SSC English 2nd Paper Model-66 With Solutions


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.                                                                  0.5×10=5


         Hospitality has long been a part of our (a) ——— in Bangladesh. Although many other things are (b) —— now, people are still (c) —— polite and friendly (d) —— foreigners. They like speaking to (e) —— even if they have not been (f) ——. It is quite common for Bangladeshi to ask personal questions about family, jobs and income which (g) —— from overseas might find (h) ——. However, it should be (i) —— that no harm is meant by such questions. On the other hand, they express a (j) —— interest in the foreigner’s state of affairs.

2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                                          0.5Í10=5

         Once there lived (a) —— poor man. He could hardly maintain his family (b) —— he did not have any land (c) —— cultivation. One day he bought (d) —— wonderful goose. The goose laid a (e) —— egg everyday. In a few months he become rich. But he was a (f) —— greedy man. He thought that there (g) —— more eggs in the belly of the goose. He wanted to get all the eggs (h) —— a time. So one day he killed the goose and cut its belly open with (i) —— knife. But alas! There was no egg. Thus the greedy farmer (j) —— the useful goose.

3.      Make five sentences using parts of the sentences from each column of the table below.   1×5=5

Early risingrefreshesgood for health
Thishabitboth the body and the mind of a person
The mancertainlyenables a man to begin his day’s work early
The morning airwhohas long lasting effect in a man’s life
 to berises early finds time to take exercise

4.      Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. :                0.5Í10=5

say   packwantleaveeattakesleeprestlookhelpto haveto be

         Last week my father and I (a) —— to visit my aunt and uncle up in the hills.  “Laila, tomorrow we must (b) —— early. It’s a long way to my brother’s village.” My father (c) ——. I (d) —— very excited and couldn’t (e) ——.  In the morning I  (f) —— my bag and (g) —— my mother in the kitchen. “You can (h) —— this food with you,” she said. “You must (i) —— well. Here (j) —— some drinking water too.”

5.      Change the narrative style of the following text.                                                                        5

         The girl said to the teacher, “Sir, I shall be grateful if you  kindly lend me the book you praised highly in the classroom yesterday. The teacher said, “I have become really happy to know that you are eager to read this book. You are welcome to any of my books that you like.” “ Thank you sir,” said the girl. “You are welcome”, said the teacher.

6.      Change the sentences according to directions.                                                              1×10=10

         (a)     Education brought about changes in his life. (Passive)

         (b)    The text book completes your knowledge. (Interrogative)

         (c)    Very few virtues are as useful as hard labour. (Superlative)

         (d)    Sagor was learning English well but stopped it. (Complex)    

         (e)     When it was summer vacation, I visited the village. (Simple)

         (f)           I was too small to do the work with you. (Complex)

         (g)     She is more brilliant than most other students in the whole school. (Positive)

         (h)     As soon as the ticket checker came to me, I showed my ticket. (Negative)

         (i)      If you do not eat a balanced food, you will not be healthy and happy. (Simple)

         (j)      Does he follow the rules of health? (Assertive)

7.      Complete the sentences.                                                                                                    1×5=5

         (a)     He pretends as if ——.

         (b)    ——, he failed in the work.      

         (c)    It is high time ——.

         (d)    His silence proves that ——.

         (e)    Let him proves while——.

8.      Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in parenthesis.                                                                                                                                    0.5Í10=5

         Bangladesh is an (a) — (dependent) — country, but she is still burdened with poverty, (b) — (population) —, (c) — (employ) —, corruption, food (d) — (deficient) —, natural calamities, power crisis, etc. Considering all these, the present (e) — (govern) — has aimed at making a digital Bangladesh to (f) — (come) — most of these problems. The actual aim of (g) — (digit) — Bangladesh is to establish technology based government which will emphasize the overall (h) — (develop) — of the country and the nation. The country has (i) — (ready) — fixed its target of (j) — (achieve) — ‘Digital Bangladesh’ by 2021.

9.      Make tag questions of these statements.                                                                            1×5=5

         (a)     Let us have a discussion, ——?

         (b)     Time and tide wait for none, ——?

         (c)     Many of us waste our time, ——?

         (d)     None could prosper in life without utilizing time, ——?

         (e)     Everybody should realize this truth, ——?

10.     Complete the passage using suitable connectors:                                                             1×5=5

         Women are nowadays as important as men in society. They constitute nearly half of our total population. (a) —— there can be no denying the fact (b) —— they too possess equal rights and duties (c) —— men do. They have noble missions to fulfil as men. (d) —— they get opportunity, their genius, powers (e) —— capacities will bloom fully.

11.     Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.                              5

         hold your tongues he muttered glaring fiercely in their faces have you not read the warning on the door we pray for allah’s pardon cried the dervishes our lives are at your mercy.


Part A : Grammar (60 Marks)

1.      (a) culture; (b) changing; (c) quite; (d) towards; (e) foreigners; (f) introduced; (g) visitors; (h) awkward;(i) understood; (j) genuine.

2.      (a) a; (b) because/as; (c) for;(d) a; (e) golden; (f) very; (g) were; (h) at; (i) a; (j) lost.

3.      (i)      Early rising is good for health.

         (ii)     This habit has long lasting effect in a man’s life.

         (iii)    The man who rises early finds time to take exercise.

         (iv)    The morning air refreshes both the body and the mind of a person.

         (v)     This certainly enables a man to begin his day’s work early.

4.      (a) wanted; (b) leave; (c) said; (d) was; (e) sleep; (f) packed; (g) helped; (h) take; (i) eat; (j) is.

5.      The girl told the teacher politely that she would be grateful if he kindly lent her the book he had praised highly in the classroom the previous day. The teacher told that he had become really happy to know that she (g) was eager to read the book. The teacher added that she was welcome to any of his books that she liked. The girl thanked him respectfully. The teacher further said that she was welcome.

6.      (a)     Changes in his life were brought about by education.

         (b)     Doesn’t the textbook complete your knowledge?

         (c)     Hard labour is one of the most useful virtues.

         (d)     Though Sagar was learning English well, he stopped it.

         (e)     I visited the village during summer vacation.

         (f)     I was so small that I could not do the work with you.

         (g)     Very few students in the whole school are as brilliant as she.

         (h)     No sooner had the ticket-checker come to me than I showed my ticket.

         (i)      Without eating a balanced food you will not be healthy and happy.

         (j)      He does not follow the rules of health.

7.      (a)     He pretends as if he were a learned man.

         (b)     As he was not sincere, he failed in the work.

         (c)     It is high time we started for school.

         (d)     His silence proves that he is guilty.

         (e)     Let him prove while the matter is being discussed.

8.      (a) independent; (b) overpopulation; (c) unemployment; (d) deficiency; (e) government; (f) overcome; (g) digital; (h) development; (i) already : (j) achieving.

9.      (a)     Let us have a discussion, shall we?     

         (b)     Time and tide wait for none, do they?                

         (c)     Many of us waste our time, don’t we?

         (d)     None could prosper in life without utilizing time, could they?

         (e)     Everybody should realize this truth, shouldn’t they?

10.    (a) So; (b) that; (c) as; (d) If; (e) and.

11.    “Hold your tongues,” he muttered glaring fiercely in their faces. “Have you not read the warning on the door?” “We pray for Allah’s pardon,” cried the dervishes, “Our lives are at your mercy.”

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