SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population Problem in Bangladesh/Population Explosion in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has so many problems and crises. Population problem is one of the most serious problems among them. It hampers the development of our country.
Undoubtedly Bangladesh is a densely populated small country. Her area is about 55,598 square miles. In this small area, she contains more than 160 million people. The rate of density is about 2,698 per square miles which is absolutely surprising and every day the rate is increasing. So, It becomes very difficult for Bangladesh to provide her citizens food, clothing, housing, communication, medical service, employment, education and all other fundamental demands.
Bangladesh mostly depends on agriculture for her economy. She has very few mineral products. She is not self-sufficient in food. She is not industrially developed. So, she is not able to export her industrial or agricultural products. Besides she is to face natural calamities every now and then. So, Bangladesh is to import many necessary things every year. Increasing population keeps so much pressure on the economic development of Bangladesh.
Over population is creating so many problems. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, diseases, restlessness, disorder, illiteracy, backwardness, unemployment, frustrations are on the increase for over population. In brief, over population has become a national problem of Bangladesh. So, it is high time we took necessary steps for population control. 
To control population, we have to go to our villages at first. About eighty percent people live in villages. Most of them are illiterate. They do not realize the importance of family planning. They do not know how to control population. Religious misinterpretations interrupt them to adopt family planning. So, we have to raise consciousness among the village people.
Recently, Bangladesh Government has taken some necessary steps to control population. Besides, different electronic media are presenting cautionary programmes regarding the solution of the population problem of Bangladesh. We can hope that we will be successful in population control in near future.

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