SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition-

My Daily Life/A Typical Day of mine/My Daily Routine

A student must lead a very disciplined life. A good student is always punctual. To maintain discipline and punctuality, a student needs a daily routine. Like many other students, I have a daily routine. I try to follow my daily routine so that I can do my work smoothly.
I am an early riser. I get up at 5 O’clock. After waking up I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I say my Fajr prayer. After that, I walk for a while in the cool environment of the morning. I returned home at 6 O’clock and revise my homework. At half past seven, I go to wash room and take my bath. Then, I take my breakfast, put on dress and start for school.
My school starts at half past eight and I always try to reach my school in time. I attend three classes at a stress and then get a break. In the class I listen to attentively what my teachers say. As I am a class captain, I am to do some extra duty too.
During tiffin period, I chat with my close friends while taking tiffin and say my Juhar prayer in the school mosque. Then, I attend two more classes.
My school breaks at 2 pm. I leave my school quickly and go home. Then I wash myself and say my Zuhr prayer. After taking my lunch, I like to have a nap . Saying my Asr prayer, I go to playground to play with my friends. I return home before evening.
In the evening, I wash my hand and face, say my Maghrib prayer and sit down to read. I read up to 9 pm. Then, I say my Isha prayer and take my dinner sitting with the other members of my family. At 10:30 pm I go to bed.
During holiday, I visit my relatives. On Friday, I play with my friends in the morning. At noon I say my ‘Jumma Prayer’ in the local mosque. In the evening, I watch TV.
This daily routine of mine helps me a lot to lead a punctual life. Unless I become sick, I stick to my daily routine.

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