Physical Exercise: Composition For SSC 2022

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body for blood circulation and activeness of body and mind. To keep our body and mind fit, physical exercise is obviously required. A tool made of iron is spoilt by rust if we do not use it for a long time. In the similar way, a body without necessary movement becomes weak. Diseases can easily attack an idle man. Indeed, it is natural that life is not static rather dynamic.

There are many kinds of physical exercise. Walking, swimming, running etc. are good forms of exercise. Walking is suitable for the men of all ages but swimming is appropriate for tender-age. All games and sports are good physical exercises. Football, cricket, Ha-du-du, Kanamachi are some games which are really good as physical exercise. Gymnastics are also great exercise but not suitable for all. Meditation is also a kind of exercise.

Healthy people are required for the development of a country. A jolly mind takes shelter in healthy body. And to keep good health physical exercise is essential. So, directly or indirectly physical exercise helps develop a resourceful nation. Health is not a gift of chance. We have to acquire it. Here lies the importance of physical exercise. We have to follow the rules of exercise. Punctuality and regularity are the prerequisite of physical exercise. Irregular exercise or over exercise may have negative impacts on health. We should be careful about taking food. Without balanced diet, physical exercise may not work. It is unwise to take exercise with an empty stomach. So we, all should take physical exercise to enjoy a sound health.

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