English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Seven 2022-(Model 15)

Model Question-15

Section—A : Grammar (30 Marks)

1.  Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (×) where no article is needed.  0.5 × 8 = 4

Habibur: I am worried about (a)― coming examination.
Aminul : (b) ― examination is always (c)― matter of anxiety.
Habibur: How are you getting on with (d)― studies?
Aminul : Quite nicely, but my preparation in (e)― English is not satisfactory.
Habibur: Only (f)― few days are left but I have to go (g)― long way.
Aminul : Don’t worry. You have completed all (h)― subjects earlier.
Habibur: But I am forgetting everything.

2.  Rumki is writing to her friend about the sudden death of her grandmother. Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps. 0.5 × 8 = 4

to × 2afteronofatfromin

     Dear Jaya,
     Everyday thousands (a)― people are dying (b)― earth. And thousands of people are losing  their beloved ones. I am very sad (c)― inform you that my grandmother Mrs. Noorjahan Begum is no more. As you know, she had been suffering (d)― asthma for the last two years. She was relased from a clinic (e)― a four-day stay. She seemed to be completely well (f)― that time. But alas! suddenly (g)― the next morning the breathing trouble started. We rushed her (h)― the hospital. But sadly, the duty doctor found her dead. Please pray for her departed soul.
     Yours ever,

3.  Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


     My dear Momo,
     Hope, you are well. You have (a)—— description about your national flag. Now I am giving a description about our national flag.
     Our national flag is (b)——in size. There is a red (c)—— in the middle of green background. The (d)—— of the length (e)― width of the flag is 10:6. Red and green colours are (f)—— in it. You are Japanese and I am Bangladeshi. Do you know (g)—— there is a similarity between your national flag and our national flag? For (h)——, there is a circle in the middle of your flag and our flag . Our circle is (i)—— in colour and your circle is also red in colour.
     Please visit our country (j)—— you get a chance.
     No more today,
     Yours ever,

4.  Make four sentences from the following substitution table. 0.5 × 10 = 5

Healthenablesa sound sleep.
A healthy man cansleepthe man’s greatest wealth
An unhealthy man cannotisus to enjoy life.

5.  Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

Cox’s Bazar is in the south of Bangladesh. (a) It is the longest sea beach of the world. (Use positive degree) (b) It is one of the most attractive places in Bangladesh. (Use comparative degree) (c) No other sea beach is as long as Cox’s Bazar. (Use superlative degree) (d) It is a beautiful place. (Make it interrogative) (e) Many people come to visit this place every year. (Make it interrogative).

6.  Fill in the gaps with the right form of verbs in the brackets. Question e and h special instructions in the brackets for the use of verbs.        0.5 × 8 = 4

     Jute (a)― (be) a kind of fibre. It is the main cash crop of Bangladesh. It mainly (b)― (grow) in Bangladesh. It also grows in India, Thailand and China. It (c)― (help) us in many ways. It (d)― (play) an important role in our economy. Gunny bags, carpets, clothes, mats, ropes etc. are (e)― (‘make’ in the passive) from jute. Bangladesh (f)― (eran) much foreign exchange by exporting it. The Govt. should (g)― (take) more care for the increase of its production. So it is (h)― (‘call’ in the passive) the golden fibre of Bangladesh.

7.  Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary. 0.5 × 10 = 5

     i asked jack what he was doing then he replied that he was watching an interesting programme on television i again asked him if he wasn’t wasting his time.

Model Question-15 Solution

1.  (a) the; (b) An; (c) a; (d) ´; (e) ´; (f) a; (g) a; (h) the.

2.  (a) of; (b) on; (c) to; (d) from; (e) after; (f) at; (g) in; (h) to.

3.  (a) given; (b) rectangular; (c) circle; (d) ratio; (e) and; (f) used; (g) that; (h) example; (i) red; (j) if.

4.  (i) Health is the man’s greatest wealth.

     (ii) It enables us to enjoy life.

     (iii) A healthy man can sleep soundly.

     (iv) An unhealthy man cannot enjoy a sound sleep.

5.  (a) No other sea beach of the world is as long as it.

     (b) It is more attractive than many other places in Bangladesh.

     (c) Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach.

     (d) Isn’t it a beautiful place?

     (e) Don’t many people come to visit this place every year?

6.  (a) is; (b) grows; (c) helps; (d) plays; (e) made; (f) earns; (g) take; (h) called.

7.  I asked Jack what he was doing then. He replied that he was watching an interesting programme on television. I again asked him if he wasn’t wasting his time.

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