HSC Board Question 2017 Comilla Board Question with Solution

Comilla Board Question 2017

PartA : Grammar (Marks-60)

1.   Fill in the blanks in the following text with articles (a/ an/ the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put cross (´) in those blanks.                                     0×5´10 = 5

In (a) — last 25 years (b) — world has lost one-third of its natural wealth, according to (c) — international conservation organization world wild fund. (d) — earth’s forest, wetlands, seas and coasts are in (e) — worse state today than they were before. Forests are cut down. Moreover, they are being burnt indiscriminately resulting in (f) — increase in carbon-di-oxide and ultimately in (g) — water level rising as a consequence of global warming. It is anticipated that (h) — new century will face (i) — overwhelming environmental (j) — catastrophe.

2.   Complete the text with suitable prepositions :                                                       0×5´10 = 5

We got our freedom (a) — the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands of (b) — lives. The patriots (c) — our land fought (d) — the oppression of the West Pakistani rulers. Finally, the oppressors were bound to surrender (e) — our freedom fighters. But a great number (f) — the sons of the land died (g) — the war. Soon (h) — the war, the government (i) — Bangladesh founded the National Memorial (j) — memory of the martyrs.

3.   Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/ words given in the box.           0×5´10 = 5

it is high timein caselestas thoughno sooner had
unlesswould you mindhave toused toas long as

(a)  There is foul smell in the room. — opening the windows?

(b)  Tomorrow I will be very busy. So, I’ll say goodbye now — I don’t see you again.

(c)  We — educate all and work hard to develop our country.

(d)  Nobody likes Karim at all. He talks — he knew everything.

(e)  The poor will continue to suffer — they are illiterate.

(f)   Nobody likes you here. — you left this place.

(g)  He saw bear coming towards him. So, he climbed up a tree — the bear might attack him.

(h)  Everybody disliked Rakib. He — do many harmful activities.

(i)   Time is very important in our life. You cannot prosper in life — you make proper use of time.

(j)   The students were talking in the class. — the teacher entered the class than they stopped talking.

4.   Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/ phrases :                                   0×5´10 = 5

(a)  He studies medicine so that —

(b)  Time has its wings. It was five years since we —

(c)  The poor man knocked at my door. He came to me with a view to —.

(d)  I found a box in the room. The box was too heavy for —

(e)  I went to market yesterday. Had you requested me. I —

(f)   Do not worry about me. I — after I have finished my study.

(g)  They are very hard working. If the bank gives them loan on easy terms, they —

(h)  Unity is strength, united we stand, —

(i)   We had to walk through a jungle. We saw a snake while we —

(j)   Everybody will go to the graveyard after death. A graveyard is a place —

5.   Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.     

0×5´10 = 5

English (a) — (be) the most widely used international language. It (b) — (learn) to communicate with the foreigners for various purposes such as (c) — (maintain) co-operation, co-existence and exchanging business information. There are also certain jobs which (d) — (require) a good functional knowledge of English. The jobs of a pilot, a postman, a telephone operator, a tour guide, a mechanic, a receptionist of an international hotel, an executive of a multinational firm etc. (e) — (be) a few of them. Besides, a student (f) — (wish) to go for higher studies must learn English because the books on advanced education are mostly (g) — (write) in English. So, the importance and demand of learning English in our country can, in no way, be (h) — (ignore). Rather, we should (i) — (put) high importance on (j) — (learn) English to make room for ourselves in the competitive world.

6.   Read the text and change the sentences as directed :                                             1 ´ 5 = 5

(a)  Some essential agricultural inputs are to be ensured to increase our food production. (Make it active)

(b)  The farmers who are poor do not get loans on easy terms. (Make it simple)

(c)  What a pity! (Make it Assertive)

(d)  The farmers do not get the facilities necessary for food production. (Make it complex)

(e)  Unfortunately, they do not get the due price of their products. (Make it compound)

7.   Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.                                                      5

“Have you saved something for the future?” said the richman. “No,” said the cobbler. “I am happy with the present and think little about tomorrow.” “No, that would not do,” said the richman. “I like to see you above want. Have this money and keep it.”

8.   Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentences so that all pronoun references are clear.                                                             5

Travelling is a part of education. These means going from place to place. One can enhance knowledge by going from place to place. These gives one the opportunity to see the unseen and know the unknown. Some people are averse to travelling. This limits his vision. However, by travelling to different parts of the world, my knowledge can be enriched.

9.   Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces :      0×5´10 = 5

A balanced diet is a good mixture of (a) — (pre modify the noun) food. It is essential for us (b) — (post modify the adjective with an infinitive) a healthy life. There are many benefits of eating a (c) — (pre modify the noun) diet because it prevents (d) — (use determiner to premodify the noun) diseases. As a result, we do not get sick (e) — (post modify the verb with an adverb). We should select (f) — (pre modify the noun with possessive) diet according to our needs. We should not eat the (g) — (use adjective to pre modify the noun) foods for the whole week. We can keep fit (h) — (use a participle) a balanced diet. But it is not easy (i) — (post modify the adjective with an infinitive) a balanced diet. Here (j) — (use a determiner) nutritionist can help us.

10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage : 0×5´10 = 5

Trees are a vital part of our environment. (a) —, they bear a great impact on the climate. (b) — we are not careful about them. (c) —, we destroy trees at random. (d) —, one day the country will bear the consequence of greenhouse effect (e) — ours is an agricultural country, our economy depends on it. (f) —, our agriculture is dependant on rain. (g) —, trees play a vital role on our climate. (h) —, trees keep the soil strong. (i) —, trees save us from flood (j) — many other natural calamities.

11. Read the passage and write the antonyms and synonym of the words as directed below : 0×5´10 = 5

There are many (a) people who have a (b) conservative outlook. Quite (c) early in life they learn to (d) believe that everything in this (e) world was predetermined and (f) all that happen to them was ordained by God. For this belief, the poor generally accept their (g) Poverty and all their sorrows and (h) sufferings without trying much to (i) overcome them. They also have the (j) same sort of attitude towards illness and disease.

(a) people (synonym)                                 (b) conservative (antonym)

(c) early (antonym)                                    (d) believe (synonym)

(e) world (synonym)                                   (f) all (antonym)

(g) poverty (antonym)                                (h) sufferings (synonym)

(i) overcome (synonym)                              (j) same (antonym)

12. There are some errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors :                                                                                               0×5´10 = 5

      how is your father rana said mr karim he is very well thank you replied rana i am glad to hear that he is in good health said mr karim.

PartB : Composition (Marks-40)

13. On behalf of the students of your class write an application to the principal of your college for improving computer lab facilities.                                                                                                               8

14. Suppose, you are a reporter of a daily newspaper. Write a report on the observance of the Independence Day. Give a title to your report.                                                                                               8

15. Write a paragraph on drug addiction mentioning its causes and effects on the society. “Use 100-150 words”.                                                                                                                                      10

16. Write a short composition on environment pollution. Write at least 200 words but don’t exceed 250 words.                                                                                                                                 14

Solution to Comilla Board-2017

1.   (a) the (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) a (f) an (g) ×/ the (h) the (i) an (j) ×

2.   (a) at/for (b) no preposition (c) of (d) against (e) to (f) of (g) in/ during (h) after (i) of (j) in

3.   (a) would you mind (b) in case (c) have to (d) as though (e) as long as (f) it is high time (g) lest (h) used to (i) unless (j) No sooner had

4.   (a)  He studies medicine so that he may be a doctor.

      (b)  It was five years since we had met last.

      (c)  He came to me with a view to drinking a glass of water.

      (d)  The box was too heavy for me to lift.

      (e)  Had you requested me, I would have bought a shirt for you.

      (f)   I will go to bed after I have finished my study.

      (g)  If the bank gives them loan on easy terms, they will surely utilize it properly.

      (h)  United we stand, divided we fall.

      (i)   We saw a snake while we were walking.

      (j)   A graveyard is a place where dead bodies are buried

5.   (a) is (b) is learnt (c) maintaining (d) require (e) are (f) wishing (g) written (h) ignored (i) put (j) learning

6.   (a)  We are to ensure some essential agricultural inputs to increase our food production.

      (b)  The poor farmers do not get loans on easy terms.

      (c)  It is a great pity.

      (d)  The farmers do not get the facilities that/ which are necessary for food production.

      (e)  They do not get the due price of their products and it is unfortunate.

      Or, They produce but unfortunately they do not get due price of their products.

7.   The richman asked the cobbler if he (c) had saved something for the future. The cobbler replied that he (c) had not and added that he (c) was happy with present and thought little about tomorrow. The richman disagreed and said that that would not do. He (R) further said that he (R) liked to see him (c) above want and told him to have the money and keep it.

8.   Travelling is a part of education. This/ It means going from place to place. One can enhance knowledge by going from place to place. This/It gives one the opportunity to see the unseen and to know the unknown. Some people are averse to travelling. This aversion limits their vision. However, by travelling to different parts of the world, our’s/ one’s knowledge can be enriched.

9.   (a) nutritious (b) to lead (c) balanced (d) many (e) easily (f) our (g) same (h) eating (i) to have/ to eat (j) a

10. (a) Moreover/ In fact/ Actually (b) But (c) On the other hand/ Rather (d) As a result/ Consequently (e) As/ Since (f) In addition/ Moreover/ Besides (g) So/ Therefore (h) Besides/ Moreover/ In addition (i) Again/ Moreover (j) and

11. (a)  populace/public/ folk/ persons/ men (b) liberal/ modern/ open-minded/ generous (c) late/ delayed (d) (e) trust/ rely (e) earth/ globe (f) nothing (g) affluence/ richness/ bounty (h) pains/ miseries/ troubles (i) conquer/succeed/ surpass (j) different/ varied/ various

12. “How is your father, Rana?” said Mr Karim. “He is very well, thank you,” replied Ran. “ I am glad to hear that he is in good health,” said Mr Karim.

Note : For solution to question no. 13-16 see writing part.

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