English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Six 2022-(Model 1)

Model Question-1

[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

 Section : Grammar – 30 

1.   Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (×) where no article is needed. 0.5 × 8=4

      Myself :  Hi! Razib. What’s in your hand?

      Razib :  It’s (a) — book on (b) — learning English.

      Myself :  Why’re you so serious about learning (c) — English?

      Razib :  You can’t imagine how essential English is for (d) — better future.

      Myself :  What does English do for us?

      Razib :  It is the language of (e) — world’s people. We can communicate with (f) — rest of (g) — world through English. It also helps us to get (h) — good job.

      Myself :  Really. It helps us in many ways. Thank you.

      Razib :  You’re welcome.

2.   Shahin is writing to Meena about the prize giving ceremony of his school. Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps. 0.5 × 8 = 4


Dear Meena,
Hope you are well. You wanted to know about the prize giving ceremony of our school. The ceremony was held on the 10th February. It began (a) — 2 pm. Our principal presided (b) — the function. The function started (c) — the recitation (d) — the Holy Quran. One of our senior teachers read (e) — the annual report. The Deputy Commissioner, the honorable chief guest, delivered a short speech. He advised the students (f) — be regular (g) — studies and take part in the movement (h) — illiteracy. Then the programme came to an end.
Yours ever,

3.   Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


Dear Anwar,
I am very (a) — to hear the news of your mother’s death. The news came to me (b) — like a bolt from the blue. It is (c) — hard to (d) — that your mother is no more on the (e) —. I am (f) — shocked at her death in such a (g) — age. I can’t forget that she was very (h) — to me.
I pray to the Almighty (i) — her soul (j) — rest in peace.
Yours ever,

4.   Make four sentences from the following substitution table.   1 × 4 = 4

Our Sangsad Bhabanisone of the most spectacular parliament buildings in the world.
Itsymbolizessurrounded by an artificial lake called the Crescent Lake.
  at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka.
  sovereignty, pride, hopes and aspirations of our nation.

5.   Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

      We are Bangladeshis. (a) We are proud of our freedom fighters. (Make it interrogative). (b) Their contribution will never be forgotten. (Make it affirmative). (c) They were inspired by the common people. (Make it active). (d) Their sacrifice is greater than any other thing. (Make it positive). (e) We must follow their foot-print. (Make it negative).

6.   Fill in the gaps with the right forms of verb in the brackets. Question b and e have special instructions in the brackets for the use of verbs. 0.5×8=4

      With extreme competition everywhere parents (a) — (be) constantly worried about the results. This is a common sight during the Primary Education Completion Examinations in thousands of families. Special prayers (b) — (offer ‘use passive voice’) in families having such an examinee. Parents (c) — (take) special care of their children. They (d) — (make) sure that their wards get along with studies without the slightest of problems even without mosquito bites. Parents shuttle to mazars and temples (e) — (pray ‘use infinitive’) for the examinees. Sometimes they (f) — (give) cash money and kinds for their wards. Parents of an examinee usually (g) — (remain) worried until the result (h) — (publish).

7.   Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.    0.5×8=4

      a man came to salams shop he was very short but his wife was very tall their daughter was also with them “My daughter’s got a bad headache the man said.

Model Question-1 Solution

1. (a) a ; (b) × ; (c) × ; (d) a ; (e) the ; (f) the ; (g) the ; (h) a.

2. (a) at ; (b) over ; (c) with ; (d) from ; (e) out; (f) to ; (g) in ; (h) against.

3. (a) shocked; (b) just; (c) very; (d) believe; (e) earth; (f) greatly; (g) premature;     (h) affectionate; (i) that; (j) may.

4. (a)Our Sangsad Bhaban is at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka.

     (b) It is one of the most spectacular parliament buildings in the world.

     (c) It symbolizes sovereignty, pride, hopes and aspirations of our nation.

     (d) It is surrounded by an artificial lake called the Crescent Lake.

5. (a) Aren’t we proud of our freedom fighters?

    (b) Their contribution will always be remembered.

    (c) The common people inspired them.

    (d) No other thing is as great as their sacrifice.

    (e) We cannot but follow their footprint.

6. (a) are; (b) are offered; (c) take; (d) make; (e) to pray; (f) give; (g) remain; (h) is published.

7. A man came to Salam’s shop. He was very short but his wife was very tall. Their daughter was also with them. “My daughter’s got a bad headache,” the man said.

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