SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- Student Life

Student Life/The Duties of a student

There are different stages of human life. Student life is one of them. This time is spent for earning knowledge and education. In this period, students prepare themselves for future stages of life. So, student life is called the seed time of future life. Besides study, students have some extra-curricular and social activities.
The first and foremost duty of students is to study. Leaving study, students should not engag in other activities. At first, they must complete their class syllabus. Extra class work in everyday routine should be done regularly. For this, they have to be punctual, well-disciplined and devoted to study. Next, they can read other books like novel, poetry, essay, short story and newspapers for extra knowledge.
Proper use of time is essential for students. If they waste time, they will not be able to reach  their goal. They must know that success depends on the proper use of time. They should realize that lost time can never be regained. Even, they should spend their leisure time in a fruitful way.
After keeping their study well, students may indulge in other extra-curricular and social activities. They should participate  in games and sports. Physical exercise is necessary for them. Without a good health, their education might be a failure. They should come forward to help the affected people during flood, cyclone, etc. They also can literate the illiterate people.
Students should have their aims. They will be the leaders of their nation in future and run their country. So, they should prepare themselves well so that their nation can be benefited by them.

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