A Journey by Boat: Composition For SSC 2022

A Journey by Boat

A journey is a source of pleasure to me. A journey by boat is more interesting to me than any other journey. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So, it is easy to enjoy a journey by boat here.

During the last autumn  our school was closed. It was a suitable time for me to have a journey. That time my friend invited me. It was much easier to reach my friend’s house by boat. So, I decided to make the journey by boat. I proposed some of my cousin to join me to make the journey more interesting. Two of my cousin accepted my proposal  and accompanied me.

It was a five-kilometre journey. We had hired a boat. We started at 3 pm. Two boatmen steered the boat smoothly. They were very expert. The weather was calm and quiet. Gentle breeze was pushing the soil. So the journey was very nice. It took one hour to reach our destination. During the journey we had a lot of enjoyment. The boat was dancing on the small waves and it thrilled me much. We also enjoyed a ‘Bhatiali’ song sung by the boatmen. We were delighted at the sight on both the banks of the river. Some fishermen were catching fish. Many children were bathing and swimming in the river. I saw some young girls and women taking water from the river. When the sun was setting in the western horizon, the scene gave us a nice view and it increased our joy.

It was really a nice journey and I will ever remember this journey. I wish I could make a journey like this in the following year.

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