SSC English 2nd Paper Model-28 With Solutions


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                                                  0.5×10=5


         It is the (a) —— of everyone to climb (b) —— the top in position and power. There is no other passion in the world (c) —— is so universal as (d) —— love of power. Man always hankers (e) —— power. Power is the source of all strengths. Man tries his best to achieve it. However, excess of (f) —— for power leads (g) —— disaster. But people always rush (h) —— this power. Sometimes, (i) —— whole nation or society is maddened  (j) —— this passion.

2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                          0.5×10=5

         Child labour has been forbidden internationally by (a) —— UN. To make a child do the (b) —— which is suitable for a man is (c) ——. Yet in the third world countries the (d) —— of child labour is going up day (e) —— day. Bangladesh is one of these countries. (f) —— the government is committed to dissuade rich (g) —— to engage children in laborious work, things (h) —— not so easy. Poverty is the first (i) —— in this field. The poor parents want (j) —— get additional earning by employing their children in work.

3.      Make five sentences using parts of the sentences from each column of the table below.   1×5=5

Educationis have illuminates preserveno access to them
Bookslike light
The illiterate personsthe savings and thoughts of great men
Illiteracystill dominate in our country
Ita curse

4.      Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. :                 0.5×10=5


         A walk by the riverside in the evening (a) —— very useful and pleasant. One (b) —— not only beautiful sight but also (c) —— fresh air. It (d) —— the mind when one (e) —— a walk by the riverside. Bangladesh is a riverine country and you can (f) —— yourself of this opportunity of (g) —— by the riverside. In the cities there are parks where you can go for (h) ——. This will help you (i) —— fit. But if you (j) —— it regularly, you will not have the benefit.

5.      Change the narrative style of the following text.                                                                        5

         “Alas!” said Miranda. “Do not work hard. My father is at his studies. He is safe for these three hours. Rest yourself, brother.” “O, dear lady,” said Ferdinand. “I dare not. I must finish my work before I take rest”.

6.      Change the sentences according to directions.                                                              1×10=10

         (a)     Very few countries in the world are as populous as Bangladesh. (Comparative)

         (b)     We should read books to gain knowledge. (Complex)

         (c)     Everybody believes that education is the backbone of a nation. (Simple)

         (d)     They fade soon and lose their beauty. (Simple)        

         (e)     Honesty is a great virtue. (Complex)

         (f)     No other day in my life is as memorable as my first day at school. (Superlative)

         (g)     Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea-beach in the world. (Positive degree)

         (h)     We are proud of our freedom fighters. (Interrogative)

         (i)      Who does not like flowers? (Affirmative)

         (j)      It is one of the most famous schools in Chittagong. (Comparative)

7.      Complete the sentences.                                                                                                    1×5=5

         (a)     Yesterday I could not get up from bed in time because ——.

         (b)    As soon as I got up from bed ——.

         (c)    Since I could not avail the bus ——.

         (d)    On the way to college I walked fast lest ——.

         (e)    If I reached late, ——.

8.      Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in parenthesis.                                                                                                                                     0.5Íl0=5

         Zahir Raihan was a talented film (a) — (make) — and (b) — (write) —. He was a man of (c) — (domitable) — courage. He had his early education in Mitra Institute and (d) — (late) — he studied in Calcutta Alia Madrasha. He devoted himself to literature. His famous film ‘Jibon Theke Neya’ depicted the (e) — (autocrat) — rule of Pakistan and inspired the people to protest against the Pakistani (f) — (rule) —. In December 1971 (g) — (known) — miscreants took away Zahir’s elder brother Shahidullah Kaiser. On 30th December, 1971 someone informed Zahir about an address somewhere at Mirpur where he might find his brother, (h) — (According) — Zahir left home to get his brother back but he never (i) — (turn) —. Until today the day is observed as Zahir’s (j) — (Appearance ) — Day.

9.      Make tag questions of these statements.                                                                            1×5=5

         (a)     Time and tide wait for none, ——?

         (b)     But many of us waste our time, ——?

         (c)     None can prosper in life neglecting time, ——?

         (d)     Everybody should realize this truth, ——?

         (e)     Let’s make the best use of our time, ——?

10.     Complete the passage using suitable connectors:                                                             1×5=5

         Life on earth depends on the sun. Day after day we see its light (a) —— feel its warmth, (b) —— we do not often consider their origin. (c) —— there are many remarkable things about the sun. One is its distance from the earth; about 93 million miles. A journey of this distance, (d) —— it could be made, would take several hundred years, (e) -—— the temperature of the sun is about 10,000 degree Fahrenheit; we receive only a small fraction of this heat.

11.     Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.                              5

         the man said to mohsin my family have been starving for a couple of days i have gone from door to door in quest of work but i have found no work mohsin said take this bunch of keys and open the almirah have as much money as you require


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      (a) desire/instinct; (b) up; (c) which; (d) the; (e) after; (f) desire; (g) to; (h) to; (i) the; (j) by.

2.      (a) the; (b) job; (c) unlawful/illegal; (d) number; (e) by; (f) Though; (g) people; (h) are; (i) hindrance/obstacle; (j) to.

3.      (i)      Illiteracy is a curse.

         (ii)     It is still dominate in our country.                                                                        

         (iii)    Books preserve the sayings and thoughts of great men.                       

         (iv)    The illiterate persons have no access to them.                                                          

         (v)     Education illuminates like light.

4.     (a)  is;   (b)   enjoys;   (c)  takes;   (d)  refreshes;   (e)   takes;   (f)   avail;   (g)   strolling/walking;  (h) walking/strolling; (i) keep; (j) don’t do.

5.      Miranda exclaimed with sorrow and advised Ferdinand not to work hard. She said that her father was at his studies and added that he was safe for those three hours. Then addressing him as brother she advised him (F) again to rest himself. Addressing her (M) as dear lady, Ferdinand replied that he (F) dared not to rest and added that he (F) had to finish his work before he (F) took rest.

6.      (a)     Bangladesh is more populous than most other countries in the world.

         (b)     We should read books so that we can gain knowledge.

         (c)     Everybody believes education to be the backbone of a nation.

         (d)     Fading soon, they lose their beauty.

         (e)     It is honesty which is a great virtue.

         (f)     My first day at school is the most memorable day in my life.

         (g)     No other beach in the world is as long as Cox’s Bazar.

         (h)     Aren’t we proud of our freedom fighters?

         (i)      Everybody likes flowers.

         (j)      It is more famous than most other schools in Chittagong.

7.      (a)     Yesterday I could not get up from bed in time because I felt sick.

         (b)     As soon as I got up from bed, I felt pain.

         (c)     Since I could not avail the bus, I walked there on foot.

         (d)     On the way to college I walked fast lest I might miss the class.

         (e)     If I reached late, I would miss many things.

8.      (a) maker;  (b) writer;  (c) indomitable;  (d) later; (e) autocratic;  (f) rulers;  (g) unknown; (h) Accordingly; (i) returned; (j) Disappearance.

9.      (a)     Time and tide wait for none, do they?

         (b)     But many of us waste our time, don’t we?

         (c)     None can prosper in life neglecting time, can they?

         (d)     Everybody should realize this truth, shouldn’t they?

         (e)     Let’s make the best use of our time, shall we?

10.    (a) and; (b) but; (c) However; (d) if; (e) Though.

11.    The man said to Mohsin, “My family have been starving for a couple of days. I have gone from door to door in quest of work, but I have found no work.” Mohsin said, “Take this bunch of keys and open the almirah. Have as much money as you require.”

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