SSC English 2nd Paper Model-56 With Solutions


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                                                  0.5×10=5


         There is a proverb, “Man is the maker of his own fortune. If we afraid (a) —— work, we cannot prosper in life. Some people think (b) —— success in life depends on (c) —— or chance. Scientist have (d) —— day and night in their laboratories to invent radio, televisions and computer (e) —— have added to the joy of our life. Life is not a bed of (f) —— . It may be full of discomforts and (g) —— if we are reluctant (h) —— work. In fact, life may be (i) —— misery to meet our daily expenses. Industry can earn (j) —— in life.

2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                           0.5×10=5

         Human life is full (a) —— woes and sufferings. Even our joy and happiness get tainted (b) —— sorrows and sufferings. Hence we see (c) ——many great poets and philosophers dwelling (d) —— the sunny and seamy sides of life. It is almost impossible for one to have (e) —— taste of joy (f)—— experiencing (g) —— magnitude of ills and sufferings that beset our life. Being rational, we are (h) —— to analyze our hopes and aspirations, (i) —— our success and achievement. But alas! Sorrows and despairs are predominating. And our joy and happiness seem to be (j) —— and visionary.

3.      Make five sentences using parts of the sentences from each column of the table below.   1×5=5

Mount Everest difficult and dangerous because of snow
Itisexciting and challenging to them
But climbing the Everestmight bethe climbers always
Therehas fascinatedin the Himalayan mountains
 lookssnowslides and cracks under ice

4.      Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. :                0.5Íl0=5


         Regular participation in games and sports (a) —— good health and good physical health gives one good mental health. Keep in mind that to study when it (b) —— time for that and to play when it is time for playing is a good rule to follow. Good children do (c) —— in games all day long. As soon as it is time for study they (d) ——  down to study. For this reason, everybody (e) —— them with love and tenderness. They never (f) —— a sorry figure in the exam. They (g) —— fair to success. They can (h) —— in life. They can also (i) —— good health. We (j)—— such students in our society.

5.      Change the narrative style of the following text.                                                                        5

         I said to Rina, “Good morning. Why did you miss the most important class on the rules of passage narration yesterday?” “Alas! What a fool I am. Please help me on the topic, Sabina. By Allah, I will never miss any important class.” “Don’t do this. Let us discuss the topic,” I said.

6.      Change the sentences according to directions.                                                              1×10=10

         (a)     Wherever we may cast our eyes, we notice the achievements of science. (Simple)

         (b)     There electricity lights the streets and houses. (Passive)

         (c)     The radio broadcasts news, songs and lectures. (Passive)

         (d)     There is cinema to delight you in the evening. (Complex)

         (e)     Computer is the most important invention of modern science. (Positive)

         (f)     We cannot go without it. (Interrogative)

         (g)     Internet is not less important than computer. (Positive)

         (h)     It helps us to know about the world. (Compound)

         (i)      It is needed in every office. (Active)

         (j)      Having a good effect, it helps us. (Compound)

7.      Complete the sentences.                                                                                                    1×5=5

         (a)     No Sooner had I reached home than ¾¾¾.

         (b)     He was so lazy that ¾¾¾.

         (c)     It is health which is ¾¾¾.

         (d)     He succeeded though ¾¾¾.

         (e)     As our elders love us, ¾¾¾.

8.      Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in parenthesis.                                                                                                                                    0.5Í10=5

         Man is the best (a) —(create)— of Allah. He is a (b) —(ration)— being. Allah has created man with the forth of achieving (c) —(world)— affluence along with spiritual (d) —(perfect)—. He has to do a lot but his life is short. The (e) — (short) — of life has added a new value of human life. The (f) — (add) — of the new value is tragic to man. People who believe in (g) —(spiritual)— of life are different to worldly life. They give more (h) — (important) — to spiritual life. But those who want to gain worldly (i) — (possess) — hanker after money (j) — (rough) —.

9.      Make tag questions of these statements.                                                                            1×5=5

         (a)     Birds are not the best of creations like man, ——?

         (b)     But they do not pollute the environment as we do, ——?

         (c)     It is man who pollutes the environment, ——?

         (d)     So, we should not pollute the environment, ——?

         (e)     If we are educated, we will become conscious, ——?

10.     Complete the passage using suitable connectors:                                                             1×5=5

         The moon is a very familiar figure to all of us. She awakens a feeling of love and tenderness in our hearts. (a) —— the infant in arm stretches out its hands to grab this beautiful object. (b) —— her appeal is not confined to only children. The full moon has always played an important role in literature. (c) —— science has different things to tell about the moon. (d) —— on a clear night, we look out on the magic of moon light. It is often difficult for us to realize (e) —— the moon is shining in borrowed feathers.

11.     Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.                              5

         will you go to college today the mother said to her son no mother our classes are suspended then go to market and bring some vegetables let me be ready and give me money


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      (a) of; (b) that; (c) fate; (d) toiled; (e) which; (f) roses; (g) enigmas; (h) to; (i) a; (j) fame.

2.      (a) of; (b) by/with; (c) a; (d) on; (e) the; (f) without; (g) the; (h) inclined; (i) weigh; (j) fleeting.

3.      (i)      Mount Everest is in the Himalayan mountains.       

         (ii)     It has fascinated the climbers always.

         (iii)    But climbing the Everest is difficult and dangerous because of snow.

         (iv)    There might be snowslides and cracks under ice.

         (v)     Mount Everest looks exciting and challenging to them.

4.      (a) ensures; (b) is; (c) not indulge; (d) sit; (e) treats; (f) cut; (g) bid; (h) prosper; (i) possess; (j) need.

5.      I wished Rina good morning/I wished good morning to Rina. I also asked her why she had missed the most important class on the rules of passage narration the previous day. Rina exclaimed with sorrow that she was a great fool. Addressing me as Sabina, she requested me to help her on the topic. Swearing by Allah she also told me that she would never miss any important class. I told her not to do that and proposed to her that we should discuss the topic.

6.      (a)     We notice the achievements of science custing our eyes everywhere.    

         (b)     The streets and houses are lighted by electricity there.

         (c)     News, songs and lectures are broadcast by the radio.

         (d)     There is cinema so that it can delight you in the evening. Or, There is cinema which delights/can delight you in the evening.

         (e)     No other invention of modern science is as important as computer.

         (f)     Can we go without it?

         (g)     Internet is as important as computer.

         (h)     It helps us and thus we can know about the world.

         (i)      We need it in every office.

         (j)      It has a good effect and it helps us.

7.      (a)     No Sooner had I reached the station than the train left.

         (b)     He was so lazy that he could not attend his class ever timely.

         (c)     It is health which is wealth.

         (d)     He succeeded though he was not a meritorious student.

         (e)     As our elders love us, we should respect them.

8.      (a)   creation;   (b)   rational;   (c)   worldly;   (d)   perfection;   (e)   shortness;   (f)   addition; (g) spirituality; (h) importance; (i) possession; (j) roughly.

9.      (a)     Birds are not the best of creations like man, are they?

         (b)     But they do not pollute the environment as we do, do they?

         (c)     It is man who pollutes the environment, isn’t he?

         (d)     So, we should not pollute the environment, should we?

         (e)     If we are educated, we will become conscious, won’t we?

10.    (a) Even; (b) And; (c) But; (d) When; (e) that

11.    “Will you go to college today?” the mother said to her son. “No, mother, our classes are suspended.” “Then go to market and bring some vegetables.” “Let me be ready and give me money.”

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