English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Seven 2022-(Model 16)

Model Question-16

 Section:  Grammar – 30

1.   Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (×) where no article is needed. 0.5 × 8 = 4

Salesman : Welcome, sir. How can I help you?
Myself : Please show me (a) — white panjabi, 44 in size.
Salesman : Ok. Please wait. Here it is.
Myself : What’s the price? Can you show me (b)— blue one?
Salesman : It would be (c) — 650 taka only. Here are (d) — blue and (e) — maroon panjabi. (f) — maroon will suit you nice.
Myself : I think you’re right. What’s (g) — price of the maroon?
Salesman : 750 Tk only.
Myself : It seems very high.I can give you at best 550 taka only.
Salesman : Ok. Take your panjabi.
Myself : Here’s (h) — money.
Salesman : Thank you. Please come again.

2.   Meena is writing to her sister Teena about the preparation of PEC examination. Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps.    0.5 × 8 = 4


      My dear Teena,
       I have received your letter just now and I am very anxious (a) — your studies because your PEC Exam is knocking (b) — the door. How have you prepared yourself? Here is a piece of advice (c) — you. Make a routine, dividing the days, allotting (d) — each subject. At least, write one broad and two short answers a day (e) — practice or you will forget them and will not be able (f) — reproduce them (g) — the exam.
      No more today. (h) — best regards to all and love to all.
      Your  loving sister,

3.   Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


My dear father,
I am very (a) — to inform you that the results of our (b) — examination has been published. My performance in all subjects (c) — English is very good. I am very (d) — about English (e) — I need the help of a tutor. I also (f) — advice from you (g) — English. Please engage a tutor to (h) — me.
My (i) — regards to you and mother and love to the youngers.
Your (j) — son,

4.   Make four sentences from the following substitution table.   1 × 4 = 4

Early risinghabitrises early finds time to take exercise.
The manrefreshesgood for health.
Thisisboth the body and the mind of a person.
The morning airwhohas long lasting effect in a man’s life.

5.   Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

      (a) The name of my grandmother is Jobedah (Make it interrogative). (b) She was very good to me (Make it negative). (c) She always took care of me (Make it passive). (d) She could not but take care of me (Make it affirmative). (e) She was the best guide of mine (Make it positive). If she were alive today! It would be a blessed time for me.

6.   Fill in the gaps with the right forms of verb in the brackets. Question b and g have special instructions in the brackets for the use of verbs.                 0.5 × 8 = 4

      Food is our basic (a) — (need). But this food (b) — (‘contaminate’ use passive voice) by the greedy businessmen who (c) — (run) after money. Having (d) — (consume) the adulterated food, people fall a victim to diseases of various kinds. For the capital punishment of the dishonest men, the existing law must be (e) — (rectify) for the betterment of the common public health. It is expected that the strict law will be (f) — (implement) with a view to (g) — (‘curb’ use present participle) the harmful (h) — (act) of food adulteration.

7.   Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.      0.5 × 8 = 4

      Hatem said I am hatem. take me to the king and get your reward “I’ll never take you to the king said the woodcutter the king will kill you and i don’t want anything by bringing about the death of a noble man like you.

Model Question-16 SOLUTION

1. (a) a ; (b) a ; (c) ´ ; (d) a ; (e) a ; (f) The ; (g) the ; (h) the.

2. (a) about ; (b) at ; (c) for ; (d) to ; (e) for ; (f) to ; (g) in ; (h) With.

3. (a) glad; (b) last; (c) except; (d) worried; (e) and; (f) ask; (g) regarding; (h) help; (i) best; (j) loving.

4. (i)  Early rising is good for health.

    (i)  This habit has long lasting effect in a man’s life.

    (iii) The man who rises early finds time to take exercise.

    (iv) The morning air refreshes both the body and the mind of a person.

5. (a) Isn’t the name of my grandmother Jobedah?

    (b) She was not at all bad to me.

    (c) I was always taken care of by her.

    (d) She had to take care of me.

    (e) No other guide of mine was as good as she.

6. (a) need; (b) is contaminated; (c) run; (d) consumed; (e) rectified; (f) implemented;      (g) curbing; (h) act.

7. Hatem said, “I am Hatem. Take me to the king and get your reward.” “I’ll never take you to the king,” said the woodcutter. The king will kill you and I don’t want anything by bringing about the death of a noble man like you.”

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