SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition- A village Market

A village Market

A village market is very common and necessary place in a village. It is a place where the villagers come to buy and sell things. It is actually a buying and selling center ª for the villagers.
Generally, a village market sits at a place which is easily reachable to the villagers. So, the junction of roads, the sides of a river or a canal, place under a banyan tree or any large tree are suitable for a village market.
There are two kinds of village market. They are daily market and weekly market. Daily market is called Bazar. Some daily markets sit both in the morning and in the evening. Again, some daily markets sit only in the evening. Weekly market is called ‘Hat’. It sits once or twice a week.
Most of the village markets have three parts. They are open shops, temporary shops and permanent shops. In the open shops the sellers sit in rows. Fish, milk, fruits, betel leaves, betel nut, vegetables etc. are sold there. In the temporary shops oil, rice, salt, pepper etc. are sold. Some grocers, tailors, doctors, potters etc. sit in the permanent shops.
A village market is very important for the villagers. Most of the daily necessaries are found in a village market. It is the meeting place of the villagers. There are some tea-stalls in a village market. The villagers exchange their views and opinions while taking tea. Another advantage of a village market is that the villagers are economically benefited by it. Moreover, the villagers cannot go to distant city market every day to buy or sell their common products. The village market meets their daily needs.
There are some disadvantages of a village market. It is a noisy and unhealthy place. For heavy crowd, some people’s pockets might be picked. Sometimes, odour from the market irritates the people. Especially the fish market is really a dirty place. Moreover, high bargaining continues between the sellers and the buyers. Buyers may be cheated  in this case.
Despite  having some negative aspects, a village market is important for the villagers. It gives a great service to the rural people. It can be considered  as the backbone  of the rural economy.

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