SSC English 2nd Paper Model-27 With Solutions


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                                                  0.5×10=5


         What is begging? Begging is (a) —— charity of others. It does not give anything good (b) —— the society. It is totally unproductive and hence, it has no (c) ——. It does not develop (d) —— man’s ability or (e) —— to be self-reliant. It makes him (f) —— and habitually inactive and (g) —— on others. It makes a man devoid (h) —— any sense of self-respect. Hence, those who live by begging cannot claim (i) —— any dignity in the society because of their (j) —— to work. They seek the charity of others and become burden to the society.

2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                           0.5×10=5

         Kaptai lake is (a) —— largest man-made fresh water reservoir in Bangladesh. Though created primarily (b) —— hydroelectric power generation , it (c) —— to produce fresh water fishes, navigation, flood control and agriculture. (d) ——  lake was created (e) —— damming the river Karnaphuli (f) ——   Kaptai town in (g) ——  Chittagong Hill Tracts. The estimated life of the lake is 90 years, (h) ——  the end of which its bed is (i) —— to be fully covered (j) —— silt

3.      Make five sentences using parts of the sentences from each column of the table below.   1×5=5

And he whobehavesanyone whimsically
Hepossessesthe symbol of peace and prosperity
A gentlemanisthis quality is a gentleman
Gentilitynever hurtsthe state of being gentle
  with all gently

4.      Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. :                 0.5×10=5


         A poor man was once (a) —— in a jail although he had (b) —— no wrong. After a long time, the king of the state (c) —— the jail and the man (d) —— him that he was innocent, but a case (e) —— against him by some of his enemies. The king (f) —— privately and found that it was true. He gave the man some money and (g) —— him free. He went straight to the market in which there was a bird shop. There many wild birds (h) —— in cages for sale. He (i) —— to the shopkeeper, “I wish to buy all the birds in your shop.” He then (j) —— all the birds and set them free in the sky.

5.      Change the narrative style of the following text.                                                                        5

         “What is the time by your watch? he said. “It is half past nine,” I said. He said, “I want to go to college. Would you accompany me please?” “No, I am sorry,” replied I.

6.      Change the sentences according to directions.                                                              1×10=10

         (a)     The cuckoo is a bird of very shy nature. (Complex)

         (b)     It is not very often seen beside human habitation. (Affirmative)

         (c)     Allah is one. (Negative)

         (d)     Though they are coward, they are clever. (Compound)

         (e)     They lay their eggs in the nests of crows. (Complex)

         (f)     They are cleverer than the crows. (Positive)

         (g)     They do not make their nests because they are lazy. (Simple)

         (h)     The crows raise the baby cuckoos. (Use passive voice)

         (i)      When the baby grows up, they fly away. (Compound)

         (j)      Crows never understand it. (Interrogative)

7.      Complete the sentences.                                                                                                    1×5=5

         (a)     Too much courtesy ——.

         (b)     —— I would have helped the poor.

         (c)     It is a good sign that nowadays——.

         (d)     The postman has a definite area where——.

         (e)    The grapes were hanging so high that——.

8.      Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in parenthesis.                                                                                                                                    0.5Í10=5

         Food (a) — (adulterate) — is a crime. Adulterated food is (b) — (poison) — and causes (c) — (curable) — diseases. Some (d) — (greed) — businessmen are responsible for this (e) — (wicked) —. The steps are taken by the government  against those (f) — (honest) — businessmen (g) — (real) — deserve praise. (h) — (present) —, the fraudulent businessmen are much alarmed. (i) — (Hopeful) —, we will be able to shun this (j) — (practice) — very soon.

9.      Make tag questions of these statements.                                                                            1×5=5

         (a)     Be careful, —— ?

         (b)     I had an accident last week, —— ?

         (c)    Everything looked beautiful, —— ?

         (d)     These are apples, ——?

         (e)     Shila told Nipa, “How happy you are in a nuclear family! ——?

10.     Complete the passage using suitable connectors:                                                             1×5=5

         (a) —— taking food, we should bear in mind (b) —— we do not eat just to satisfy hunger (c) —— to fill the belly. We eat to preserve our health. Some people (d) —— live in the midst of plenty do not eat the food they need for good health (e) —— they have  no knowledge of the science of health and nutrition.

11.     Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.                              5

         rabindranath tagore is my favourite author he was born at jorasanko in Calcutta on the 7 may 1861 my brother loves him very much.


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      (a) the; (b) to; (c) output; (d) a; (e) will; (f) indolent; (g) dependent; (h) of; (i) for; (j) aversion.

2.      (a) the; (b) for; (c) helps; (d) The; (e) by; (f) near; (g) the; (h) at; (i) expected; (j) with.

3.      (i)      Gentility is the state of being gentle.

         (ii)     And he who possesses this quality is a gentleman.

         (iii)    A gentleman/He behaves with all gently.

         (iv)    He/A gentleman never hurts anyone whimsically.

         (v)     Gentility is the symbol of peace and prosperity.

4.      (a) put; (b) done; (c) visited; (d) told; (e) was filed; (f) inquired; (g) set; (h) were kept; (i) said; (j) bought.

5.      He asked me what the time was by my watch. I replied that it was half past nine. He said, that he wanted to go to college and asked me politely if I would accompany him. I replied in the negative and said that I was sorry.

6.      (a)     The cuckoo is a bird which is of very shy nature.

         (b)     It is hardly seen beside human habitation.

         (c)     Allah is second to none.

         Or,    Isn’t Allah one?

         (d)     They are coward but clever.

         (e)     They lay their eggs in the nests which belong to crows.

         (f)     The crows are not as clever as they.

         (g)     They do not make their nests because of their being lazy.

         (h)     The baby cuckoos are raised by the crows.

         (i)      The baby grows up and then flies away.

         (j)      Do crows ever understand it?

7.      (a)     Too much courtesy too much craft.

         (b)     If I had been rich, I would have helped the poor.

         (c)     It is a good sign that nowadays many rich people help the poor.

         (d)     The postman has a definite area where he works.

         (e)     The grapes were hanging so high that the fox could not reach them.

8.      (a) adulteration; (b) poisonous; (c) incurable; (d) greedy; (e) wickedness; (f) dishonest; (g) really; (h) Presently; (i) Hopefully; (j) malpractice.

9.      (a)     Be careful, won’t you?

         (b)     I had an accident last week, hadn’t I/didn’t I?

         (c)     Everything looked beautiful, didn’t it?

         (d)     These are apples, arent’ these?

         (e)     Shila told Nipa, “How happy you are in a nuclear family! aren’t you?

10.    (a) While; (b) that; (c) or; (d) who; (e) as.

11.    Rabindranath Tagore is my favourite author. He was born at Jorasanko in Calcutta on the 7 May, 1861. My brother loves him very much

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