SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- Discipline


Discipline means obedience to certain rules and regulations which are essential for the maintenance  of law, order, justice and punishment. Man lives in a society. He is to live with others and obey discipline for maintaining peace in the society.
Everything within the universe is conducted by discipline. Breach (f½) of discipline brings downfall. If every man does as he likes, there will be chaos in the society. So, the importance of discipline is very great. We should follow discipline to be successful in the battle of life.
Discipline is very essential in the army. Everyone in the army has to lead a disciplined life. A small group of military is more capable to win a battle than a large group of military which suffers from lack of discipline.
Discipline is necessary in student life. by learning discipline, a student can be a successful citizen in future. The student who learn discipline from their early life can tackle any problem in his future life.
The institution that follows discipline runs well. But it fails when it is without discipline. A good institution follows rules and regulations strictly.
The planets move in discipline. As a result, there is no possibility of clash and among them. Thus discipline can be learnt from the disciplined movement of the planets.
Discipline brings success for one who follows it. The great men of the world followed discipline strictly. They never did anything against rules and regulations. We should follow their life style to be successful in life.
Discipline is development. Discipline draws a sharp line of distinction between men and beasts. So, we should be careful of the importance of discipline in our life.

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