English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Six 2022-(Model 25)

Model Question-25

 [Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

 Section : Grammar – 30 

1.   Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (×) where no article is needed. 0.5×8=4

      Eve teasing is (a) — social curse. It is (b) — act of notorious people who want to irritate girls going outside their home for study or doing other jobs. For that curse many girls stop their regular activities outside home. (c) — girls teased by (d) — rascals cannot move freely. Sometimes she takes (e) — way of committing suicide. It is (f) — matter of pleasure that (g) — present government has taken some steps to stop (h) — trend of eve teasing.

2.   Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps.    0.5 × 8 = 4


      You will be enchanted (a) — the beauty of tea gardens (b) — Sylhet. Tall trees clinging (c) — the sides of the hills and hillocks look very fascinating. Then if you go to see the waterfall of Madhabkundu (d) — the top of the hill, you will be amazed (e) — the crystal clear water coming  (f) — from a great height and crushing (g) — the ground below like garlands (h) — pearls.

3.   Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


I am a student and I was not (a) — with a silver spoon in my mouth. I know that to be happy in life I (b) — prepare myself (c) — that I can earn money. I must earn (d) — sufficient to make life comfortable. The desire for (e) — money is not unnatural. It is money that may help a man to (f) — power and position in a society. At the (g) — time I also feel an urge to serve the society. So (h) — may be the aim of my life I cannot give up the idea of a clean, honest and pure life. The profession of a teacher may help me to (i) — such a life. (j) — the idea of living honourably is the noblest aim, I have decided to be a teacher.

4.   Make four sentences from the following substitution table.   1 × 4 = 4

Everybodyforgetfull of troubles and difficulties.
The main reason is that peopleisthat life is not a bed of roses.
Itdesiresto succeed in life.

5.   Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

      (a) There was a king who was very wise (Make it negative). (b) He was called wise Solomon (Make it active). (c) Actually at that time he was the wisest of all (Make it positive). (d) There was another ruler also named Queen of Sheba (Make it interrogative). (e) One day she thought Solomon’s wisdom should not remain untested (Make it affirmative).

6.   Fill in the gaps with the right forms of verb in the brackets. 0.5 × 8 = 4

      Food is our basic (a) — (need). But this food is (b) — (contaminate) by the greedy businessmen who (c) — (run) after money. Having (d) — (consume) the adulterated food, people fall a victim to diseases of various kinds. For the capital punishment of the dishonest men, the existing law must be (e) — (rectify) for the betterment of the common public health. It is expected that the strict law will be (f) — (implement) with a view to (g) — (curb) the harmful (h) — (act) of food adulteration.

7.   Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.   0.5 × 8 = 4

      Hatem said “I am hatem. Take me to the king and get your reward “I’ll never take you to the king said the woodcutter the king will kill you and i don’t want anything by bringing about the death of a noble man like you.

Model Question-25 Solution

1. (a) a ; (b) an ; (c) The ; (d) the ; (e) the ; (f) a ; (g) the ; (h) the.

2. (a) by; (b) in ; (c) to ; (d) at ; (e) at ; (f) down ; (g) to ; (h) of.

3. (a) born; (b) must; (c) so; (d) something; (e) making; (f) get; (g) same; (h) whatever;     (i) lead;  (j) Since.

4. (a) Everybody desires to succeed in life.

    (b) Few attain it.

    (c) The main reason is that people forget that life is not a bed of roses.

    (d) It is full of troubles and difficulties.

5. (a) There was a king who was not at all unwise.                                   

    (b) The people called him wise Solomon.                                               

    (c) Actually no one was as wise as him at that time.

    (d) Wasn’t there also another ruler named Queen of Sheba?

    (e) Oneday she thought Solomon’s wisdom should get tested.

6. (a) need; (b) contaminated; (c) run; (d) consumed; (e) rectified; (f) implemented;        (g) curbing; (h) act.

7. Hatem said, “I am Hatem. Take me to the king and get your reward.” “I’ll never take you to the king,” said the woodcutter. The king will kill you and I don’t want anything by bringing about the death of a noble man like you.”

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