SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Trees are the most important gift of nature. They are inseparable part of our existenc¡. Since the dawn of civilization, man has a close relationship with trees.
Trees help us in many ways. They are our best friends. They play an important role in our life and economy. We get fruits, flowers, fuel and timber from trees. Trees keep air fresh and improve our environment. They check soil erosion  and save us from flood and storm So. They give us oxygen and take away carbon dioxide. They help us to keep the ecological balance on our earth. They prevent natural calamities like flood, drought, soil erosion, etc. Without trees there will have no rain. They also provide shelter to birds and animals and add beauty to nature. So, considering all these things we should plant trees more and more in a planned way.
Lands of this country are highly suitable for the growth and development of trees. Sea beaches, low-lying unused  lands, sides of the highways and roads can be brought under the scheme of tree plantation. Generally, June and July are the most suitable period for planting trees in our country. There are some trees which can be planted round the year.
The good news is that our people nowadays are more conscious about the importance of trees. The government has also taken a massive programme for tree plantation. This programme should be made popular all over the country. At the same time, we should not ruin the forests and destroy the trees. If for our necessity, we cut a tree then we must plant at least two trees. Everyone must come forward in this regard so that we can make our country a land of green beauty.

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