50+ Most Common Paragraph Writing for Class Six

Paragraph Writing


1.   Write a paragraph in about 100 words about your first day at a new school by answering the following questions. [Chapter-1]

(a) Who took you to school?
(b) When did you reach school?
(c) How did you feel in the new school?
(d) How were you received at the new school?


      A new place is a new experience. So my first day at a new school is a new experience in my life. I cannot forget the first day of my new school. Last year I was a student of class five. On account of my father’s transfer, this year I had to get admitted to a new school in class six. On the starting day, I was going to school with my father in a rickshaw with a new hope. I felt very nervous thinking that I was going to start a new class at a new school. We reached school fifteen minutes late. My father left me at the school gate. I went in and found that everyone had gone to class. Then I walked into my classroom and found a seat. I found the students very friendly. They received me cordially. After sometime a teacher came and warmly greeted us. I will remember the day as long as I live.

2.   Write a paragraph in about 100 words on your experience at a railway station by answering the following questions. [Chapter-3]

(a) How was the railway station?
(b) What were people doing in the station?
(c) What happened to the porters and hawkers at the time of the train’s departure?
(d) When did you say good-bye?


      Once I went to a railway station to see my friend off who was going to Dhaka to his elder brother’s house. It was a very crowded place. There was a long queue of people at the ticket counter. A group of young people was talking loudly and taking tea in front of a tea shop. An old couple was trying to find a quiet place to sit and rest. The waiting room was crowded too. I saw a man struggling to carry three heavy suitcases. A young lady was sitting on her luggage at one corner and was reading a magazine. My friend and I stood near a newspaper shop talking and watching the people around. The porters and hawkers became busier as it was time for the train to leave. When the train whistled, my friend boarded on it and we said good-bye to each other.

3.   Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Health is Wealth’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-9]      

(a) What is good health?
(b) What do you mean by hygiene?
(c) What is essential for good health?
(d) What do you mean by balanced diet?


      Good health means proper functioning of all the body organs. It means feeling well both in body and in mind. To keep healthy is to keep free from disease and anxiety. Healthy people are active, cheerful and happy. If we are healthy, we can be happy and can help others in society as well. To keep in good health we should be careful about hygiene. The rules and practices of keeping good health are called hygiene. Proper food and nutrition, physical exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness and proper medicare are essential for good health. Our food should contain correct proportion of carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water in it. This is called  balanced diet .

4.   Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Natural or Herbal Remedies’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-10]

(a) What do you mean by natural or herbal remedies?
(b) Are herbal cures modern inventions?
(c) Which civilizations used herbal treatments?
(d) What are the benefits?
(e) Which are used as herbal medicines?


      Natural or Herbal Remedies means giving treatment with natural things such as plants and herbs. Natural or herbal remedies are nothing new. Some ancient civilizations like India, China, Greece, Egypt and Rome also used herbal medicines. Some ancient treatment systems are still in practice today. All herbal remedies are easy to get, they are cheap and most often without any side effects. In absence of a doctor, rural people depend on these natural home remedies. They use aloe vera, honey, tulsi leaves, turmeric, marigold, neem, garlic, ginger, lemon, clove, etc and many other natural or herbal things as herbal medicines.

5.  Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Birds of Bangladesh’ by answering the following questions. (Chapter-12)

(a) What is Bangladesh gifted with?
(b) Which are the common birds?
(c) What kinds of birds are there?
(d) What do guest birds add to our country?


     Bangladesh is a country full of natural resources. We are proud of our soil, forests, flowers, fruits and birds. The country is gifted with plentiful of fauna due to its geographical location . Birds are one of them. There are various kinds of birds. They are different in colour, size and nature. The common birds of our country are the crow, the cuckoo, the doel, the mayna, the shalik, the kingfisher, the sparrow, the wood-pecker, the kite , the dove, the parakeet , the parrot, etc. Among them some are song-birds. The cuckoo is one of them. Some are talking birds such as the parrot, the mayna, the parakeet, etc. The doel is our national bird. Every year in winter many guest birds come to our country. We should be caring to them as they add beauty to our country.

6. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Shusong Durgapur : An unseen beauty of Bangladesh’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-13)

(a) In which district is Shusong Durgapur located?
(b) Is there any river in Birishiri?
(c) Is there any ethnic group?
(d) Are there any hills, temples or mines?
(e) Are there any other attractive places?


      Bangladesh is gifted with many natural attractions. Only some of these beautiful places are known to us. There are many areas in the remote countryside that are little known. Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri at Netrokona is such a place. It is located on the bank of Someshwari. The crystal clear water of the river changes its colour as the seasons change. Besides, there are many green hills such as- Garo hills, the hills of Meghalayas, Ceramic mountains, etc. Some ethnic communities such as Hajong, Garo and other ethnic groups live here. There is a cultural and educational centre for these tribes (DcRvwZ). There is another river named Kangsa and the abandoned coal mines. There are many beautiful places such as the palace of the Susang King, the Dasha Busha Temple, orange gardens, Shal forests, Ramakrishna and Loknath Baba Temples, etc. So Shusong Durgapur is really an unseen beauty of Bangladesh.

7.  Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Our memories of Pride and Sorrow’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-14]

(a) What are our pride and sorrows?
(b) Who declared our independence?
(c) How we celebrate our national day?
(d) Who rose in revolt for liberation?
(e) Who gave their lives for liberation?


      We, the Bangladeshis have unforgettable memories of pride and sorrow. March is a month of pride because in 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh in the early hours of 26th in this month. For that we annually celebrate 26th March as our Independence Day with pride and joy. Then the heroic Bangalees rose in revolt and the war of liberation began. Then on the 16th December of the same year, after about nine months’ heroic battle, our freedom fighters became victorious. So 16th December is our Victory Day. On that day in 1971 a new nation, the independent Bangladesh was born with the unconditional surrender of the Pakistan army. So we annually celebrate 16th December with great pride and joy. On the other hand, we sadly remember our people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Bangladesh. So 26th March and 16th December bear great meanings for us and we should pledge to work wholeheartedly for the progress of Bangladesh.

8.   Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Old People’s Home’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-16] 

(a) What is an old people’s home?
(b) Why is it set up?
(c) Who live in our old people’s home?
(d) What is the common thing the elderly people share?
(e) How do they live in the old home?


      An old people’s home is a place where old people live and are cared for. It is a new idea in our country. It is set up for the elderly people who live alone and who have none to take care of them. These are also some people who often feel helpless and miserable and need care and support. This home also takes care of them and gives them full support to live here. Among the elderly people of the old home, some are quite well-off and some are not. Some are educated and some are illiterate. But they all share one common thing that is they live alone and have no one to take care of them in sickness. Sometimes they do not have anybody to talk to. In an old people’s home, these people can live like a family. They also can share their joys and sorrows like a family member. In fact, an old people’s home plays a significant role to the society in rehabilitating these helpless elderly people. It is set up to make people understand the sufferings of the aged and the lonely people.

9.   Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Hason Raja : The mystic bard’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-21] 

(a) Who is a mystic bard?
(b) How was Hason Raja’s early life?
(c) What was his educational qualification?
(d) What did he write?
(e) Where did his songs become popular?


      A bard is one who writes poems and songs. And a mystic is one who tries to search the truth and become united with God through prayers and meditation. Hason Raja is one of the famous mystic bards of Bangladesh. He was born in a wealthy landlord’s family in 1854. He at first led a luxurious life, but later he gave away all his property, money and wealth. Though Hason Raja did not receive much formal education, he wrote a lot of songs and poems. Some of his songs were written in Hindi. In his songs he called himself ‘Pagla Hason Raja’. His songs were popular in Bangladesh (especially in Sylhet) and India’s West Bengal. Some eminent folk singers made his songs popular. All classes of people like his works very much.  

10. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘The Taj Mahal’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-22]

(a) Whom was Taj Mahal named after?
(b) Who built it?
(c) When did Mumtaz die?
(d) How was its architecture?
(e) What is the area of Taj Mahal?


      The Taj Mahal is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It is named after Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is also known as “The Taj”. It is located at Agra in India. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan loved his wife more than his own life. After the death of Mumtaz at an early age, Shah Jahan was very shocked. So he built this white marble tomb as a token of love for her. It is the finest example of Mughal architecture. The area of the Taj is 1003 acres or 405 hectares and it took 21 years and thousands of artisans to complete the tomb. It combines the art of Persia, Turkey and India.

11. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘The Eiffel Tower’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-22]

(a) Who built the tower and when?
(b) How tall is it?
(c) What does it symbolize?
(d) How many levels are there in the tower?
(e) Why is it famous?


      The Eiffel Tower is a lattice tower in Paris. It was built in 1889. The tower is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built it. It is 320 metres (1,050 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81—storey building. It stands as one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Now it symbolises the cultural icon of France. The tower is famous as the tallest construction in Paris and the most visited monument in the world. Millions of people ascend it every year. The tower has three levels for visitors. A visitor has to walk over 300 steps to go from ground level to the first level and same distance from the first to the second level. The highest level can be accessed only by lift.

12. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Computer’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-23]

(a) What is the benefit of computer?
(b) What can we get in a minute from a computer?
(c) Is it a luxury?
(d) Does it make our life easy?


      Computer is one of the recent inventions of modern science. We use computer now in every sphere of our life. If we have a computer with us, we do not suffer from loneliness  or any communication gap wherever we live. Computer has given a new meaning to human life and civilisation. Computer is a must for various necessary works in modern world. In a minute we can get access to many books, libraries, journals and various kinds of information through computer. In the present world computer is not a luxury  but it is a need like a pen or pencil. We can use internet through it for sending mails and communicate with friends. So computer makes our life so easy that we can do everything sitting in our room using it. It has brought the world in our grip.

13.    Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Mobile Phone’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-23]

(a) What has changed the role of a telephone?
(b) Who used telephone before?
c) Do we only use mobile phone to communicate?
(d) Is mobile phone a luxury?


      Cable telephones or land line phones are going to be history very soon and mobile phone has changed the role of a telephone. When Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone, it was a surprise for the people of the world. For the next hundred years or so it was a facility only for a few wealthy people. But now everybody, from a rickshaw puller to upper class people, use mobile phone. So it is not a luxury now. We use mobile phone not only for communication but also for listening to music, taking photographs, storing data, browsing the net, etc. Now we are more connected to others. Now we can share our information, opinion, knowledge, dream, etc within a second from one part to another part of the world.

14. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Unity is Strength’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-24]

(a) Why was the old man anxious?
(b) Were they able to break the bundle?
(c)Could they break the single sticks?
(d)What did they realise at last?


      Long ago and far away there was an old farmer who had seven sons. They always quarreled with each other. He was anxious about his sons’ future because he was very old. He got a plan. He tied seven sticks together and made a bundle . Then he asked his sons to break the bundle. Each of the sons tried one by one but failed. They were not strong enough to break the bundle. Then the old farmer smiled and untied the bundle. He gave each of them only a stick and asked them to break it. This time they did it very easily. Then the old farmer told his sons that nobody could do any harm to them if they lived united. At last they realised what their father wanted to teach them.

15. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Manpower of Bangladesh’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-26]

(a) How many Bangladeshis work abroad?
(b) What countries do they work in?
(c) How do our workers perform?
(d) How do our people help our country?


      Manpower means the number of workers available to do a particular job. As Bangladesh is a populous country, it has a huge manpower. A huge number of Bangladeshis work abroad.  It is due to the high demand of our manpower in foreign countries. Counrties like United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Singapore import Bangladeshi manpower for their hardworking nature. Bangladeshi people also work in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc. Besides, a large number of skilled professionals migrate to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and other European countries each year. Bangladesh gets lots of remittance or foreign exchange from these wage earners abroad.

16. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Too Much or Too Little Water’ by answering the following questions. [Chapter-33]

(a) What is water?
(b) What happens if there is heavy rain?
(c) What happens in the rainy season?
(d) What happens if there is no rain?


      Water is the most useful element for human and all other living beings. Without water no living beings can survive on earth. But sometimes, this water creates sufferings for us. Sometimes it rains so heavily that floods occur. When the water of the river increases  in the rainy season, it submerges vast areas of the land, towns and villages. So, it brings lots of miseries if there is too much water. If there is no rainfall for a long period of time, drought occurs. Sometimes rivers dry up, or the water level underground may sink very low. So, if there is too little water that also causes a lot of suffering to the people. We need safe and clean water for our life on earth.


17. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Mother’ by answering the following questions :

(a) Who is your mother?
(b) How is she when you are ill?
(c) What is she?
(d) What does she do in the time of leisure?


There is no word sweeter than the name of mother. In this world, all human beings can be passionate by the utterance of the word mother. The name of my mother is Mrs. Mamataz Rahman. She is about forty years old. I love my mother most because she is dearest to me. My mother is an ideal and modest housewife. She is polite, affectionate and intelligent. Although she always remains busy with our house hold chores, she is very much conscious about all the members of our family. My mother is a kind-hearted woman, she is very much conscious about my study and my health. She is a religious minded woman and a follower of strict principles. She helps the poor and helpless people in our village. Above all, she bears a moral character along with multifarious qualities. There is none so dear to me as my mother. She is a lady to whom I always pay due respect. I am greatly boastful of my mother.

18. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Native Village’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is the name of your native village?
(b) How many people are there in your native village?
(c) What institutions are there in your native village?
(d) How is your native village?


      The name of my native village is Hasanpur and it is in the district of Pabna. It is a big village and almost five thousand people live in this village. Most of the people of this village are farmers. Some people of this village are also engaged in other professions. It has a high school, a college, two primary schools, three mosques, a hospital, a post office, etc. For all these other villages are also dependent on our village. The natural sight of our village attracts all kinds of people. It looks like a wonderland. A small river flowing by the side of our village adds a special beauty to it. We bathe in the river and catch fish in it. Sometimes, the villagers arrange boat race in this river. My village is blessed with so much natural gifts and beauties. I am proud of my native village.

19. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Daily Life’ by answering the following questions :

(a) When do you get up from bed?
(b) What do you do in the afternoon?
(c) What do you do after rising from bed?
(d) When do you go to bed?
(e) When do you go to school?


      I am a student and I read in Class VII. I get up early in the morning from bed and brush my teeth. Then I go out for walk and return home after some time. Then I take my breakfast and go to my reading room. I read till 9:30 am and then take my bath. I go to school at 10 am and attend my classes. I return from school at 4 pm and take my lunch. I go to the field at 5 pm and play with my friends. After returning from field, I have a nice shower and have tea with other members of my family. After Magrib prayer, I sit to study and continue till 9.30 pm. Then I take supper and enjoy TV news. At 11 pm, I go to sleep after brushing my teeth.

20. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Hobby’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is your hobby?
(b) What do you do for your hobby?
(c) Why is it your hobby?
(d) What do the other people think about your hobby?


        Different people have different hobbies and my favourite hobby is gardening. I like this hobby because it gives me much pleasure and it keeps my mind always fresh. I have a flower garden in front of our house. I have planted a lot of flower plants in my garden. I work in my garden regularly. I make the soil of the garden loose and weed out all kinds of weeds. Different kinds of flowers such as rose, rajanigandha, gandharaj, karabi, sheuli, shefali, ganda, hasnahena, surjamukhi, etc bloom in my garden. These flowers make my garden very charming and spread sweet smell. Whenever I feel  mentally exhausted, I stand beside my garden and my mind becomes fresh. Then I can fully devote myself to my studies. My garden is also a source of joy to others. All my neighbours come to see my garden and appreciate my initiative of making such a beautiful garden. So, other people also like my favorite hobby.

21.  Write a paragraph on ‘Your National Flag’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is a national flag?
(b) How is your national flag?
(c) What are the significances of different colors of your national flag?
(d) What is your feeling about your national flag?


      A national flag is a special piece of cloth which is the symbol of independence of a country. We are independent and we have a national flag of our own. Our national flag is rectangular in shape. The flag is green in color with a sun globe in the centre. The green color signifies the youth, vigor and vitality of our nation. The blood red color of the flag signifies the historic sacrifice of our nation for struggle of liberation. Our national flag is the strength of our national history and I am proud of it. Whenever we participate in any international meeting or conference, we carry our national flag to represent us. It works as a source of our inspiration and moral courage. We are always conscious of the high dignity of our national flag.

22. Write a paragraph on ‘Your School’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is the name of your school?
(b) Where is it?
(c) How is your school?
(d) How many students and teachers are there?


      The name of our school is Bonogram High School and it is one of the well-known schools of our district. The school building is very nice and it is two-storied. The school has twenty rooms. Our Headmaster has a separate room. There is an office room in the school and the clerks work there. There is a spacious room for the teachers and a common room for the students. The school has twenty teachers and six hundred students. All the teachers are qualified and they are very helpful to us. The result of the school is also satisfactory. We consider our school as a real home of learning. A congenial atmosphere prevails in the school and everybody is co-operative to the development of the school. Our school is heaven like and I love my school very much.

23. Write a paragraph on ‘My Classroom’ by answering the following questions:

(a) What is a classroom?
(b) How is your classroom?
(c) How many students can seat in your classroom?
(d) What things are there in your classroom?
(e) What is your feeling about your classroom?


The room which is used to hold classes is called a classroom. My classroom is on the third floor of our school. It is forty feet long and thirty feet wide. It is gigantic in size. It is well ventilated. Almost eighty students can sit it. It has two doors and four big windows. There are forty desks in three rows in my classroom. There are five fans, four tube-lights, a white board and a dustbin in my classroom. There is also a high dais with a chair and a table for the teacher, so that the teacher can observe us properly from a high place. My classroom is neat and clean. I feel serenity and relief in my classroom because my classroom is calm and quiet. All these things make my classroom a standard.

24. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Class Teacher’ by answering the following questions:

(a) Who is your class teacher?
(b) What is his qualification?
(c) What does he do to the students?
(d) How is his teaching method?
(e) What do you know about his behavior?


All of my teachers are good but my class teacher Mr. Mahabub Khan is favourite to me. He is our English teacher. He has all the qualities of a good teacher. He is a brilliant scholar with a sound academic career. He is an M.A in English. He is very candid in his activities. He is also diligent. He is helpful to the students. His teaching method is simple and lucid. He has a strong, clear and pleasant voice. He is able to make understood to his students in a easy ay. For this reason he can draw the attention of the student and can make the lesson interesting. Mr. Khan is not only a teacher but also a friend to the students. He treats his students like his children and he is very sympathetic to them. He is also enriched with a good secuse of Lurour. He possesses a good moral character. He is very strict to law and to his principles. He is respected by everyone for his all these qualities.

25.    Write a paragraph on ‘My favourite food’ by answering the following questions.

(a) What is your favorite food? (c) Why do you like it?
(b) How is it made? (d) Is it always available?


Food is very important for our body because we can not live without it. We should eat nutritious food. Food must contain natural elements that our body needs to grow properly. My favorite food is custard. It is very easy to prepare. I can prepare it myself. Often I have it in the evening. Milk and fruits of different kind are needed to prepare custard. We need to drink milk everyday. Milk is rich in calcium. It is good for our healthy growth. It makes our bones and teeth strong. We must eat fruits. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They keep our body free from diseases. They are also good for our skin and health. I get all the necessary vitamins in custard. It is very delicious as well as nutritious. I like to take it very much.

26. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Pet Animal’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is the name of your pet animal?
(b) How is it?
(c)What is its food?
(d) How do you feel about it?


The animal which is kept as pet is called a pet animal. I have a pet animal. My pet animal is a cat. I call it pushi. He is a tiny animal. It looks very attractive and the colour of my pushi is white. So it is very easy to find it out at night. Pushi has knife-like claws. Its whole body is covered with the soft hair. He is a healthy baby so he looks like a little tiger. Pushi is fond of milk and fish. It is very much obident to us. It likes to play and sleep with me. It is friendly towards my family. For this reasons, it never harms anybody. It likes to sit beside me and moves with me. At night Pushi always preys rats by its claws. It attends to the call of nature in a particular corner of our house. It never tries to steal anything from our kitchen. I have soft-corner for my beloved Pushi because of its clean habits and useful service.

27. Suppose you are a student of Class VII. Recently you have celebrated your 14th Birthday. Now write a paragraph on the birthday party you have celebrated by answering the following questions:

(a) When did you celebrate your birthday party?
(b) How did you decorate your drawing room?
(c) Who were invited?
(d) How did the function start?
(e) How were the guests entertained?
(f) When did the function come to an end?


      Last monday was my 14th birthday ceremony. On that day I cleaned and decorated our drawing room with colourful paper and flowers. Everything looked very tidy. Some of my relatives and close friends were invited to the birthday party. All the guests came in time. The function started just at 6 pm. All stood around the table and I cut the cake after putting out the candles. All sang in a chorus, “Happy Birthday to You.” Different delicious foods were served to the guests. They were eating with a lot of zest, talking and giggling. My elder brother took snaps of some rare moments. A short cultural programme was arranged at the end of the function. The function came to an end at 9 pm. It will remain green in my mind forever.

28. Write a paragraph on the prize day of your school by answering the following questions:

(a) When did your school observe the prize day?
(b) How was your school decorated?
(c) Who was the chief guest of the programme?
(d) How did the programme come to an end?


      The prize day of our school was held on the last 15th February. It was really a memorable day of my life. We decorated our school with coloured papers and flowers. The Chief Guest of the programme was the Deputy Commissioner of our district. When the Chief Guest came, the programme began. The Headmaster read out the annual report of our school. The prize giving ceremony began at 4 pm. The chief guest gave away the prizes. I also got a prize for my good result. I felt overjoyed when I got the prize and till now the prize gives me immense inspiration. Everybody was clapping reapeatedly when the prizes were being handed over. But the ceremony did not last long. The sun was about to set in and we had to finish before evening. Our headmaster then gave the concluding speech and thanked all concerned and then the programme came to an end.

29. Imagine recently you have enjoyed a journey by bus. Now write a paragraph about a journey by bus by answering the following questions:

(a) Where did you go?
(b) What scenery did you enjoy?
(c) When did the bus start?
(d) When did the bus reach the destination?


      During the last winter, I made a journey by bus from Rajshahi to Dhaka. I reached the bus station at 7 am. I bought a ticket and got on the bus. The bus started at 7.30. The bus was running at full speed. I looked outside through the window. Trees, green fields, houses, etc were seemed to be running backward. After an hour our bus began to run through ‘Challanbill’. I found only water everywhere. The fishermen were catching fish with small boats and nets. When our bus reached the Bangabandhu bridge, I looked outside. The bridge looked very beautiful. I saw a train crossing our bus. It’s really a rare moment that can be found. After about five hours we reached Dhaka. The journey was too much enjoyable.

30. Imagine recently you have paid a visit to a book fair. Now write a paragraph about your visit to a book fair by answering the following questions:

(a) When was it arranged?
(b) How were the pavilions?
(c) Did you buy any book?
(d) Who arranged it?
(e) How were the stalls?


      It was the month of February. Bangla Academy arranged a book fair at its premises named Ekushey Boi Mela. I with some of my friends visited the fair. I found hundreds of pavilions there. Different kinds of books were displayed there nicely. I visited different book stalls of different publishers. I bought two story books. There was crowd of people there. Some were roaming about and some were buying books. We felt tired. So we took some snacks from a nearby food stall. Then we left the place with a cheerful mind.

31. Write a paragraph on ‘A Winter Morning’ by answering the following questions:

(a) What are the common characteristics of a winter morning?
(b) How does the nature look in the morning?
(c) Why do the people make fire in the morning?
(d) What delicious things are available in a winter morning?


A winter morning is covered with fog and cold. There is thick mist everywhere. It dews and sometimes a chilly wind blows. Sometimes the sun remains hidden for a long time. The nature looks dim and flat in the morning. In a winter morning everything looks gloomy. Even things at a little distance can hardly be seen. People shiver in cold. So they feel reluctance to get up early in the morning. To keep themselves warm they wear warm clothes. Sometimes people collect straw or dried leaves and make fire to keep themselves warm and poor people sometime bask in the sun. Domestic animals do not come out from the Shed. People get-up late when the sun starts to rise through the dense mist. But when the sun rises everyone feels warm and comfort. In winter morning one can have delicious cakes, date juice and many other items. With the touches of sun ray, the dull scene of a winter morning disappears. A winter morning is desirable in many respects.

32. Suppose you had a visit to a place of historical interest with some of your friends. Now write a paragraph about your visit to a place of historical interest by answering the following questions:

(a) When did you go to the place?
(b) Who were with you?
(c)What things did you see there?
(d) What things impressed you much?


      During the last winter vacation we, some of our friends had a chance to visit the historical place of Bagerhat. The Mazar of Pir Khan Jahan Ali is situated here. The Mazar is a fine one storeyed building. The tomb is made of stones. We also visited the beautiful Shat Gambuj Mosque. It has 77 domes. The mosque is very large and beautiful. Near the mosque there is a big lake. This is called the ‘Ghora Dighi’. The Shat Gambuj Mosque and its architectural beauty impressed me much. I had a very little idea about the place but my visit there gave me a different idea about the place and about the great saint Hazrat Khan Jahan. My respect toward this great saint became double after visiting this place. Now I can feel that a man can learn better by visiting than reading. The memory of Bagerhat will remain evergreen in my mind.

33.    Write a paragraph on ‘An Ideal student’ by answering the following questions.

(a) Who is an ideal student?
(b) How is his behaviour towards other students and teachers?
(c) What are the qualities of an ideal student?
(d) What does he think about the country?
(e) What do others think about him?


      The student who possesses some qualities like good behaviour, merit, patriotism, co-operative attitude, etc is called an ideal student. He is polite. He respects his teachers and helps his fellow classmates. Whenever any student approaches him for any help, he tries his best to help him. He not only indulges himself in study but also takes active part in other extracurricular activities. He is hard working. He is both attentive and punctual in his studies. He is disciplined and obedient. Game and study go side by side with him. He always sticks to his ideals and aims. Simple living and high thinking is the motto of his life. An ideal student is a true patriot. He is always ready to serve his country. He sacrifices himself for the welfare of his country. Everybody likes him very much and prays for his success in future from the core of their hearts.

34.    Write a paragraph on ‘Early Rising’ answering the following questions.

(a) What is early rising?
(b) What is the usefulness of rising early?
(c) What does an early riser enjoy?
(d) What happens to the person who does not get up early?

Early Rising

Getting up early in the morning from bed is called early rising. It is a good habit and essential for good health. In the morning the nature remains fresh and quiet. So an early riser can enjoy the fresh nature and air in the morning. It makes our body fit. An early riser can get enough time to finish his work. He can take some physical exercises early in the morning. He can enjoy the beautiful scenery. An early riser can enjoy the happy and healthy life. Early rising refreshes both body and mind. It helps a man to be regular and punctual. But a late riser always lag behind. They can not enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. They face many problems and can not finish their work in time. A late riser is not physically happy and sound. So considering the good sides of early rising, we all should cultivate the habit of early rising.

35.    Write a paragraph on ‘A School Magazine’ by answering the following questions.

(a) What is a school magazine?
(b) What is the aim of publishing a school magazine?
(c) Who works for the school magazine?
(d) What is the importance of a school magazine?


A school magazine is a publication containing the writings of the teachers and students of a school. Usually, it is published annually. Its aim is to develop the literary and cultural skills of the students. It contains poems, articles, short-stories and short dramas written by the young learners. A magazine committee is formed with a view to publishing a school magazine. The headmaster of the respective school remains the chief of the committee. An editor is selected from the students. In the committee there remains a teacher who works as an adviser. Some students are also included in the committee. The committee has to work hard to publish a magazine. The editor invites writings from the teachers and the students. Among all writings the best ones are selected for printing in the magazine. A school magazine has great importance to the students. It brings out the latent talent of the young students. It is the first step for the young learners to be a great writer in future. Finally a school magazine provides scope for the students to reveal their creative faculties.

36.    Write a paragraph on ‘A Rainy Day’ by answering the following questions.

(a) What is a rainy day?
(b) How does the sky look on a rainy day?
(c) How does it bring suffering to the people?
(d) How does it cause suffering to the students?
(e) What do we feel on a rainy day?


A rainy day is a day of non stop rainfall. It looks dismal and sunless. The sky is covered with thick clouds. Sometimes the sun is hardly seen. Sometimes, it rains so heavily that none can go out without an umbrella. Sometimes it rains with roars of thunder, flashes of lighting and gusty winds. Many roads go under water and get muddy and slippery. Domestic animals also cannot go outside. On a rainy day people feel bored as they can not go out in quest of work. They can not earn their living. The rich can enjoy the day with merriment. But the children feel comfort with this situation. Because most of the students do not go to school. Some people pass the day in gossiping, playing cards, singing or hearing music. However, a rainy day comes to us some times as a curse and sometimes as a blessing. A winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.

37.    Write a paragraph on ‘Load shedding’ by answering the following questions.

(a) What is load-shedding?
(b) What are the reasons of load-shedding?
(c) What are the bad effects of load-shedding?
(d) What should we do to minimise load-shedding?


Load shedding means the interruption of the supply of electricity for a certain period. The less production of electricity in our country is the main cause of load shedding. Illegal connection, abuse of electricity, rapid growth of population etc. are the causes of load-shedding. Because of excessive load shedding cinema houses, shops, factories, hospitals are affected. The industrial units are disabled for the time being. Production of mills hamper due to failure of electricity. Even operation stops in hospitals for load shedding. It also disturbs the study of the students. In fact, the problem of load-shedding is a great problem in our country. So, to stop load shedding some urgent measures should be taken. The government must establish more and more power plants to produce electricity as per the demand. Illegal connection and system loss should also be stopped by creating public awareness and ensuring punishment.

38.    Write a paragraph on ‘Traffic Jam’ by answering the following questions.

(a) What is traffic jam?
(b) Where does it commonly occur?
(c) What are the reasons of traffic jam?
(d) What are the effects of it?
(e) How can we get rid of traffic jam?


Traffic jam means the overcrowding of too many vehicles at a place. Because of this jam, the vehicles can not move on. It always happens for various reasons. The condition of roads and the violation of the traffic rules are the main reasons. In proportion to our population roads have not been increased. In our country most of the drivers do not obey the traffic rules. They violate the rules and regulations. They drive the vehicles at their own will. Traffic jam kills our valuable time. Students cannot reach schools in time due to this traffic jam. Nobody can reach their destination in right time. A lot of working hours is wasted in the traffic jam. Life becomes very difficult because of this terrible traffic jam. But this problem can be solved by taking some steps. Well planned big roads should be constructed. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Traffic rules should be strictly followed by the drivers. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. Thus traffic jam can be controlled.

39. Write a paragraph on ‘A Rickshaw Puller’ by answering the following questions.

(a) Who is rickshaw puller?
(b) Where is he commonly seen?
(c) How is his life?
(d) How does he bargain with the passengers?
(e) When does he earn more?


The man who pulls rickshaw, carries passengers from one place to another and thus, earns his livelihood is called rickshaw puller. He is a very common figure in cities and small towns. His dress is shabby. He keeps waiting for passengers at the rickshaw stand. He pulls his rickshaw in both fair or foul weather.  When a passenger comes, he bargains with him for the payment. He demands more when the weather is very hot or foul. Sometimes he tries to cheat passengers but most often he is unduly paid by the passengers. Though he pulls rickshaw from morning till late night, his income is very poor and leads a very miserable life. When he becomes sick, he cannot drive rickshaw and earn money. So, he and his family starve. If he can earn more than his expectation, his face smiles. But this opportunity is very rare in his life.

40. Write a paragraph on ‘A Village Market’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is a village market?
(b) Where does a village market sit?
(c) What things are sold in a village market?
(d) What is the importance of a village market?


      A village market is a place where the villagers buy and sell their daily commodities. Any open place is suitable for a village market. Generally a village market sits by the roadside or by the bank of a river or under a big tree. It sits twice a week. Different kinds of things are sold and bought in a village market. The things are vegetables, fish, milk, fruit, oil, salt, onion, garlic, cloth, wheat, rice, flour, spices and various kinds of stationery items. It is a meeting place of all classes of people. It is very difficult to express the importance and the usefulness of a village market in a word. Really the villagers can’t do without a village market. It is a part and parcel of the villagers. A village market has got both advantages and disadvantages. A friendship and a tie of co-operation develop among people through buying and selling. But sometimes unwanted incidents occur and make the environment polluted. But still village market plays an important role in the life of the villagers. 

41. Write a paragraph on ‘A Tea Shop’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is a tea shop? (c) What things are there in a tea shop?
(b) Who maintains a tea shop? (d) Why do people come to a tea shop?


A tea shop is a place where ready tea and various kinds of things are available. It is a common sight of our country. Usually it is found in cities, towns and even in villages in our country. In a tea shop, tea is prepared and sold to the customers. In a tea shop cigarette, biscuit, cake, banana, bread, betel leaf etc. are also sold. The tea shop is also decorated with chairs or benches for the customers to sit on. There is a boy who serves tea to the customers. There is a manager in a tea shop who maintains it and collects money from the customers. Different kinds of people gather here. The people of all avenues come here to take a cup of tea. They discuss various subjects such as politics and current affairs. People come here to pass the sluggish moments by chit-chatting with others. Sometimes customers raise a storm over a cup of tea. A tea shop is an important place for social assemblage.

42. Write a paragraph on ‘A Bus Stand’ by answering the following questions :

(a) What is a bus stand? (c) What things are there in a bus stand?
(b) How busy is a bus stand? (d) What is the importance of it?


A bus stand is a place where people wait for the bus and the buses start to go for their destination from the place. It is a very chaotic place because the various types of people roam here. There are a shed for the passengers and a ticket counter for the passengers in a standard bus stand. The passenger stand a line for buying tickets. One bus comes and another to get into it. The coolies and hawkers also make the place crowded. It is a busy place. This place is so busy that the passengers coming here have no time to talk or to look at others. In a bus stand, there are small shops, tea shops, hawkers and porters. The place is noisy also because of the drivers and the conductors shout for passengers. They try to get as many passengers as they can. In a bus stand magazines and seasonal fruits are also sold. Sometimes it is very unclean and unhygienic for the passengers. Nevertheless it is a useful and important place for the passengers.

43. Write a paragraph on ‘Physical Exercise’ by answering the following questions:

(a) What do you mean by physical exercise?
(b) Why is physical exercise important?
(c) How is excessive physical exercise harmful?
(d) What is the effect of physical exercise?


Physical exercise means the regular movement of different parts of the body. It is very much important because it helps us to keep our body fit. Sound body as well as sound mind depends on regular exercise. There are many types of exercises such as walking, running, swimming, racing, riding and various types of games. All these types of exercise are not apt for all ages. Regular physical exercise makes our body active and the muscles strong. It helps for digestion and blood circulation. Physical exercise keeps a man free from diseases. But excessive exercise can be harmful. We have to maintain some rules to take exercise. Physical exercise should not take in empty stomach or just after meal. So it is clear that physical exercise ensures a sound body and a sound health. We must take regular exercise regularly.

44. Write a paragraph on ‘Jute’ by answering the following questions:

(a) What is jute?
(b) What kind of land is suitable for jute?
(c) How is jute grown?
(d) What is the importance of jute?


      Jute is a kind of fibre and it is obtained from jute plants. Jute does not grow in any kind of soil except moisty and low land. Plenty of jute grows in Bangladesh because its soil is suitable for growing jute. For growing jute at first the land is ploughed nicely. Then the seeds are sown in the field. After some days the farmers weed out grasses from the field. In a few months, the plants become matured. Then the jute is cut and the fiber is obtained from it. Then they are dried in the sun and tied into bundles. Now it is ready for use. Bangladesh exports huge jute and earns a lot of foreign exchange. So jute is very important for us.

45. Write a paragraph on ‘A Fisherman’ by answering the following questions:

(a) Who is a fisherman?
(b) Where does a fisherman catch fish?
(c) How does he spend his time?
(d) What is the economic condition of a fisherman?


A fisherman is a person who earn his living by catching and selling fishes. He lives by the side of a big river, or big canal or marshy lands or by the sea shore for the purpose of his occupational advantages. A fisherman works hard all the day. Because, he has to maintain his large family with his small income. A fisherman always remains busy in making nets, repairing them, taking care of his fishing boat dyeing and painting them. Sometimes he is to work hard under the sun and sometimes in rain. Sometimes he goes in the deep sea for fishing. Sometimes he faces dangers. He leads a very humble life. He has hardly meets and boats of his own. He feels comfort in his heart when he is able to catch a lot of fishes. He meets the demand of our protein. So he plays an important role in our country. We should do something to improve his life style.

46. Write a paragraph on ‘A Street Beggar’ by answering the following questions:

(a) Who is a street beggar?        (c) Where does he live?
(b) Where does he beg?              (d) How is his life?


A street beggar is the person who begs alms in the street is called a street beggar. He is a very well known person in the cities and towns. Usually he is seen beside the streets, in the market places or at the gate of mosques. Some of them are blind or lame or dumb. A street beggar usually puts on dirty and torn clothes. He always bears a bag on his shoulder for his begging. Some times he has a bowl in his hand in which he receives his alms in the name of Allah and His holy prophet. He prays for the person who gives him money. His income is low. Sometimes he is seen reciting some sentences from the holy Quran. He lives a very miserable life. For this reason he can hardly meet the basic need of his family. We should do something for him.



      I am Mahin Khan.I am in class six in Rajbari Zilla School. My school is very close to my house. I am punctual in attending school and my studies. Gardening is my hobby. I have a garden in front of my house. I spend my leisure working in the garden. I have made a fence around it. Everyday I work at least two hours in the garden. I grow various flowers and vegetables in it. I help my father in the fields. I also help my mother in household activities. In the afternoon I play football. I watch television and hear music sometimes. I always try to make proper use of time.


      Nayan is my best friend. He is a nice boy. He is very intimate (Nwbô) with me. Nayan lives in our neighbouring (cÖwZ‡ekx) village. We are in the same class. My friend is very punctual. He reads his lessons attentively. He always tries to make the best use of his time. He is cooperative. He always tries to help the weak students. He respects the teachers. He is sincere to his work. He is sympathetic to all. He helps his parents in their work. He is intelligent, energetic and friendly. Everybody likes him.


      The room which is used for the purpose of study is called a reading room. As a student, I have a reading room of my own. It faces the south. Though it is a small room, it is well-decorated. It has a door and two windows. So it is well ventilated. There is a desk and a chair for my reading. I possess a book-shelf in which I keep my books well-arranged. There are a calendar and a daily-routine on the table. There is also a cod in my reading room. So my reading room also serves the purpose of my bed room. I always keep the room neat and clean. There is a flower garden in front of my reading room. The smell of the flowers refreshes my mind. I don’t allow anyone into the room while reading. It is really an ideal reading room.


      A railway station is a place where trains stop to take in and to drop down passengers and goods. It remains busy almost all the time of the day and night. Every station has at least a platform. In every station there is at least one building, which is called station house. The building has several rooms that are used as a booking office, ticket counters, waiting rooms for passengers. When a train arrives, the whole station area turns into a noisy place. As soon as the train leaves, the station turns into a deserted place for some time.

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