Value of Time: Composition For SSC 2022

Value of Time

The value of time is limitless and it cannot be measured. Human life is short but he has to do a lot of work within the short span of time. There is no alternative to make our life successful without the proper use of time.

There is a proverb –“Time and Tide wait for none”. Lost money, wealth or health may be regained. But lost time can never be found again. If any work is not finished in time it may not be finished at all. As time is fleeting, every work must be done in time.

We should make a proper division of our time and do our duties properly. Only then we will be able to be successful in every stage of our life. No great work can be done without a strong sense of time. History teaches us that all the great persons led their lives to top of success making the best use of time.

Misuse of time is a great crime. It makes a man’s life barren like a desert and also gossiping, speaking, ill of others useless work and watching vulgar films. Many of us say that they have no time for doing everything in this short time. Thus, many cheat themselves and they can do nothing but repent in the long run.

The children should learn the value of time from their childhood. This sense will make them punctual. The punctual can read, write, work, pray, play, tour and do other thing timely and properly. In fact, they not only do their duties properly but also enjoy themselves sufficiently. Because they never put off any work for tomorrow.

God has sent us to this beautiful earth as the best creation to do all kinds of good deeds. And anything good can be achieved only through making the best use of time. So, we should spend every moment in useful works. Only then we will be able to make our life valuable, glorious and to reach our goal. 

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