English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Seven 2022-(Model 2)

Model Question-2

Section A: Grammar (Marks-30)

1.  Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (×) where no article is needed.  0.5× 8 = 4

Class Teacher : Hello, Shamim! Have you (a)—— idea about gardening?
Shamim : Yes, Sir. I know (b)—— little about gardening. Please can you give me more suggestion about it?
Class Teacher : Yes. Gardening is (c)—— interesting job.
Shamim : Sir, how is that?
Class Teacher : Firstly, you will need (d)—— piece of land. Then you will have to make or buy some tools.
Shamim : Some of us can make some tools and others we can buy from (e)—— market.
Class Teacher : Oh great! What do you want to grow in your (f)—— garden?
Shamim : We want to grow both flowers and vegetables.
Class Teacher : Why do you want to grow both flowers and (g)—— vegetables?
Shamim : Because both of them are profitable.
Class Teacher : It’s (h)—— unique idea. And I shall help you.
Shamim : Thank you, sir, and see you again.
Class Teacher : Welcome.

2.  Ali is writing a letter to his friend describing the annual sports of his school. Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps.          0.5 × 8 = 4

byof × 3on × 2forto

My dear Rakib,
You will be glad to know that the last annual sports of our school were held (a) —— March 10. The ceremony was presided over (b)——the Education Minister (c)—— the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Headmaster hoisted the national flag. The school ground was decorated beautifully. There was a vast gathering of spectators. Some of our teachers acted as judges. Main items (d)——sports were high jump, long jump, races and discuss throw. I am very pleased to let you know that I won as many as three prizes. Sohel, a student (e)—— our class won the championship. After the end of the sports, the president distributed the prizes and gave a short speech (f) —— the utility of sports. The Headmaster gave a note of thanks (g) —— him. Thus ended the ceremony. It was really a day of great joy (h) —— us.
Yours ever,

3.  Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


My dear Moni,
I got your letter yesterday. In it, you asked me to give you a short description of the annual prize giving (a) —— of our school. I like to write a few words about the same below.
The function was (b)—— on the 14th May in the school compound in a (c) —— pandal. It was (d) —— over by the Director General of BGB. The function began (e)—— at 10 a.m. with recitation from the holy (f) —— after the national anthem. Our principal then read the annual report of our (g) ——. Then the chief guest gave his speech and gave away the prizes (h)—— the winners. The prizewinners (i) —— loudly cheered. In the end, the principal thanked the guests and others (j)—— there.
I am very fine.
Yours truly,

4.  Make four sentences from the following substitution table. 1 × 4 = 4

Dr. Shahjahan on his students giving up politics.
Heinsistsan eminent teacher.
He alwaysbeindifferent to his advice.
But they still working in Dhaka University.

5.  Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

(a) Recreation is very necessary for us. (Make it exclamatory.) (b) It refreshes us. (Make it passive.) (c) So, recreation should be enjoyed by us. (Make it active.) (d) There are many types of recreations. (Make it negative.) (e) Watching TV is one of the most common recreations. (Use comparative degree.)

6.  Fill in the gaps with the right form of verbs in the brackets. Questions a and e have special instructions in the brackets for the use of verbs.                   0.5 × 8 = 4

     Cleanliness is a must for (a)― (‘keep’ use in gerund)― in good health. All must eat clean food. They must not (b)― (drink) ― unclean water. If they (c)― (take) ― unclean food, they will (d)― (fall)― sick. They know it. But they (e)― (‘get’ in the negative) ― rid of unclean food and water. This is because of the circumstances. Clean water is not always (f)― (find)― everywhere in the country. Moreover, they have to (g)― (eat) ― adulterated food because the practice of food contamination is still (h)― (go)― on in the country. Besides, the clean environment is not found everywhere.

7.  Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.  0.5 × 8 = 4

     saqib said to karim you had a blue pen no no that was green you say it was green but where is it now by god i dont know.

Model Question-2 Solution

1.  (a) an; (b) a; (c) an; (d) a; (e) the; (f) ´; (g) ´; (h) a.

2.  (a) on; (b) by; (c) of; (d) of; (e) of; (f) on; (g) to; (h) for.

3.  (a) ceremony; (b) held; c) large; (d) presided; (e) just; (f) Quran; (g) school; (h) among (i) were; (j) present.

4.  (i) Dr. Shahjahan is an eminent teacher.

     (ii) He is still working in Dhaka University.

     (iii) He always insists on his students giving up politics.

     (iv) But they are indifferent to his advice.

5.  (a) How necessary recreation is for us!

     Or, How necessary for us recreation is!

     (b) We are refreshed by it.

     (c) So, we should enjoy recreation.

     (d) There are not few types of recreations.

     (e) Watching TV is more common than most other recreations.

6.  (a) keeping; (b) drink; (c) take; (d) fall; (e) cannot get; (f) found; (g) eat; (h) going.

7.  Saqib said to Karim, “You had a blue pen.” “No, no, that was green.” “You said, it was green, but where is it now?” “By God! I don’t know.”

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