SSC 2023- English 2nd paper composition- Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Drug addiction means strong attraction for drugs. It is a global problem. At present it has become a burning questionin our country. It is found in rural and urban areas.
Frustration is the main cause of drug addiction. Failure in love, unemployment, political unrest, social unrest, family conflict, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection etc. are greatly responsible for it.
Mainly the young boys and girls are the victims of drug addiction. Drug addiction has harmful effect on the mind and body of the addicts. Drug kills human beings slowly but surely. It destroys physically, mentally and morally. It gradually leads men to death.
Drug addiction causes cancer, heart disease, and other respiratory diseases. It damages the nerve system of the body and brain. So, the addicts cannot lead a normal life. They lose appetite for food and cannot sleep.
To manage the money, the addicts commit social crimes like stealing, hijacking, looting, killing, robbery, etc. It is high time to take proper steps to control drug addiction. The causes of frustration should be removed. According to the law, drug business is a punishable offence. The highest punishment is death. Now the law must be enforced strictly.
The young boys and girls should be made aware of the evils of drugs. Public awareness should be raised against this addiction. Mass media can play an important role in this regard. The parents should take proper care of their children. Children must be treated with love and affection. Moral teaching should be given to them. The government as well as the conscious people should work together to get rid of this curse of drug addiction. Otherwise, as a nation we will fall into a great danger.

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