SSC English 2nd Paper Model-10 With Solutions


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                                                  0.5×10=5


         The Kuakata beach lies (a) —— the southern extremity of Bangladesh. It is one of (b) —— rarest beaches of the world that allows us to have (c) —— full view of sunrise and sunset. The (d) —— of sunrise and sunset in the water of (e) —— Bay of Bengal is really (f) ——. The scene captivates human mind. The beach is not far from (g) —— Sunderbans. It has charming coconut groves (h) —— the background. It is also a sanctuary of migratory birds. Many birds (i) —— the north come in winter here. So travellers can have (j) —— extra pleasure.

2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                           0.5×10=5

         On an average, people in the (a) —— are exposed to sound ranging from 30 to 90 decibels or even more. A study in Japan has found that (b) —— who (c) —— in the  city were exposed to almost the same amount of sound that a factory worker was  (d)  —— to at his/her (e) —— . The occupations that the study (f) —— to be the noisiest were factory work, truck driving and primary school (g) —— . Many developed countries are trying to  (h)  —— sound pollution by (i)  —— town planning and  developing   (j) —— awareness

3.      Make five sentences using parts of the sentences from each column of the table below.   1×5=5

Television also used for distance learning 
Itarenot only enjoyable but also highly educative
Television programmesisa television set today
Theyhavethe widespread source of entertainment now
All families telecast on numerous channels 

4.      Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. :                 0.5×10=5


         Parents and children (a) —— a family. They (b) —— with one another by blood, love and affection. The children (c) —— through the days of infancy without the loving care of their parents. It is the parents who (d) —— them up, nourish them, nurse them in sickness, give them proper educational help to get (e) —— in life. Parents have to (f) —— their duties so that their children can (g) ——. But children have certain duties to be (h) —— by them for (i) —— prosperity. They must (j) —— their parents.

5.      Change the narrative style of the following text.                                                                        5

         “Whom can I trust with my riches during our absence?” asked Mostofa to his son. “My friend, the Armenian of course. He is the most honest man in Damaskas,” his son said. “Ok. I’ll accept your suggestion for once”.

6.      Change the sentences according to directions.                                                              1×10=10

         (a)    The postman is the most familiar figure. (Use positive degree)

         (b)    Very few persons are as eagerly waited as he. (Use comparative degree)

         (c)    Everyday we see him when he goes on a khaki dress. (Simple)

         (d)    He delivers letters, money orders, parcels, etc to the addresses. (Passive)

         (e)    He must go from one house to another in fair weather or foul. (Negative)

         (f)           He renders valuable service to us. (Complex)

         (g)    He attends the office in time. (Interrogative)

         (h)    He opens the mail bags to sort the letters. (Compound)

         (i)     But he is very much neglected. (Exclamatory)

         (j)     We should pay him due respect. (Passive)

7.      Complete the sentences.                                                                                                    1×5=5

         (a)     Honesty is the best policy that——.

         (b)     An honest man is ——.

         (c)     He may not be rich but ——.

         (d)     Only honest way can lead the country——.

         (e)     Everybody should try ——.

8.      Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in parenthesis.                                                                                                                                    0.5Í10=5

         English is used as a common language for global (a) — (communicate) —. As it is used in more than sixty countries (b) — (office) —, it is regarded as an (c) — (national) — language. As an (d) — (dependent) — nation, we have to maintain our political, commercial and (e) — (culture) — relations with the rest of the world through English. Thereby, English (f) — (wide) — the opportunity to deal with globalised world. It promotes international (g) — (relation) — and (h) — (brother) —. For being a (i) — (globe) — citizen, there is no alternative of English. A good command of English is very essential to get a good job with better salary. In short, English is a must for (j) — (nourish) — in life.

9.      Make tag questions of these statements.                                                                            1×5=5

         (a)     What a brilliant result you have made,—— ?

         (b)     We feel proud of you,—— ?

         (c)     Thank you, Rabin,—— ?

         (d)     All credits go to my parents and teachers. I am grateful to them,——?

         (e)     Right you are. We ought to remain ever grateful to them,——?

10.     Complete the passage using suitable connectors:                                                             1×5=5

         Man is a social being. He wants a person with whom he can mix and converse freely, exchanging thoughts and ideas. (a) —— a man naturally seeks the society of those who are like himself in their taste and inclination. (b) —— we mix with the good (c) —— the noble, it will ennoble us too. Our character can (d) —— be judged from that of our companions. (e) —— we may be taking to evil ways, a true companion will try his best to correct us.

11.     Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.                              5

         have you heard the name of baf shaheen college located at potenga chittagong mr nasir uddin principal of the college is a man of principle if you come to enjoy the patenga sea-beach you can explore it the college is run by bangladesh air force


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      (a) in; (b) the; (c) the; (d) reflection; (e) the; (f) enchanting; (g) the; (h) at; (i) from; (j) an.

2.      (a) cities; (b) those/people; (c) lived; (d) exposed; (e) workplace; (f) found; (g) teaching; (h) control; (i) careful; (j) public.

3.      (a)     Television is the widespread source of entertainment now.

         (b)     It is also used for distance learning.

         (c)     Television programmes are not only enjoyable but also highly educative.

         (d)     They are telecast on numerous channels.

         (e)     All families have a television set today.

4.      (a) make;  (b) are connected; (c) cannot pass;  (d) bring;  (e) established;  (f) perform (g) establish; (h) performed; (i) attaining; (j) obey.

5.      Mostofa asked his son whom he (M) could trust with his riches during their absence. His son replied that he (M) could certainly trust his (s) friend, the Armenian. He (s) added that he was the most honest man in Damaskas. Then Mostafa told him that it was all right and he (M) would accept his (s) suggestion for once.

6.      (a)     No other figure is as familiar as the postman.

         (b)     He is more eagerly waited than most other persons.

         (c)     Everyday we see him going on a khaki dress.

         (d)     Letters, money orders, parcels, etc are delivered to the addressees by him.

         (e)     He cannot but go from one house to another in fair weather or foul.

         (f)     He renders service to us which is valuable.

         (g)     Doesn’t he attend the office in time?

         (h)     He opens the mail bags and sorts the letters.

         (i)      But how neglected he is!

         (j)      He should be paid due respect by us.

7.      (a)     Honesty is the best policy that helps to improve our mentality.

         (b)     An honest man is respected by all.

         (c)     He may not be rich but he is happy.

         (d)     Only honest way can lead the country to the path of development and prosperity

         (e)     Everybody should try to be honest.

8.      (a) communication; (b) officially; (c) international; (d) independent; (e) cultural; (f) widens; (g) relationship; (h) brotherhood; (i) global; (j) nourishment.

9.      (a)     What a brilliant result you have made, haven’t you?

         (b)     We feel proud of you, don’t we?

         (c)     Thank you, Rabin, don’t I?

         (d)     All credits go to my parents and teacher, I am grateful to them, aren’t I?/ain’t I?

         (e)     Right you are. We ought to remain ever grateful to them, oughtn’t we?

10.    (a) So; (b) If; (c) and; (d) therefore/thus; (e) When.

11.    Have you heard the name of BAF Shaheen College located at Potenga, Chittagong? Mr. Nasir Uddin, Principal of the college, is a man of principle. If you come to enjoy the Potenga sea-beach, you can explore it. The college is run by Bangladesh Air Force.

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