30+ Dialogue Writing For class Six English 1st Paper

Dialogue Writing

1. Suppose, you have arrived late at school. Now, write a dialogue between you and the headmaster about the reason of your late arrival.

Myself : May I please get in, sir?
Headmaster: Yes, come in. Sit down, please. Do you know why I have called you?
Myself : Yes, Sir. For my being late.
Headmaster: Why have you been late today?
Myself : Sir, on the way to my school, I found a woman crying for help to take her son to hospital.
Headmaster: What happened to him?
Myself : He was suffering from malnutrition and became senseless.
Headmaster: What did you do then?
Myself : I told driver uncle to get the boy into the vehicle and go to Kurmitola General Hospital. Then I took him to the emergency.
Headmaster: Did the boy come to sense by the time you left for school?
Myself : I don’t know, sir. I left hurriedly from the hospital. I shall go there again to know about him.
Headmaster: Very good. You have done well, my dear. I feel proud of you.
Myself : Thank you, sir.
Headmaster: Welcome. Now go to the class.

2. Suppose, you have been suffering from cold and fever. Now, write a dialogue between you and a doctor about your problem.

Myself : Good evening, Doctor.
Doctor : Good evening. What is your problem?
Myself : I have been suffering from cold and fever for last 3 days.
Doctor : When do you feel high temperature?
Myself : It is usually between 5 to 6 pm.
Doctor : Do you feel any shivering sensation then?
Myself : Yes. I do.
Doctor : Do you have running nose or blocking?
Myself : My nose is blocked due to cold.
Doctor : Do you feel thirsty then?
Myself : Yes, I wish I could get very cold water.
Doctor : Don’t worry. I am giving you some medicines. Take as per the instruction and hope you will be alright soon.
Myself : Thank you, Doctor.
Doctor : You’re welcome.

3. Write a dialogue between Ripon & Sumon about their likings and dislikings of sport.

Ripon : Sumon, did you watch the cricket match yesterday?
Sumon : No, I did not.
Ripon : But why? It was a very exciting match. Don’t you like cricket?
Sumon : No, I don’t. Because it’s too much time consuming. Do you like football?
Ripon : I like it as well. Besides I like tennis. Do you like it?
Sumon : Yes, I do. I also like table tennis, volleyball and chess.
Ripon : I also like chess, but I can’t play it. Will you teach me how to play chess?
Sumon : Yes, of course. You can also learn playing badminton. Do you like it?
Ripon : No, friend, I don’t like it.
Sumon : Our teacher is coming. Let’s enter the class.
Ripon : Ok, let’s go.

4. Suppose, you want to send a package to New York, USA. Now, write a dialogue between you and the clerk of a post office about this.

Myself : Good morning.
Clerk : Good morning. How can I help you?
Myself : I want to send this package to New York.
Clerk : No problem. What does this package contain?
Myself : Three books and five Polo shirts. How much will it cost?
Clerk : Actually it depends on the weight of the package. Let me weigh it first.
Myself : Ok. How much?
Clerk : Three pounds and it will cost 500 Taka.
Myself : Here is the payment. Will you please give me a receipt?
Clerk : Yes, of course. Here is your receipt.
Myself : Thank you very much.
Clerk : Most welcome.

5. Suppose, Rahat wants to go to Sylhet and so he went to the Kamlapur Railway station. Now, write a dialogue between him and the ticketing officer about this.

Rahat : Good morning.
Officer : Good morning. How can I help you?
Rahat : I want to buy some tickets.
Officer : Where do you like to go?
Rahat : Sylhet.
Officer : How many tickets do you need?
Rahat : I need five tickets.
Officer : When do you like to travel?
Rahat : Tomorrow morning.
Officer : There are two trains in the morning. One is at 8 am and another one at 9 am. Which one do you like?
Rahat : I like the train of 8 am.
Officer : Which class do you like to travel on?
Rahat : I prefer first class.
Officer : Here are the tickets. They will cost two thousand taka.
Rahat : Here is the money.
Officer : Thank you.
Rahat : Welcome.

6. Suppose, you are Rina and you have a friend named Shelly, Trees help us in many ways. Now, write a dialogue between Rina and Shelly on tree plantation.

Rina : Hello, Shelly. How are you?
Shelly : I am so so.
Rina : What do you think about tree plantation?
Shelly : I think, it is undoubtedly very much important.
Rina : But would you please tell me how it is important?
Shelly : Of course, why not? Trees are our best friends. Because they are the great source of food and vitamins.
Rina : Is there any other use of trees?
Shelly : Yes, trees maintain a ecological balance.
Rina : What is the other role do the trees play regarding human life?
Shelly : Without trees life is quite impossible. Because they give us oxygen without which we cannot live a moment. They also give us wood, vegetables and fruits. They protect us from storms.
Rina : Now I understand that trees are really useful to us. We should save trees.
Shelly : Yes, you are right.
Rina : So we must plant more and more trees.
Shelly : Right, we must tell our people about the importance of trees.
Rina : Thank you so much.
Shelly : It’s ok. You are most welcome.

7. Suppose, two friends Arif and Anis met after a long time. Now, write a dialogue between them.

Arif : Good morning Anis, how are you?
Anis : Good morning Asif, I’m fine. How are you getting along these days?
Arif : Quite well. It’s a long time since we met. Where have you been so long?
Anis : I have been in Dhaka.
Arif : Why did you go to Dhaka?
Anis : For a job.
Arif : What! Are you not continuing with your studies?
Anis : No. Fortune did not favour me to continue my study. You know our economic condition. My father needs contribution from me. Anyway in which school are you studying now?
Arif : In the Zilla school. Come with me to my house. My parents will be very happy to see you.
Anis : No dear. Not today. I shall go another day.
Arif : Good bye. See you again.
Anis : Ok, bye.

8. Suppose, Rehan has learnt about the importance of computer. Now, write a dialogue between Rehan and his father about this.

Rehan : Father, today I have learnt about the importance of computer.
Father : What did you learn Rehan?
Rehan : I have learnt that it can run machines and perform any instructed work in the twinkling of an eye.
Father : Exactly. It can also save lives of patients in the hospital.
Rehan : What else can it do, father?
Father : It helps researchers to analyse data and find out the result in the finest way. It is also a great source of recreation and knowledge.
Rehan : It is really miraculous. How is it necessary for gaining knowledge.
Father : With the connection of internet, you can learn anything you want.
Rehan : I have heard that. It also forecasts weather and saves people from natural disaster.
Father : Right. Besides, it helps people communicate from one place to another in a very short time.
Rehan : So, I think it has brought a revolutionary change in each and every section. Thank you, father for your great information.
Father : Welcome.

9. Suppose, you are Ripon and one of your friends is sick. Now, write a dialogue between you and another friend Rahul.

Ripon : Good morning, Rahul.
Rahul : Good morning. How are you?
Ripon : Fine. Do you know about Ratan?
Rahul : No, I don’t. What happened to him?
Ripon : Last evening all on a sudden he got high fever.
Rahul : What was the temperature?
Ripon : It was 104.
Rahul : Oh! Very serious. Do you know where he is now?
Ripon : Yes, now he is in hospital.
Rahul : Has the temperature reduced?
Ripon : Not yet, and that is alarming. Everybody of his family is tensed. I want to go to visit him in the hospital. Will you go?
Rahul : Sure, let’s go.

10. Suppose, Rana wants to do gardening in the empty land behind their school. Now, write a letter between Rana and his friend Rintu about gardening and its benefits.

Rana : Hi! Rintu, How are you?
Rintu : Fine, what about you?
Rana : I’m also fine. Look! A large amount of land behind our school building is useless. We can make a nice garden there.
Rintu : Why? What are the uses of a garden?
Rana : Gardening keeps us both mentally and physically fit.
Rintu : How can it keep us mentally fit?
Rana : Listen, when we feel bored with our work, looking at the beautiful flowers or greenery of the vegetables in the garden we can feel well.
Rintu : And how does it keep us physically fit?
Rana : Working physically in the garden is no less important than taking physical exercise which helps us to keep physically fit.
Rintu : Really? I didn’t think it in that way earlier.
Rana : We can also be financially benefited from gardening by selling flowers or vegetables.
Rintu : Thank you very much for showing so many good sides of gardening.
Rana : Welcome. See you again!
Rintu : See you.

11. Traffic jam is an unavoidable problem in Dhaka city. It kills valuable time of the citizens. Now, write a dialogue between you and Muna about traffic jam.

Myself : Hi, Muna. How are you?
Muna : Fine and you?
Myself : Not so good.
Muna : What is the matter? I think you’re so late. But why?
Myself : It’s for traffic jam.
Muna : Yes, nowadays it’s an unavoidable problem in Dhaka city.
Myself : I don’t understand, why does it occur?
Muna : It is because of lack of obedience to traffic laws.
Myself : It is also because of large population and narrow roads.
Muna : Yes, you are right. The government should take proper steps.
Myself : That’s right. No more today, see you again.
Muna : Thank you.

12. Suppose, you are Abid. Your school played a football match against another school. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Adel about it.

Abid : Adel, how are you?
Adel : I am fine. And you?
Abid : Ok, fine. how was the match today?
Adel : A splendid game indeed! Our players played a very nice and neat game.
Abid : Really so. The opponent was also strong.
Adel : What’s your view about Rana, our centre forward? How he runs with the ball!
Abid : Why not Anis? Did not you see how he dribbled?
Adel : I never knew Akram was so good as a back. How nicely he tackled several times.
Abid : Quite right. He missed no ball. But our right-out was a bit slow.
Adel : However we had a very interesting match today. I’ve to leave now. Good night.

13. Load-shedding is a common problem nowadays. It hampers the study of the students. Now, write a dialogue between two friends about load-shedding and their sufferings.

Bindu : Popy, how is your preparation for the annual examination?
Popy : I am trying my best for the examination but some problems trapped me.
Bindu : Why? What happened to you?
Popy : It’s load-shedding. Electricity goes off every evening when it’s the prime time of study.
Bindu : Yes. It’s very disturbing. It’s doing much harm to our study.
Popy : The authority is not aware of this problem I think.
Bindu : Yes, you are right. And there are certain things which make this problem.
Popy : What’s that?
Bindu : The production of electricity is less than the demand. Besides, there’s also a large number of illegal connections. They consume a large quantity of electricity but don’t pay for it.
Popy : How can this problem be solved?
Bindu : The production of electricity should be increased. And for this new power-plants should be established. Besides, misuse and illegal connections should be stopped.
Popy : Right. Thank you.

14. Suppose, you are Rana. The annual sports of your school have taken place today. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Rasel about it.

Rana : Hello, Rasel, what a nice time we enjoyed today!
Rasel : Quite a pleasant day. We witnessed so many interesting events.
Rana : How exciting the long jump of the senior group was?
Rasel : Really very exciting. Perhaps the fellow broke the record.
Rana : Did he?
Rasel : Yes, the judges were saying so. I stood quite close to them.
Rana : What do you think of the cycle race?
Rasel : It was really exciting! Masum is so expert a rider.
Rana : Yes and how funny the three legged race was!
Rasel : Kamal carried off so many prizes. He won the championship medal too.
Rana : Quite so. It’s getting late. Let me bid you good bye.
Rasel : Good bye.

15. Suppose, the importance of good food is discussed in the class by a teacher. Now, write a dialogue between the teacher and the students about good food.

Teacher : Hello, students, how are you?
Masum : Fine sir. How are you?
Teacher : Well. We are going to discuss about good food. Do you know about good health?
Rahul : No, I do not know clearly, sir. Would you please tell us?
Teacher : Well. You know we eat to preserve our health. We eat to lead a healthy and happy life.
Popy : I know it, sir.
Teacher : Do you know how we can lead a healthy life?
Bindu : No, I do not know about this, sir.
Teacher : To lead a healthy life, we should eat a balanced diet.
Masum : What is a balanced diet?
Teacher : A balanced diet is a diet which contains all kinds of food elements. It is necessary for our good health.
Bindu : Thank you, sir.

16. Suppose, you want to go to Newmarket to buy some books, but you don’t know the way. You want to ask a passer-by. Now, write a dialogue between you and a passer-by.

Myself : Excuse me! Could you tell me the way to New Market, please?
Passer-by: Oh, it’s not very far. Go along this street and you’ll come to a big crossroads. Turn left. Go along about two hundred metres, and you will see the gate of New Market.
Myself : Thank you.
Passer-by: It’s OK. I think you are a new comer?
Myself : Yes. I come here only two days ago. And I need to buy some books. For this I am looking for a library.
Passer-by: If you want to buy books at cheaper rate, you can go to Boi Bichitra. It is a big shop. You will get there all kinds of book.
Myself : Do they give any commission?
Passer-by: Yes, their commission is higher than any other shop.
Myself : Thank you.
Passer-by: It is a pleasure to help you.

17. Suppose, you are Ruma. You are thinking about what you will do during summer vacation. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Rupa about it.

Ruma : Hi Rupa, how are you?
Rupa : I’m fine and you?
Ruma : I’m also fine. What are you going to do during the summer vacation?
Rupa : I shall get admitted to a computer course.
Ruma : It’s a good idea. What would you learn there?
Rupa : I would learn type-writing and many other things about computer. What are you going to do during the summer vacation?
Ruma : I would like to get admitted to an English Spoken Course.
Rupa : What would you learn there?
Runa : I would learn four skills of English Language i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Rupa : Thank you very much.
Ruma : Ok, bye.

18. Suppose, your examination is very near. You have a good preparation for it. Now, write a dialogue between your mother and yourself about the preparation for the ensuing examination.

Mother : Good morning, Orna.
Myself : Good morning, Mom.
Mother : Orna, your examination is very near. How is your preparation?
Myself : Well, mother. I have nearly finished revising all the subjects except Social Science.
Mother : What are you reading now?
Myself : Bengali, Mom.
Mother : What about your English? You did not get well in English in the last exam.
Myself : I am taking special care for English.
Mother : Good. What about your Mathematics?
Myself : I have completed it except two chapters.
Mother : How many days are there before your examination?
Myself : Twenty days only.
Mother : What about your other subjects? Have you revised all the topics?
Myself : No, not yet, mother.
Mother : I am in tension for your exam.
Myself : Don’t worry, Mom. I am hopeful of doing well.
Mother : Don’t keep up late at night. Be careful about your health.
Myself : Thank you mother. Please pray for me.

19. Suppose, a foreigner has come to Bangladesh for the first time. He wants to visit Bangladesh. Now, write a dialogue between you and the foreigner.

Foreigner: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to a nearby hotel, please?
Myself : Sure, would you like to stay there or, just take meal?
Foreigner: I like to stay there.
Myself : Okay, there are many luxurious hotels in Dhaka city. You can go to Rupashi Bangla Hotel.
Foreigner: How can I reach there? Is it very far from here?
Myself : No. Take a taxi cab. It will take only ten minutes to reach the hotel.
Foreigner: Can you please tell me some important places worth-visiting?
Myself : You can get help from the Parjatan Corporation over there.
Foreigner: Thank you very much.
Myself : You are welcome.

20. Suppose, you are Rohit and you’ve a friend named Lina. Your friend knows the importance of learning English. Now, write a dialogue between Lina and yourself about it.

Rohit : Hello! Lina. How are you?
Lina : Not bad. Thank you. What about you?
Rohit : I am busy to improve learning English.
Lina : Oh! It’s really a great idea. Actually English is essential in our every walk of life.
Rohit : Yes. English is used for global communication. You can’t imagine how is important. English for a better future?
Lina : What does English do for us?
Rohit : English is essential for higher education. It’s also an official and semi official language. It helps us to get a good job.
Lina : Right you’re. In fact, the importance of English can’t be described in words.
Rohit : It’s also used as an international language. So, all of us must learn English.
Lina : Of course.
Rohit : Thank you very much.
Lina : You’re welcome.

21. Suppose, your father has been transferred to Jessore. So you’ve to be moved to a new school. Now, write a dialogue between yourself and your headmaster about a transfer certificate.

Myself : May I come in, sir?
Headmaster: Yes, come in. What do you want?
Myself : Sir, I want a transfer certificate.
Headmaster: Transfer certificate! But why?
Myself : My father is a govt. employee. Recently he has been transferred to Jessore. So my family is going to be shifted there.
Headmaster: Has he shifted the family to Jessore?
Myself : Yes, sir.
Headmaster: Oh, I see. But can’t you remain here for the best of the session? You will be provided all the facilities in the hostel.
Myself : Sorry, sir. My parents want me to stay with them.
Headmaster: You are really in problem. Have you brought the application?
Myself : Yes, sir. Here it is.
Headmaster: Is your payment up to date? Do you have the application?
Myself : Yes, sir. Everything is ok.
Headmaster: Ok, I am granting your prayer. Go to the office assistant.
Myself : Thank you, sir.
Headmaster: I wish your good luck.

22. Suppose, a student is feeling sick and s/he wants to go home early. Now, write the dialogue between the student and his/her class teacher.

Student : Good morning, sir.
Class teacher: Good morning. How are you?
Student : I am not fine. I feel unwell.
Class teacher: Oh, I see. How can I help you?
Student : I need to go home early. I seek your permission.
Class teacher: Ok. But you have to write an application to the principal referring to your problem.
Student : Sir, I have written it.
Class teacher: Okay. You’re permitted.
Student : So kind of you, sir.
Class teacher: That’s alright.

23. Suppose, a boy wants to get admission in a school and he has gone to the Headmaster. Now, write a dialogue between the Headmaster and the boy.

Boy : May I come in, sir?
Headmaster: Yes, come in.
Boy : Good morning, sir.
Headmaster: Good morning. What’s the matter?
Boy : Sir, I want to get admitted to your school.
Headmaster: Which school have you come from?
Boy : I have come from Barisal Zilla School sir.
Headmaster: Why are you leaving that school?
Boy : My father has been transferred here, sir.
Headmaster: Have you got your T.C. with you?
Boy : Yes sir, I have got my progress report with me too.
Headmaster: Very well, let me see them both. You stood first in the examination, I see. All right. Just go to the office clerk with this note.
Boy : Thank you, sir.
Headmaster: You’re welcome. I wish you good luck.

24. Suppose, your friend Mahabub does not rise early. He is not aware of the benefits of early rising. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the benefits of early rising.

Myself : Hello, Mahabub. How are you?
Mahabub : I am not so good, friend.
Myself : Why friend, what happens to you?
Mahabub : Because I have done very bad in the last examination. So my parents are very angry with me.
Myself : So you should study a lot, my friend.
Mahabub : Ok but I have a problem that I am a late riser.
Myself : It is a very bad habit to rise late. You should rise early.
Mahabub : Would you please tell me the benefits of early rising?
Myself : First, you can enjoy the fresh air and the chirping of birds in the morning.
Mahabub : You are right. Anything else?
Myself : Then you will get much time to finish your lessons. Also you can take physical exercise.
Mahabub : I have got your point, my friend. Do you mean that early rising is very good for health?
Myself : Yes, I do.
Mahabub : I know it but I always fail to do it.
Myself : Please do not do that. Rise early and have physical exercise for sometime and then continue your study.
Mahabub : Thank you.

25. Suppose, a stranger is searching the location of a post office. He does not know where it is. Now, write a dialogue between you and a stranger about the location of a post office.

Myself : Excuse me. Can you help me, please?
Stranger: Yes please. Tell me what is your problem?
Myself : Do you show me the way to the post office?
Stranger: Yes, I do. It is not so far from this place.
Myself : Where is it located?
Stranger: It is located at Laxmipasha on Thana road.
Myself : Where is it?
Stranger: It is just after the hospital and left side by the road.
Myself : But how can I identify the post office?
Stranger: Oh! There is a big sign board of the post office and two letter boxes in front of the small building.
Myself : Thank you so much.
Stranger: You are most welcome.

26. Suppose, you are Shobuj. You want to open a bank account. Now, write a dialogue between you and the manager of a bank about opening a bank account.

Shobuj : Good morning. May I come in, sir?
Manager : Yes, come in.
Shobuj : Thank you.
Manager : Please be seated. How can I help you?
Shobuj : Sir, I want to open a bank account. My grandparents gave me some money for buying a computer. Now I want to save this money.
Manager : Of course. So you’ve to open a savings account. Take this form and fill it up.
Shobuj : Ok. Then what should I need?
Manager : You’ve to introduce someone who has an account with us.
Shobuj : Is that all?
Manager : No. Then you’ve to add a passport size photo and put your signature here. After that you’ve to submit the form to our second officer.
Shobuj : When will I get my account number?
Manager : After submitting the form, you’ll get the account number.
Shobuj : Thank you for your help, sir,
Manager : It’s ok. Welcome.

27. Suppose, you are Joy. A stranger is searching a residential hotel. Now, write a dialogue between you and a stranger about the nearest hotel.

Stranger: Excuse me. Can I talk with you?
Joy : Oh, Yes! Why not? What’s your problem?
Stranger: Do you live here?
Joy : Yes, I live here from my childhood.
Stranger: I’m new here. I’m searching a residential hotel. Could you please tell me the way to a nearest hotel?
Joy : Of course. It’s very near from here and you may go easily.
Stranger: Would you please tell me where is it located?
Joy : It’s just after this shopping mall and left side by the road.
Stranger: How can I identify the hotel?
Joy : Oh! It’s a beautiful and well decorated building.
Stranger: What’s the name of the hotel?
Joy : Hotel Dream Light.
Stranger: You’re most welcome.

28. Suppose, you are Uday. You know, physical exercise is good for health. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Niloy about the importance of physical exercise.

Uday : Hello, good morning Niloy.
Niloy : Good morning. How are you?
Uday : I’m fine and you?
Niloy : I’m not well.
Uday : Why? What happened?
Niloy : I’m little bit upset for my health. Sometimes I feel mental depression.
Uday : Listen to me. Are you serious about anything?
Niloy : It’s not like that but I feel always physically weak.
Uday : So I think, you should take some physical exercises everyday.
Niloy : Do you think that only physical exercise can remove this problem?
Uday : Yes. It can make you physically and mentally fit.
Niloy : What kind of exercise should I take?
Uday : There are different kinds of exercise. You can walk, swim and play football, volleyball or take some gymnastics.
Niloy : Ok, I’ll try.
Uday : I hope, it’ll bring a refreshment in your life.
Niloy : Thanks for your advice. Bye.
Uday : Good bye. See you again.

29. Suppose, you are Sujoy. You are going to celebrate your birthday on next Wednesday. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about your birthday.

Sujoy : Hello, Sajol! How are you?
Sajol : I’m fine. I’m very glad to hear that you came to our house. Why did you come?
Sujoy : I’ve come to invite you.
Sajol : What is the purpose of invitation?
Sujoy : I’m going to celebrate my 16th birthday next Wednesday.
Sajol : Oh really! What a happy news!
Sujoy : I’ll be very happy if you join. The party will be held in the evening.
Sajol : Sure. I’ll attend the party. Whom are you going to invite?
Sujoy : I’ve invited all of my friends and some of my relatives.
Sajol : It’ll be great for all of us. What are you going to arrange for the party?
Sujoy : I’m going to arrange a dinner party and a cultural programme.
Sajol : I’ll try my best to reach before the programme.
Sujoy : Ok. Have a good time, bye.
Sajol : Same to you. Good bye.

30. Suppose, a father is asking his son about his experience at school. Now, write a dialogue between the father and his son.

Father : Hello, dear! How is your school going?
Son : It’s all right.
Father : Do you like your school?
Son : Yes, father. I like my school very much.
Father : How are your teachers?
Son : Very good and very much capable of teaching their respective subjects.
Father : How are your classmates?
Son : They are very amiable and have taken me cordially as their friend.
Father : How do you pass your leisure period?
Son : We play in our school field. Actually, our school is very nice and I am enjoying there.
Father : That’s good. All the best.
Son : Thank you very much, father.

31. Suppose, you are Nazim and you are going to a picnic. You want your friend Sohel to come with you. Now, write a dialogue between yourself and your friend.

Nazim : Hello, Sohel. How are you?
Sohel : I am fine. And you?
Nazim : I am very well. Do you know that we are going to a picnic?
Sohel : No, where are you going for a picnic?
Nazim : We are going to Sonargaon.
Sohel : O fine. That’s a beautiful and historical place. I want to go with you in this picnic.
Nazim : You’re most welcome.
Sohel : Who will be with us?
Nazim : We are only 10 friends.
Sohel : When are we going from?
Nazim : We are starting at 8 o’clock from Jatrabari.
Sohel : What about the menu?
Nazim : Biriani, burger and some fruits. Don’t you like it?
Sohel : Of course, but we will cook our food ourselves.
Nazim : I will take my camera and take snaps.
Sohel : That’s fine. Good bye.
Nazim : Good bye.

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