HSC English 2nd Paper

HSC Board Question 2017 Dhaka Board Question with Solution

Dhaka Board Question-2017

PartA : Grammar (Marks-60)

1.   Fill in the blanks in the following text with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put cross (´) in those blanks.                                             0×5´10 = 5

Patriotism is (a) — noble virtue. It inspires (b) — man to dedicate his life for the freedom of his (c) — country. (d) — man without patriotism is no better than (e) — beast. A true patriot is honoured by (f) — his countrymen. He thinks for (g) — betterment of his country. On (h) — the contrary (i) — unpatriotic man thinks only of his own interest. Those who die for (j) — country are true patriots.

2.   Complete the text with suitable prepositions :                                                       0×5´10 = 5

The environment plays an important role (a) — our life. (b) — short, what we have (c) — us including people, houses, air, water etc. is called environment. These are the main elements (d) — our environment. (e) — ensuring sound life the balance (f) — the natural elements is very significant. Sometimes (g) — lack of knowledge, we don’t realise the importance (h) — it. As a result, we are polluting our environment unknowingly. Living (i) — a polluted environment is undoubtedly a matter (j) — great regret.

3.   Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/ words given in the box.           0×5´10 = 5

as soon aswhat does ….. look likewhat ifwhat’s it likeit
had betterwas bornlet alonehave towould rather

(a)  Deforestation is a matter of great concern. We — take immediate steps against cutting down trees at random.

(b)  To tell a lie is a great sin. We — die than tell a lie. Otherwise none will believe us.

(c)  Helmet should be used while driving a motorcycle. — you were driving your bike and met a serious accident?

(d)  — swimming in the sea? It seems to be very heroic to me.

(e)  — mother heard the news, she cried loudly. She lost her child in a car accident.

(f)   Rome was not built in a day. — took a longtime and hard labour to build this city.

(g)  Rahman is a poor man. He cannot buy a shirt, — a car.

(h)  Kazi Nazrul Islam is our rebel poet. He — in Churulia of West Bengal.

(i)   Rina’s dress looks very dirty. It is old enough. She — buy a new dress.

(j)   Rana : Hi, Robi — a Pea-cock —?

      Robi : It’s a very nice bird. It knows how to dance.

4.   Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/ phrases :                                   0×5´10 = 5

(a)  Trees are essential for our existence. So, we should —.

(b)  English is an international language. — you cannot get a good job.

(c)  Corruption is an obstacle to our national development. It is high time —.

(d)  My childhood was full of joys and happiness. I wish —.

(e)  Mobile phone is a wonder of modern science. But —.

(f)   He cannot run the business. So, he should —.

(g)  He confessed that —. So, I forgave him.

(h)  The students could not memorise the poem. It was too difficult —.

(i)   Since there was no more question to discuss, —.

(j)   Female education is a crying need for our country. It is a good sign that nowadays —.

5.   Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.     

0×5´10 = 5

Road mishap (a) — (happen) in our country almost everyday. Recently it (b) — (rise) to an alarming rate (c) — (take) a heavy toll of human lives. The members of a family remain anxious if someone (d) — (travel) in a bus. In most cases, reckless driving (e) — (cause) road accidents. The drivers are in the habit of (f) — (violate) traffic rules. Road accidents can be (g) — (lessen) if the drivers drive their vehicles carefully. People should be conscious in this respect. While (h) — (cross) the road, they should be careful. Some people travel (i) — (climb) on the roof of the buses and trains. Traffic rules must be maintained strictly with a view to (j) — (control) road accidents.

6.   Read the text and change the sentences as directed :                                             1 ´ 5 = 5

Frugality is a good habit. (a) A man who is frugal does not like to spend money without reasons (Make it Simple). (b) The target of a frugal man is to save money for future (Make it Complex). (c) Everyone should practice frugality to make a well-planned family (Make it Passive). (d) A frugal man lives a solvent life (Make it Negative). (e) A frugal man is happier than a prodigal man (Make it Positive).

7.   Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.                                                      5

“Follow my example,” she said as we shook hands, “and never eat more than one thing for luncheon.” “I’ll do better than that,” I retorted. “I’ll eat nothing for dinner to-night.”

“Humorist,” she cried gaily, jumping into a cab.

8.   Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentence so that all pronoun references are clear.                                                               5

Travelling is a part of education. These means going from place to place. One can enhance knowledge by going from place to place. Thus gives one the opportunity to see the unseen and know the unknown. Some people are averse to travelling. This limits his vision. However, by travelling different parts of the world, my knowledge may be enriched.

9.   Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces :      0×5´10 = 5

Deforestation means cutting down of trees (a) — (post-modify the verb). To meet up the basic needs of food and housing, trees are being cut in large scale and thus it causes (b) — (pre-modify the noun) imbalance. Besides, there are some dishonest people who cut trees in our forest (c) — (use an infinitive phrase to post-modify the verb). The (d) — (use a noun adjective to pre-modify the noun) level is rising and many parts of the world are going to be engulfed by the sea in near future. New areas of the world are (e) — (use a participle to pre-modify the verb) turned into desert as a result of deforestation. So, we must stop (f) — (use a participle to post-modify the verb) down trees unnecessarily. (g) — (use a participle to pre-modify the noun) trees indiscriminately will be hazardous for our future existence. If we destroy trees (h) — (use an adverbial phrase to post-modify the verb) one day the country will turn into a great desert. The (i) — (use a participle to pre-modify the noun) temperature will cause green house effect. Necessary measures should be taken (j) — (use an infinitive phrase to post-modify the verb).

10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage : 0×5´10 = 5

Mobile phone has added a new dimension in our communication system. It has made the world closer to us. (a) — it has made worldwide communication easier. We use it for our day to day communication. (b) —, it has been a part and parcel in our life as we cannot go for a single day without using it. We use it for rapid communication. (c) —, mobile phone is not free from defect. It has some negative sides as well. (d) —, excessive use of mobile phone may damage our hearing power, (e) —, it is a means of money wastage. (f) —, it is seen that many underworld crimes are being done with the use of mobile network. (g) —, the radiation from mobile phone may cause cancer to the users. (h) —, we are aware of these harmful effects. (i) —, we are not aware of using the mobile phone. (j) —, we must have to be conscious of the negative impact of mobile phone.

11. Read the passage and write the antonyms and synonym of the words as directed below : 0×5´10 = 5

Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are organised from time to time. Most of the events are sponsored by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They pay for the sports events in exchange for the right to advertise their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them live. As a result, the sponsor’s products receive maximum media coverage giving companies international recognition. This is the only commercial aspect of international sport but there are other aspects too.

(a) popular (antonym); (b) form (synonym); (c) entertainment (synonym); (d) organize (synonym); (e) sponsor (synonym); (f) multinational (antonym); (g) pay (antonym); (h) watch (synonym); (i) maximum (antonym); (j) recognition (antonym).

12. There are ten errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors :                                                                                               0×5´10 = 5

Abid    : We are about to finish our HSC examination Are you thinking about your future

Hasib  : Yes, what about you

Abid    : I want to pursue higher education what are your plans

Hasib  : I rather follow some vocation course to make my career

Abid    : Really have you thought of any particular vocation

Hasib  : Yes, I would like to join the Fashion Design course his career has a prospect these days

Abid    : Is it suitable for boys

Hasib  : Why not Boys are as good as girl in many professions now-a-days Whats your future plan

Abid    : I would like to go for teaching

Hasib  : Its a good profession for a studious boy like you

PartB : Composition (Marks-40)

13. Suppose, you are a student studying in Sylhet Govt. College. Your father has been transferred to Feni. You will have to go to Feni with your family and you have taken T.C. from Sylhet Govt. College. Now, write an application to the principal of Feni Govt. College for admission on T.C.                           8

14. Suppose, you are a reporter of an English Daily. You have observed that ‘Facebook’ is influencing both positively and negatively on our young generation. Now, write a report on ‘The impact of Fecebook on young generation’.                                                                                                                    8

15. Write a paragraph showing causes and effects of Road Accident in Bangladesh. Use 150 words.        10

16.       Write a composition on “Female Education”. Write at least 200 words but do not exceed 250 words.

Solution to Dhaka Board Question-2017

1.   (a) a (b) a (c) ´ (d) A (e) a (f) ´ (g) the (h) ´ (i) an (j) ´

2.   (a) in (b) In (c) The/around (d) of (e) For (f) of/among (g) for (h) of (i) in (j) of

3.   (a) have to (b) would rather (c) What if (d) what’s it like (e) As soon as (f) It (g) let alone (h) was born (i) had better (j) what does …. look like

4.   (a)  So we should plant more trees.

      (b)  Without knowing English you cannot get a good job.

      (c)  It is high time to raise our voice against corruption.

      (d)  I wish I were a child again.

      (e)  Bu it has many disadvantages.

      (f)   So, he should find out another source of income.

      (g)  He confessed that he committed the fault.

      (h)  It was too difficult to memorise.

      (i)   Since there was no more question to discuss, the Chairman ended they meeting.

      (j)   It is a good sign that nowadays girls are getting educated.

5.   (a) happens (b) has risen (c) taking (d) travels (e) causes (f) violating (g) lessened (h) crossing (i) climbing (j) controlling

6.   (a)  A frugal man doesn’t like to spend money without reasons.

      (b)  The target of a man who is frugal is to save money for future.

      Or, A frugal man has a target so that he can/may save money for future.

      Or, A man who is frugal has a target to save money for future.

      Or, A frugal man has a target that he should/will save money for future.

      (c)  Frugality should be practiced to make a well-planned family by everyone.

      (d)  A frugal man does not live an insolvent/poor/needy life.

      (e)  A prodigal man is not as/so happy as a frugal man.

7.   As we shook hands, she advised me to follow her example and never to eat more than one thing for luncheon. I retorted that I would do better than that and added that I would eat nothing for dinner that night. Jumping into a cab, she cried gaily and called me humorist.

8.   Travelling is a part of education. It means going from place to place. One can enhance knowledge by going from place to place. It gives one the opportunity to see the unseen and to know the unknown. Some people are averse to travelling. This averseness limits their vision. However, by travelling different parts of the world, one’s knowledge may be enriched.

9.   (a) at random/ indiscriminately/ at random/ inconsiderately/ recklessly/ whimsically/ regularly/ randomly/ cruelly/ unnecessarily (b) ecological/ ecological/ environmental/ natural/ climatic (c) to earn money/to earn their livelihood/ to earn money/ to get profit/ to make profit (d) temperature/ sea/water (e) becoming/being/getting (f) cutting/burning/ felling (g) Cutting/ chopping/ Destroying (h) unwisely/at random/ in a merciless way/ in an inconsiderate way (i) rising/ increasing/ growing/increased (j) to keep balance our environment/to stop deforestation/to keep the environment safe/to maintain the ecological balance/to keep ourselves healthy or safe/ to survive

10. (a) Such as/Now/ Nowadays/At present (b) In fact/So/Thus/In fact/Therefore/This way (c) But/On the Other hand/However (d) Firstly/For example/ For instance/Firstly (e) Secondly/Besides/Moreover (f) Besides/ Then/ Again/Thirdly/Moreover/Furthermore (g) Moreover/ Besides/ Finally/ Lastly/ Moreover (h) Actually/ However (i) Unfortunately/ But/ Yet/ Still (j) So/ Therefore/ Thus

11. (a) unpopular/ strange/ disliked/ unpopular/ unknown/ unfamiliar/ neglected (b) shape/ shape/ frame/ image/ pattern/ kind/ type (c) recreation/ recreation/ enjoyment/pastime/amusement (d) arrange/ constitute/ form/ arrange/ manage/ (e) donate/ help/ assist/patronize/ boost up/ donor/ donate/ (f) national/ native/ indigenous/ local/ domestic (g) receive/ accept/ loan/ borrow/ take (h) observe/ notice/v iew/enjoy/ notice/ observe/ see/behold (i) minimum/ minimum/ little/ lowest/ least (j) deny/ ignore/ negligence/ denial/refusal/

12. Abid   : We are about to finish our H.S.C examination. Are you thinking about your future?

Hasib : Yes, what about you?

Abid   : I want to pursue higher education. What are your plans?

Hasib : I rather follow some vocation course to make my career.

Abid   : Really! Have you thought of any particular vocation?

Hasib : Yes, I would like to join the Fashion Design course. This career has a prospect these days.

Abid   : Is it suitable for boys?

Hasib : Why not? Boys are as good as girl in many professions now-a-days. What’s your future plan?

Abid   : I would like to go for teaching.

Hasib : It’s a good profession for a studious boy like you.

Note : For solution to question no. 13-16 see writing part.

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