English 2nd Paper Model Question with Solution for Class Six 2022-(Model 7)

Model Question-7

[Answer all the questions. Figures in the margin indicate full marks]

 Section : Grammar – 30 

1.  Fill in the gaps with a, an or the and put a cross (x) where no article is needed. 0.5 × 8 = 4

     Aslam :  Hello, Faruk. Let us discuss a good teacher.

     Faruk :  Oh, yes. Let’s discuss that. What are (a) —— qualities of a good teacher?

     Aslam :  He should have (b) —— qualities of (c) —— actor. He must possess (d) —— clear voice so that he can draw (e) —— attention of his audience and make (f) —— meaning of his speech clear to them. (g) —— expert teacher can express his feelings using his hands, fingers and arms. In fact, he is equal to (h) —— actor.

     Faruk :  Thank you.

     Aslam :  You’re welcome.

2.  Anis writes a letter to his younger brother Kamal advising him not to smoke any more. Now, fill in the gaps of the letter with prepositions from the box.   0.5 × 8 = 4

inupof × 4to × 2

     My dear Kamal,

     I am informed (a) —— your bad habit. You have been addicted (b) —— smoking. Smoking is injurious (c) —— health. It does a lot (d) —— harm. You will be astonished to know that one puff (e) —— cigarette contains fifteen billion particles (f) —— injurious matter. Smoking causes many diseases. So I suggest you to give (g) —— smoking and not to indulge (h) —— such a dangerous habit.

     Your elder brother,


3.  Complete the text using the words in the box as needed. 0.5 × 10 = 5


     My dear Aishi,

     I have not (a) —— from you for a long time. Hope you are keeping well. You (b) —— my Janani Communicative English book of class six (c) —— me long ago. You (d) —— me that you would return the book in a (e) ——. But it is now over a (f) ——. Perhaps, you have (g) —— it. My final examination is (h) —— at the door. So, I am badly in need of the (i) ——. I request you to kindly (j) —— it as soon as possible.

     I am well. Best wishes to you.

     Yours ever,


4.  Make four sentences from the following substitution table. 1 × 4 = 4

21st Februaryisto observe the day at the Shaheed Minar.
This daygoeskept half flying.
Everyone declared the International Mother Language Day.
The National Flag also called Shaheed Dibosh.

5.  Read the following text and change the sentences as directed. 1 × 5 = 5

     (a) The crow is the most common of all birds in Bangladesh. (Use comparative degree) (b) It is ugly to look at. (Make it negative) Two kinds of crow are usually seen- the raven and the carrion. (c) The raven is bigger than the carrion. (Use positive degree) But the carrion is more common than the raven. The crow is of some use to us. (d) It keeps the environment clean. (Make it passive). It is very clever and greedy. Its voice is harsh. It is ugly and wicked. (e) Nobody likes it. (Make it interrogative). But they do good to us.

6.  Fill in the gaps with the right form of verbs in the brackets. Question f has special instruction in the bracket for the use of verb.            0.5 × 8 = 4

     Dear Tapashi,
     What are you (a) —— (do) now? Are you (b) —— (waste) your time in vain? You must (c) —— (realize) that time (d) —— (be) a major factor in (e) —— (build) up a successful career. So you (f) —— (‘should waste in the negative’) your valuable time in vain. You should bear in mind that time and tide (g) —— (wait) for none. Ok, if you are totally free now, you may (h) —— (come) to me in Dhaka.
     Best wishes,

7.   Use appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary. 0.5 × 8 = 4

     ms tamanna mahmud the class teacher has just entered the classroom she is now talking to the students why is the classroom so dirty asked Ms Tamanna.

Model Question-7 Solution

1.  (a) the; (b) the; (c) an; (d) a; (e) the; (f) the; (g) An; (h) an.

2.  (a) of; (b) to; (c) to; (d) of; (e) of; (f) of; (g) up; (h) in.

3.  (a) heard; (b) borrowed; (c) from; (d) told; (e) week; (f) month; (g) forgotten; (h) knocking; (i) book; (j) return.

4.  21st February is declared the International Mother Language Day. This day is also called Shaheed Dibosh. Everyone goes to observe the day at the Shaheed Minar. The National Flag is kept half flying.

5.  (a) The crow is more common than all other birds in Bangladesh.

     (b) It is not beautiful to look at.

     (c) The carrion is not so big as the raven.

     (d) The environment is kept clean by it.

     (e) Who likes it?

6.   (a) doing; (b) wasting; (c) realize; (d) is; (e) building; (f) should not waste; (g) wait; (h) come.

7.  Ms Tamanna Mahmud, the class teacher has just entered the classroom. She is now talking to the students. “Why is the classroom so dirty?” asked Ms Tamanna.

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