Most Common Model Question For Class 5 : English-Model Question 3

Model Question 3

Time : 2 hours 30 minutes                                                  Full Marks: 100

Read the passage and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4. ()

Tamal:Hi, my friend! Nasreen and I are reporters for the English Club Magazine. Would you mind answering some questions?

Sima:Sure. No problem. It’s my pleasure.

Tamal:Could you tell me your name and which class you are in?

Sima: I’m Sima. I’m in Class 5.

Tamal:How do you spend your leisure time, Sima?

Sima:Well, I like to walk in the park. I also like to sing.My cousin lives in the UK. Sometimes, I talk to her and her friends on the internet.

Nasreen:So, talking on the internet keeps you connected.

Sima :That’s right.

Tamal:(to Biju) Hello! Can I ask you the same questions?

Biju :My name’s Biju and I’m in Class 5, too. I love swimming. It keeps me fit. I also like painting. I’m not very good, but painting makes me happy.

Tamal:What about reading? Do either of you like reading?

Biju :I do. I often read magazines in my free time. I like magazines about sports, especially football and cricket.

Sima :Oh, I like to read, too. I love reading funny stories, especially stories of Nasiruddin Hojja. [Unit-4; Lessons 1-2]

  1. Write only the answer on the answer paper : 1´10 = 10

(a)  Tamal and Nasreen are ¾ for the English language club.

        (i) editors                      (ii) reporters                      (iii) columnists               (iv) cartoonists

(b)  Would you mind ¾ some questions?

        (i) answering                (ii) answer                         (iii) asking                      (iv) reporting

(c)  ¾ you tell me your name?

        (i) Will                           (ii) Can                              (iii) Would                      (iv) Could

(d)  Who are reporters for the English language club?

        (i) Tamal and Biju        (ii) Sima and Biju             (iii) Tamal and Nasreen (iv) Biju and Saikat

(e)  How does Sima spend her ¾ time?

        (i) working                    (ii) leisure                          (iii) weekend                  (iv) reporting

(f)  Sima’s ¾ lives in the UK.

        (i) cousin                       (ii) sister                            (iii) aunt                         (iv) parents

(g)  ¾ on the internet keeps you connected with others.

        (i) Chatting                   (ii) Gossiping                    (iii) Talking                    (iv) Writing

(h)  Biju often reads ¾ in his free time.

        (i) books                        (ii) magazines                   (iii) newspapers             (iv) novels

(i)   Can I ¾ you the same question?

        (i) ask                           (ii) tell                                (iii) inform                      (iv) like

(j)   Sima loves reading ¾ stories of Nasiruddin Hojja.

        (i) moral                        (ii) interesting                   (iii) important                 (iv) funny

2.   Match the words of column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B (there are two extra meanings in column B)ABB 1 ´ 5 = 5

Column AColumn B
(a) Reporter(i) a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand
(b) Problem(ii) time spent without working or studying
(c) Pleasure(iii) a feeling of joy
(d) Leisure(iv) a type of book published every month containing articles, photographs etc.
(e) Magazine(v) a person who collects or reports news for different media
 (vi) time spent doing nothing
 (vii) a state of feeling happy or satisfied

Or,  Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the text. ()

(a)   Sometimes, Sima talks to her cousin in the ¾ on the internet.

(b)   ¾ keeps Biju fit.

(c)    ¾ Sima and Biju are in class v.

(d)   How do you ¾ your leisure time, Sima?

(e)   Do — of you like reading?

3.   Answer the following questions. ()                2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   Which magazine are they reporting for?

(b)   What does Sima do in her leisure time?

(c)    What does Biju do in his leisure time?

(d)   How does Sima keep connected with her cousin?

(e)   What does Biju love?

4.   Write a short composition on ‘Leisure Time’ in at least 5 sentences answering the following questions. Leisure Time                        10

(a)   What is leisure time?

(b)   How different people pass their leisure time?

(c)    How do you pass your leisure time?

(d)   Does it cause harm to your study?

(e)   Write what type of activities should  be done in leisure time?

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7 and 8. ()

The independence of Bangladesh was declared on 26 March 1971. It became free from Pakistan on 16 December 1971 after a great Liberation War. Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. It is a democratic country. People here follow different religions and customs. All these people are free and have equal rights. Some of these basic rights are the rights of food, health, shelter and education. It is not easy for everyone to have these basic rights because they are expensive. Bangladesh is also a beautiful country with many resources. It has fertile land where rice, jute, sugar-cane, tea and fruits grow in plenty. Bangladesh has rich deposit of oil, gas and coal. It can utilize these resources and become prosperous. These things can help Bangladesh to earn money and give basic rights to her people.

5.   Write only the answer on the answer paper : 1´10=10

(a)            What should be the title of the story?

        (i) Democratic country  (ii) Liberation War            (iii) Basic rights             (iv) Bangladesh

(b)  Which one of the following is our Independence Day?

        (i) 21 February             (ii) 26 March                     (iii) 16 December            (iv) 14 April

(c)  16 December is our — day.

        (i) Liberation                (ii) Independence              (iii) Victory                     (iv) mourning

(d)  Bangladesh has –.

        (i) military power          (ii) many resources           (iii) no resources            (iv) mills and factories

(e)  The people of Bangladesh enjoy ¾ rights.

        (i) dissimilar                 (ii) equal                            (iii) unequal                   (iv) separate

(f)  Which of the following is not a basic right?

        (i) food                          (ii) sports                           (iii) shelter                     (iv) education

(g)  Before 1971, Bangladesh was under the rule of ¾.

        (i) India                        (ii) Nepal                           (iii) America                   (iv) Pakistan

(h)  Bangladesh is mainly a/an ¾ country.

        (i) autocratic                 (ii) industrial                     (iii) agricultural             (iv) developed

(i)   Which one of the following is true for Bangladesh?

        (i) small country           (ii) big country                  (iii) noisy country          (iv) none of them

(j)   Bangladesh can be ¾ by utilizing oil, gas, and coal.

        (i) failure                      (ii) indifferent                   (iii) developed                 (iv)  poor

Extra Questions :

(k)  The people of Bangladesh are —.

        (i) free                           (ii) enslaved                      (iii) dependent                (iv) influentail

(l)   There are — religions in Bangladesh.

        (i) some                         (ii) two                               (iii) different                   (iv) several

(m) How many basic rights are there?

        (i) four                          (ii) eight                            (iii) five                           (iv) seven

(n)  What kind of a country is Bangladesh?

        (i) autocratic                 (ii) democratic                   (iii) socialist                    (iv) king-ruled

(o)  Bangladesh became free on —.

        (i) 26 March, 1971        (ii) 14 August, 1947          (iii) 21 February, 1952  (iv) 16 December, 1971

6.   Write one of the words that completes each sentence. There are three extra words which you do not need to use. 1 ´ 5 = 5


(a)   Bangladesh ¾ into being on December 16, 1971.

(b)   It has a rich ¾ of natural resources.

(c)    The people of Bangladesh enjoy ¾ rights.

(d)   Bangladesh has a ¾ land.

(e)   Bangladesh is a ¾ country.

      Extra Question :


(a)   We fought a — war. —

(b)   Bangladesh has a large —. —

(c)    The people of Bangladesh have — rights. —

(d)   Bangladesh has many —. —

(e)   Education is a — right. —

7.   Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences. ()     2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   When did Bangladesh come into being as an independent country?

(b)   Write down the names of three natural resources of Bangladesh.

(c)    What happened on 26 March 1971?

(d)   How is the land of Bangladesh? What do farmers grow here?

(e)   Why can’t all the people enjoy equal rights?

Extra Questions :

(f)    What kind of a country is Bangladesh?

(g)   What kind of a war was our Liberation war?

(h)   Are the basic rights easily available?

(i)    How much time did Bangladesh take to be free after the declaration of independence?

(j)    How do the natural resources help Bangladesh?

8. Suppose, you are Amanat. Your friend George who lives in London wants to know about your country.  Now write a letter to him about your country. Use the following cues.10

        (Cues : Name of your country – type – people – basic rights – crops – resources)9. Make five Wh questions with the underlined word(s) from the given statements.Wh                                2 ´ 5 = 10

(a)   Reshma is eighteen years old.

(b)   Reshma works at a factory in Mirpur.

(c)    Reshma’s family went to Dhaka for their livelihood.

(d)   Reshma’s uncle found a job for Reshma.

(e)   Reshma’s father died in an accident.

10. Read the instructions about writing a composition, then answer the following questions : 1 + 2 + 3 = 6

      How to write a composition
1.     Maintain clarity of the topics.
2.     Write the theme of the composition in point.
3.     Write the point in a para not as a heading.
4.     Make sure about the grammatical accuracy.
5.     Be careful about the spelling.
6.     Maintain the use of punctuation.

Questions :

(a)   What characteristics should be maintained in case of topics? (Knowledge)

(b)   How should the points be written? (Understanding)

(c)    What should be maintained in sentence making in a composition? (Application)

11. Write 5 sentences on what to do after being attacked by the flu considering the following points :                               5

        [Use ordinal numbers in your writing ]

– What is the flu?

–  What type of disease the flu is?

–      What steps should one take often being attacked by the flu?

Or, Fill in the gaps by writing the time so that the story make sense.

      Last week, the students of class five went to the Liberation War Museum at Segunbagicha, Dhaka. Their bus reached the museum at (a) —. A guide welcomed them and took them a quick tour of the different galleries and exhibits of the museum. There were six galleries. They entered the first gallery at (b) —. After staying there for a few moments they left the galleries at around (c) —. Then they watched a video film on liberation war and Independence of Bangladesh at (d) —. However, they left the museum at (e) —.

Or, A tri-nation football tournament will be played by Brazil, Germany and Italy. The schedule is below. The tournament  will be kicked off on Sunday. Now, write five sentences on the five days according to the schedule.

Schedule of the tournament

DaysEvent/ Match
1st dayOpening ceremony
3rd dayBrazil Vs Italy
4th dayItaly Vs Germany
5th dayGermany Vs Brazil
8th dayFinal and closing ceremony

12. Rearrange words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. ()1 ´ 5 = 5

(a)   what/ you/ you/ eat/ are.

(b)   plenty/ these/ should/ of/ you/ eat/ foods.

(c)    are/ foods/ which/ good?

(d)   these/ eat/ moderately/ foods.

(e)   important/ how/ are/ these/ foods!

13. Suppose you want to take part in an Essay Competition. For that, you have to register yourself. Fill out the following form with necessary information.                         4

Ekushey Essay Competition

12, Segunbagicha, Dhaka

Name                                    :

Father’s name                      :

Mother’s name                     :

Gender                                 :

Date of Birth                        :

Class                                    :

School name                         :

Home address                      :

Phone number                     :

        _________________        _________________

        Applicant’s Signature  Authorized Signature


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