SSC 2023 English 2nd paper composition-

The Fruits of Bangladesh

Nature his given us much wealth. Fruits are one of them. Many kinds of fruits are available in Bangladesh. Among them oranges, mangoes, lichies, jackfruits, guavas, plums etc. are most important.
There are many kinds of summer fruits. Mangoes, jackfruits, the melons, lichies are very common among them. These fruits are very tasty to eat. Their flavour is very sweet. Mango is called the king of all fruits. Jackfruit is a large kind of fruit. It is our national fruit. The rest of them are small in size but very tasty. Pineapple, guava, ‘amra’ etc. are the fruits of the rainy season. Pineapple grows in plenty in sylhet and Rangamati. It is a juicy fruit with vitamins. The guava and the amra are very healthy fruits.
Orange, olive, wood apple, plum are the fruits of winter. The winter fruits are favourite to the children.
There are some fruits which taste sour. Among these, lemon  is the most popular. It has different varieties of which Kagozi is the best. tamarind, ‘Kamranga’ and ‘Batabi’ also taste sour.
Banana and coconut are available throughout the year. The bananas of Rampal and Narsinghdi are famous. People take coconut and banana greatly. They are very helpful for our general health.
Every kind of fruit contains various necessary vitamins. We can be healthy by eating those fruits. We can export ißvwb our fruits to foreign countries after meeting the demand of our countrymen. Then our economy will be improved.
The land of our country is very suitable for cultivating different kinds of fruits. And so, we have got various kinds of fruits. They help build up our health. They can also be helpful to build up our national wealth.

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