English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Seven 2022-(Model 19)

Model Question-19

Section A: Grammar (Marks-30)

1.   Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (×) where no article is needed. 0.5 × 8 = 4

Dana : Hi! Mona. What’s in your hand?
Mona : It’s (a) — book on (b) — learning English properly.
Dana : Why’re you so serious about learning (c) — English?
Mona : You can’t imagine how essential English is for (d) — better future.
Dana : What does English do for us?
Mona : It is the language of (e) — world’s people. We can communicate with (f) — rest of (g) — world through English. It also helps us to get (h) — good job.
Dana : Really. It helps us in many ways. Thank you.
Mona : You’re welcome.

2.   Dina is writing to Meena about the prize giving ceremony of her school. Choose the correct preposition from the box and fill in the gaps. 0.5 × 8 = 4


      Dear Meena,
      Hope you are well. You wanted to know about the prize giving ceremony of our school. The ceremony was held on the 10th February. It began (a) — 2 pm. Our principal presided (b) — the function. The function started (c) — the recitation (d) — the Holy Quran. One of our senior teachers read (e) — the annual report. The Deputy Commissioner, the honorable chief guest, delivered a brief speech. He advised the students (f) — be regular (g) — studies and take part in the movement (h) — illiteracy. Then the programme came to an end.
      Yours ever,

3.   Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


Dear Apon,
I have recently (a) — a fantastic cricket match (b) — Bangladesh and India at Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium in Khulna. I felt (c) — when I was (d) — the match. The captain of Bangladesh won the toss (e) — decided to bat first. This stadium of Khulna was packed with (f) — . There was a hard (g) — between the two teams. (h) —, Bangladesh won the game and we, the spectators, gave a big (i) — for Bangladesh (j) — .

4.   Make four sentences from the following substitution table.   1 × 4 = 4

A cook onceate upone of the legs of the duck.
The roastroastedto eat, he quickly noticed the missing leg.
Hewasa duck for his master.
When his mastersat downso delicious that the cook couldn’t resist his temptation.

5.   Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

      (a) We are human beings (Make it interrogative). (b) All men must die (Make it negative). (c) It matters little if a man lives many years or not (Make it interrogative). (d) Our life is not measured by months or years (Make it affirmative). (e) The life of the people is not better than that of a beast (Make it positive).

6.   Fill in the gaps with the right forms of verb in the brackets. Question d and f have special instructions in the brackets for the use of verbs.                 0.5 × 8 = 4

      Polash (a) — (read) in class six. He (b) — (go) to school regularly. One day he was (c) — (come) home with his friend, Kamal, after school. Looking at a beautiful bird they stopped (d) — (‘walk’ make it present participle). The bird (e) — (be) of blue and yellow colour. They (f) — (‘try’ use past indefinite) to catch it. Polash said to Kamal, “I’ll now (g) — (climb) up the tree and will try to catch the kingfisher.” Kamal (h) — (run) to call their other friends to enjoy the event.

7.   Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.      0.5 × 8 = 4

      sweets of bangladesh are mostly milk based the common ones are roshgulla, sandesh rasamalai gulap jamun kalo jamun and chom-chom there are hundreds of different varieties of sweet preparations sweets are therefore an important part of the day today life of Bangladeshi people.

Model Question-19 Solution

1. (a) a ; (b) ´ ; (c) ´ ; (d) a ; (e) the ; (f) the ; (g) the ; (h) a.

2. (a) at ; (b) over ; (c) with ; (d) from ; (e) out; (f) to ; (g) in ; (h) against.

3. (a) enjoyed ; (b) between ; (c) thrilled ; (d) enjoying ; (e) and ; (f) spectators;

    (g) contest; (h) Finally; (i) hand ; (j) team.

4. (i)  A cook once roasted a duck for his master.

    (ii) The roast was so delicious that the cook couldn’t resist his temptation.

    (iii) He ate up one of the legs of the duck.

    (iv) When his master sat down to eat, he quickly noticed the missing leg.

5. (a) Aren’t we human beings?

    (b) No man can avoid death.

    (c) Doesn’t it matter little if a man lives many years or not?

    (d) Our life is measured by anything but months or years.

    (e) The life of the people is as good as that of a beast.

6. (a) reads ; (b) goes ; (c) coming ; (d) walking ; (e) was ; (f) tried ; (g) climb ; (h) ran.

7. Sweets of Bangladesh are mostly milk based. The common ones are roshgulla, sandesh, rasamalai, gulap jamun, kalo jamun and chom-chom. There are hundreds of different varieties of sweet preparations. Sweets are, therefore, an important part of the day to day life of Bangladeshi people.

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