SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- My Favourite Game

My Favourite Game/My Favourite Sport /The Game I like Most

Every sports lover has their favourite games. I like many games like ha-du-du, football, cricket, volleyball, etc. but the game which I like most is football. Football is an international game and it is played all over the world. It was first played in England. It was the most popular game in Bangladesh for long years. At present cricket has the best popularity but Football is still a popular game here. No game is as exciting to me as football.
The rules of playing football are easy. Football is played between two teams. Each team consists of eleven players. Some extra players are kept ready for change when necessary. Each team has a goal-keeper. The result of the game depends on goals.  A referee conducts the game. Two linesmen help the referee. The duration of the game is 90 minute. There is an interval after 45 minutes. The players change their sides at the end of the first half.
Football is undoubtedly a popular game over the world. The spectators of football cross those of any games. Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar have won the heart of the people of the world. They have become the living legends of the world.  Many events of football are held over the world in every year but the FIFA world cup is the best of all. It is held in different countries every four years.
Playing football is a good exercise and it is very good for health.  It teaches obedience to rules and leadership. It develops team spirit, fellow feelings and co-operation among the players. It grows the spirit †ZR of leadership too. These are really very necessary for us.
Football is not always free from negative sides. Too much involvement of the students in the games may affect their studies. Sometimes, supporters are seen to get involved in clashes. Moreover, players may be injured seriously and become disabled.
Football is the most favourite game to me because it is full of thrills and excitements. It thrills not only the players but also the spectators. I am not only a spectator of football but also a football player. I think football playing should be developed in our country.

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