early at night.
5.     Everyday walk half an hour or more than half an hour.

Questions :

(a)   What kind of food should you eat?  (Knowledge)

(b)   What do you mean by a balanced diet?  (Understanding)

(c)    How do you maintain good health?  (Application)

11. Write 5 sentences about a spoken English training course considering the following points :      5                                    [Use cardinal and ordinal number in your writing ]

– How many days the course will run?

–      How many candidates will be enrolled for the course?

– What topics will be discussed?

Or, Fill in the gaps by writing the time so that the story make sense.

      Shahadat Hossain is a shopkeeper. Usually, he gets up at (a) — in the morning. He takes his breakfast at (b) —. He goes to his shop at — (c) —. He opens his shop at (d) — and checks all things for twenty minutes. He keeps his shop closed from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm. He closes his shop at (e) —.

Or, The Public Library at Shahbagh, Dhaka will arrange ‘Satyajit Ray Film Festival’. The programme will start on Thursday and last for five days. The schedule of the Festival is given below. Now, write five sentences using those days when people will watch different films.

Schedule of Film Festival

1st day‘Pather Panchali’ and ‘Apur Sansar’
2nd day‘Kanchanjangha’ and ‘Nayak’
3rd day‘Charulata’ and ‘Ghare Baire’
4th day‘Gupi Gain O Bagha Bain’ and ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’
5th day‘Ganashatru’ and ‘Agantuk’

12. Rearrange words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. ()1 ´ 5 = 5(a) help/ eyes/ our/ eggs.

(b)   are/ what/ doing/ you?

(c)    find/ my/ can’t/ I/ homework.

(d)   the/ clock/ at/ look.

(e)   what/ idea/ great/ a!

13. Suppose, Abir is your friend. He wants to open a savings account with a bank. The following is the application form. Fill it in for him.4

ABC Bank Ltd.

Gulshan, Dhaka

Application Form for Account

A/C No. …………………. (bank will use)

1.     Name                            : ………………………………

2.     Father’s name              :  ………………………………

3.     Mother’s name             :  ………………………………

4.     Address                        : ………………………………

5.     Address for

        correspondence             :  ………………………………

6.     Phone                           : Home : ……..  Office : …….

7.     Nationality                   : ………………………………

8.     Date of birth                 : ………………………………

9.     Occupation                   :  ………………………………

10.   Type of account            : Savings/Current




Application Form for Account

A/C No. …………………. (bank will use)

1.     Name                            : ………………………………

2.     Father’s name              :  ………………………………

3.     Mother’s name             :  ………………………………

4.     Address                        : ………………………………

5.     Address for

        correspondence             :  ………………………………

6.     Phone                           : Home : ……..  Office : …….

7.     Nationality                   : ………………………………

8.     Date of birth                 : ………………………………

9.     Occupation                   :  ………………………………

10.   Type of account            : Savings/Current



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