Television Composition for JSC 2022

Introduction : Television is a wonderful invention of modern science. Probably, this is the most used scientific device of the world. Even most of the lower class families have a television set today. It can broadcast programmes in different parts of the world.

Importance/merits/Uses : Television is an important means of communication of ideas and thoughts over the world. People from almost all sections watch television programmes. Television programmes are not only entertaining but also educative. Children learn many academic lessons from television. Even, they do not know how they are learning. Because, television programmes are funny and enjoyable. Some channels present distance learning programmes. Learners can watch and learn their lessons sitting at their homes. Farmers, aged people, sports lover have their respective programmes according to their demands. Satellite television channels are great wonders to all. Thousands of programmes of varied interests are telecast through these channels.

Demerits/Disadvantages/Abuses : Besides merits, television has some demerits too. Students as well as other people waste their valuable time in watching TV too much. Watching television is addiction to many. In America, children spend much more time in watching television than spending time in study. Moreover, our country is facing cultural assault because foreign culture is intruding into our culture. By this way western culture is affecting our young generation very much.

Conclusion : We have to take the positive things from television. Television programmes have to be educative, instructive and entertaining. Besides, controlled watching of television has to be developed. Only then television will become exactly a blessing of science.

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