SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- The Rivers of Bangladesh

The Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is called the country of rivers. So many rivers spread over Bangladesh like the nets. The main rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Brah­maputra. Besides these, there are a lot of small rivers throughout the country.
The rivers of Bangladesh are blessings of nature. They are the greatest source of wealth. The economy of Bangladesh is connected mshy³ with her river system. As Bangladesh is an agricul­tural country, her agricultural prosperity largely depends on the rivers. These rivers have made her soil fertile by providing silt during flood. The rivers play a great role in transportation system. Boats, launch, steamers, and ferries carry goods and passengers and keep contributions to transportation.
Rivers have great contribution to trade and business. Most of the big cities of our country are on the bank of the rivers. Many important river ports have been constructed on the bank of the rivers. Our capital city Dhaka stands on the Burigonga. Many mills and factories are also on the rivers and the products can easily be transported to various places and markets through the rivers. 
Fishes abound in the rivers of Bangladesh. The fishermen  catch fish and sell them in the market. A large quantity of fish is exported to foreign countries every year. It contributes to earn much foreign currency.
The rivers have great influence on man. They inspire our poets, writers and artists. Many writers of Bangladesh have composed poems, articles, essays and prose on it. Our mind moves with unlimited joy when we see the natural beauties of the sides of the rivers. The boats as well as the different kinds of water vehicles  largely charm us.
Rivers have some negative aspects  too. Sometimes they cause serious floods which damage agricultural crops, wash away houses, cattle and properties. Sometimes, launches sink into the rivers and many passengers die unfortunately. Apart from these, rivers are blessings for us.

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